Health benefits of Camu Camu Fruit


Health benefits of Camu Camu FruitCamu camu, or even Myrciaria dubia, is usually a fruit tree indigenous to the Amazonian rainforest. It will grow like a tiny shrub along with the river and also creates berries which look like cherries. Just like a number of other Amazonian fresh fruits, camu camu have gained a substantial amount of curiosity because of its lively ingredients, amino acids, and also phytochemicals . The very best delivering of  camu camu fruits is generally recognized as its unusually high quantity of vitamin C, as much as 2 to 3% of complete weight. However, higher vitamin C content is not the just quality camu camu can offer.

Camu camu is really a tiny bush which actually reaches a height of approximately Seven to ten ft. It provides a fruit of the identical title that features a darkish reddish or even purplish skin with a yellow-colored pulp. The fruit is simply the size of a big grape of around 20 millimeter in diameter. The tree delivers tiny whitened flowers along with the petals usually are wax-like and also have a very sweet fragrance. It’s got an evergreen feathery foliage.

Camu camu fruit arises from the rainforests of Peru. It is because it enjoys overloaded or even swampy regions. Throughout the medieval times, camu camu fruit wasn’t that well-known because it’s characterized usually by an acidic, bitter flavor. In recent years, it’s been found that camu camu fruit may possibly supply the human body with plenty of various kinds of health advantages. Camu camu fruit can’t be made available almost everywhere around the world in its fresh new, raw form, so there are producers that create it as capsules, powder and also juice. This way, health advantages of camu camu can be obtained everywhere all over the world. Camu camu seems nearly the same as grapes, yet somewhat bigger. It features a red-colored purplish skin and also inside is really a yellow pulp. Camu camu berries by themselves aren’t that enjoyable, so they are generally combined in along with other kinds of fruit, especially in the preparation of beverages,juices,  ice creams, candies,  as well as other forms of recipes.

Health benefits of camu camu fruit

To acquire camu camu health advantages, it is very important include this fruit in our typical diet. Although, many find it hard to get camu camu berries for usage easily, the juice and also supplement type of camu camu is quickly accessible at the shops.

Here are a few of the health advantages of camu camu-

1. Anti-cancer effects

Camu can also be proven for being anti-mutagenic, which suggests it will help avoid the hereditary mutation mixed up in the development of cancer tumors. In reality, if you’re able to avoid DNA mutations within your body, you may live for a longer time, have less long-term illnesses, and also help reduce the likelihood of ever being identified as having cancer. Probably the most remarkable features of camu is its anti-Parkinson’s quality, so when you have Parkinson’s disease or you want to shield yourself from Parkinson’s disease, the camu berry is one important thing you need to place on your research listing. Again, that doesn’t mean that this is really a treatment for Parkinson’s disease; however it could possibly be a healthy nutritional tool that may possibly decrease the development or even potentially shield you from ever having it.

Camu is likewise germ killing, which implies it eliminates bacteria. You may also utilize camu on the skin. In case your skin experiences a physical injury, you can squash camu berry juice — or even spread camu powder — directly on the wound to aid avoid bacterial infections.

Camu is proven for being anti-herpes, hypotensive and anti-ulcerous. In case you are struggling with high blood pressure or even hypertension, using the camu berry might help naturally decrease your blood pressure level. The most probably mechanism for this is always that vitamin C together with the mineral content of the camu berry assists unwind the blood vessels all through the body. This enables your blood vessels to become a lot more versatile and also to concurrently lower your all round blood pressure level.

Some individuals who consume powdered camu fruit state that it cheers their day and also opens up their mind. That is not shocking, simply because numerous phytochemicals from camu camu go directly to the brain, safeguarding it from oxidative damage and also poisonous chemicals which may be moving within your blood. The result is that you really feel much better very quickly. Taken over the long term, it will help avoid long-term degenerative illness; your mood is raised; your eyesight boosts; you receive mental clarity possibly unlike virtually any you have experienced for a long period.

