Cat’s Whiskers


Cat's WhiskersCat’s whiskers belong to the Lamiaceae family which is also known from its botanical name called Orthosiphon aristatus. It is also known as Java tea, the Indian Kidney plant, balbas pusa, Orthosiphon stamineus Benth and misai kucing. It is an inherent to tropical regions of Australia and Southeast Asia. The long stamens of this plant look like cat’s whiskers. The fresh or dried leaves of the plant possess diuretic which is used to prepare herbal tea.

Health Benefits of Cat’s Whiskers

Cat whiskers are used to cure the problems such as kidney and bladder due to diuretic action. It possesses an anti-inflammatory and anti-hypertensive property which helps to eliminate the symptoms of rheumatism and gout. It helps to enhance the urine flow. It is also found in the form of dried leaves, tablets, extracts, tea sachets and capsules.

The health benefits of Cat’s Whiskers are:

1. High Blood Pressure

The blood pressure levels can be reduced by Cat’s Whiskers as it possesses the chemicals, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. The research made on rat results that the presence of chemical methylripariochromene A in Cat’s Whiskers helps to reduce the systolic blood pressure in rats.

2. Kidney disorders

It is believed that the kidney stones could be effectively eliminated from the tisane made using the leaves of Cat’s whiskers. Cat’s whiskers help to treat bladder infections, frequent urination, chronic kidney infections, urinary tract infections and bladder stones.

3. Treats gum problems

Cat Whiskers could relieve the pain caused due to the swollen gums or various reasons.

4. Heals Bladder Problems

The cat’s whiskers help to treat the bladder infections and also prevents from the reoccurring of bladder problems.

5. Diabetes

The use of cat’s whiskers by non-insulin dependent diabetes patients can reduce the blood sugar levels if used for the period of six months. Cat’s whiskers can regulate the glucose levels in sugar which helps to prevent the diabetes. But one must consult the doctor before consuming this herb.

6. Treat skin disorders

The oil extracted from the cat whiskers is effective for treating skin infections. It can alleviate dryness, skin infections and rough skin.

7. Anti-bacterial

Cat whiskers possess the phenols and caffenic acid which eliminates the growth of bacteria. It can be applied to cure bruises, cuts and infections.

8. Anti-fungal

Cat whiskers eliminate the growth of parasites and external hosts that live on the body. It can be applied to the infected areas by the fungus.

9. Treats and Heals Gout

The enzyme such as natural acids and flavonoids which is contained in the Cat’s whiskers helps to alleviate pain and also treats arthritis.

10. Helps in Respiratory Problems

Asthma and Cough is effectively treated by Cat’s whiskers. It also fights against the respiratory problems.

11. Weight loss

Cat’s whisker also helps to reduce the weight. It can be found in the form of tea bags, pills and extracts.

12. Rich in Anti-oxidants

Cat whiskers possess anti-oxidants which help to prevent the aging process caused by the free radicals. It raises the cells lives and also makes the cells strong for a long time.

13. Acts as a detox

Cat’s whiskers are consumed on Java Islands for its ability to cleanse the body. It flushes out the toxins and waste materials. It helps to increase the flow of urine which helps to lose water weight.

14. Antihypertensive effect

Cat’s whiskers help to reduce the blood pressure, cardiac output and increase the urine flow. The potassium is present in huge amount which helps to treat hypertension and also reduces the sodium effects.

15. Stacked with wellness

Cats Whiskers possess phenols, flavonoids and anti-oxidants with calcium and potassium which makes it a great beverage.

16. Treats short breathe and Nerve related problems

The cat whiskers treat nerve problems and short breathe but it should be consumed in moderate amount.

17. Diuretic Action

The presence of tetramethoxy flavones and sinensetin helps to increase the urine flow by relaxing muscles of walls of internal vessels. The study which was carried out on hyperuricemic rats shows that the cat’s whisker helps to reduce the serum urate levels.

18. Anti-inflammatory effect

The presence of anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties helps to alleviate pain and swelling. The poultice made from the leaves of the plant helps to relieve the pain caused by dental cavities. Cat’s whiskers possess the antimicrobial properties which help to relieve the inflammation in the urinary tract. It also helps to flush the gallstones or kidney stones.

Other Benefits

Cat’s Whiskers is used to treat cellulite, cough, gout and arthritis.

Medicinal Benefits of Cat’s Whisker

  • Difficult urination: Boil a glass of fresh water with ¼ handheld leaf cat whiskers up to ½ cup liquid form. Each ½ cup should be drink 2 times a day.
  • Kidney stones: The herbal infusion should be created with 6 g cat whiskers, water 110 and herb meniran 7. It should be drink 100 ml for 2 times a day.
  • Diabetes: The infusion should be made with cat whiskers 20 strands, water 110 ml and 20 strands of bitter leaf 100 ml should be taken one time in a day.
  • Lumbago: The infusion should be made with 1 handful of fresh cat whiskers, 110 ml water and papaya bark area of 4 cm. 100 ml should be drink in a day for one time.
  • For colds: Three cats whiskers leaves should be washed and boiled with a glass of water until it is half.
  • For urinary stones: 90 grams of cat whiskers leaves should be washed and boil the leaves with one liter of water till half is remained. Then it should be cooled.
  • Kidney stones: 3 handheld cat whiskers should be picked. The leaves should be prepared in nasty shard amount of 5 pieces. The ingredients should be boiled with 2 cups of water. It should be drink twice in a day.
  • Gout and Uric Acid: Boil 5 plants meniran, 5 leaves cat whiskers in 2 cups of water till the 1 glass remains. It should be drink 3 times a day till it is healed.
  • Diabetes, Hypertension and Facilitate urine: Boil 2 cups of water with 2 handful of cat whiskers leaves until 1 cup remains. It should be consumed one time a day for best results.

Side Effects

The allergic reactions are doubted. The intake of cat whisker tea for a long term reduces the sodium levels in the body. The pregnant women should avoid the consumption of java tea.