2. Antioxidant Property

Just as one anti-oxidant, camu camu’s ascorbic acid constituent can combat the free radical which focuses on the DNA of cells. Harm on this genetic element can result in cancer and also occurrence of the terrible illness could be prevented utilizing the power of the ascorbic acid.

3. Brain Protection

In addition, camu camu also offers protection to the brain, which could prevent the harmful neurodegenerative illnesses from happening. Chronic consumption of the camu camu berry may well then enhance the functioning of the brain towards the fullest and it has been assured that this would carry on for the entire duration of a person. A few of the illnesses that may be avoided from this healthy fruit consist of Parkinson’s disease, dementia, and also Alzheimer’s disease.

4. Blood Circulation Regulator

Camu camu is most likely the most nourishing fresh fruits which have ever persisted together with the single purpose of building up the healthiness of human beings. One of many features of camu camu, it’s been learned that the fruit may also improve the health of the body by maintaining an excellent circulation of the blood inside the arteries and also veins.

Camu camu features a extremely special capability of evading the development of plaques inside the bloodstream (atherosclerosis). Additionally, the fruit encourages overall flexibility of the arteries and veins, which results in having a blood pressure which is in the regular range.

5. Mood Stabilizer

The human brain features its own mechanism regarding one’s mood and also consuming camu camu could be of great help since its vitamin C content includes a method of revitalizing the creation of serotonin within the brain. People who are still in the procedure for dealing with depressive disorders can consume this fruit even when she or he is going through the therapy with an antidepressant medicine. Genuinely, no side-effect might be observed while consuming the fruit and recurring an anti-depression drug therapy.

6. Anti-inflammatory

Inflammation is really a natural reaction of the defense mechanisms to harmful stimuli just like foreign entities which interfere with a healthy body of a human. The inflammatory reaction doesn’t just include a particular part of the body but it also impacts the entire body. This really is much more of systemic instead of local in nature as other parts of the body may also be affected just like the heart as well as arthritic joints. The vitamin C originating from this super fruit can battle the inflammation using its natural anti-inflammatory property.

Camu camu are not able to completely be utilized in managing the inflammation in the human body. However, it really is secure to include this particular healthy fruit to the swelling control program as recommended by the medical professionals.

7. Herpes Virus Fighter

Camu camu consists of phytochemicals in big amounts and also research has shown that these components are capable of dealing with the hidden herpes virus within a body of a human. Herpes virus is generally non-active in the human body and it’ll be just stimulated whenever a person constantly is lacking in sleep and is also going through higher level of tension. The effects of the virus might be managed once the phytochemicals of camu camu boost the defense mechanisms.

8. Diabetes Protection

In accordance with a 2010 research released within the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, camu camu berries include higher quantities of ellagic acid, a flavonoid which is shown to include anti-diabetic effects. This fact, in conjunction with the fruit’s reduced glycemic index score (which means it’s got very little effect on blood glucose levels), creates camu camu a secure and also appealing fruit for diabetic and also pre-diabetic people.

9. Prevent Cataracts

Due to its higher vitamin C content, camu camu has the capacity to avoid cataract development.

10. Protecting the brain

At the same time camu berries are protecting your vision from degenerative illness, it is also safeguarding the brain from neurodegenerative issues just like dementia as well as Alzheimer’s. In reality, if you are thinking about anti-aging or maybe you are getting up in years and also you need to make sure you’ve got optimum brain performance for the remainder of your lifetime, the camu berry is probably the most essential natural supplements you are able to consume. Consider it as an insurance policy towards neurodegenerative illnesses.

Obviously, it isn’t the only thing you can think about; there are lots of other essential dietary techniques for enhancing brain overall performance. As an example, consuming raw seeds and nuts on a regular basis is massively essential for the healthy functioning of the brain and also central nervous system. You cannot function in a higher level of performance without healthy oils and also plant-based fats within your body; you’ll need those omega-3 fatty acids and oils from raw nuts and seeds. It is just a great idea to take cod liver oil regularly too, but most importantly, you’ll need natural, full-spectrum vitamin C.

It’s fascinating to note that the body doesn’t produce vitamin C. Dogs and lots of other pets create their own vitamin C, yet human beings don’t; we should get it from dietary sources. Vitamin C is complicated; it’s not only a single, isolated chemical in its natural form. It really is provided by means of super fruits just like camu in conjunction with a number of different assisting phytochemicals that makes the optimistic effect of vitamin C much more effective as compared to when used alone. High-density plants provide us with the greatest nourishment we are able to obtain.

11. Easing inflammation

Camu berry has additionally been proven to encourage fertility. Infertility is increasing in the usa, where as numerous as one out from four couples can no more get pregnant. That’s a scary fact. Part of what’s wrong would be the fact people don’t get excellent nourishment, plus they are not safeguarding themselves from the harmful toxins that they’re exposed to through their foods as well as their environment. The camu berry might help safeguard you from these toxins, and subsequently raise the likelihood of conception both in women and men.

Addititionally there is proof of the camu berry owning an anti-inflammatory effect. Inflammation not just affects arthritis; in addition, it affects heart health. In fact, inflammations along with the C-reactive proteins really are a hot topic now in medical literature. Individuals are more conscious of how inflammation is actually a systemic issue, which means it affects the whole body (and all sorts of organs within it). Vitamin C is a wonderful anti-inflammatory supplement, and when you receive high-density, full-spectrum vitamin C from camu berries, you get one of the finest anti-inflammatory medications through the natural world. Once more, vitamin C isn’t a solitary, easy magic-bullet treatment for swelling; however it could be part of a general anti-inflammatory nutritional strategy which includes healthy oils, herbs just like curcumin or even turmeric, and lots of anti-inflammatory food items as well as drinks. Whenever working to avoid irritation, it is very important prevent consuming meals that can cause it: Refined sugar, white-colored flour, foods that are fried and also vegetable oils loaded with omega-6 fatty acids (just like soybean oil as well as corn oil). Numerous scientists now theorize that systemic infection is essentially due to an imbalance within the usage of omega-6 fatty acids vs. omega-3 fatty acids. Individuals are ingesting way too much omega-6 oils and never nearly enough omega-3 oils.

12. Camu berry can help migraines

Camu has even proven an optimistic impact on migraine headache. Numerous customers under western culture have problems with migraine headaches, plus some have even come to think about migraines like a normal life experience. Migraines are due to poisonous food along with a harmful atmosphere, pure and simple. Whenever you safeguard your nervous system from toxic chemicals present in foods as well as in the environment, in that case your occurrence of migraines decreases speedily. Camu camu is really a neuro-protective super fruit, therefore it might help greatly reduce the occurrence of migraines. In addition, in case you quit consuming aspartame in diet sodas and also ingesting MSG in foods, then you’ll encounter far fewer migraines.

Try shedding aspartame and also MSG from the diet, include camu berry, and also let me know how it operates. There are people out there who’ve suffered with migraines for many years, plus they feel powerless not knowing what to do. Several turn to radical medicines to manage their head pain, as soon as the fact is you are able to generally do it along with diet as well as nutritional supplementation. Therefore make sure you spread the word: let people know they do not need to suffer from migraines.

13. Anti-Depressant Treatment

In talking about the alternative treatments for depressive disorders, he lists 19 plants that contains chemical substances along with antidepressant qualities, in order of strength, Camu-camu is number two on his list. It seems to supply nutritional support for the brain to enhance its own mood-balancing chemistry.

14. Weight loss properties

Like the majority of fruits, camu camu berries are lower in calories, abundant with dietary fiber, and consist of hardly any fat. As a result, you’ll never need to be concerned regarding putting on weight whenever consuming camu camu goods, plus they could be included in a healthy eating plan. Because of the large quantities of natural energy they offer, camu camu berry goods are best ingested throughout breakfast or even just before exercising.

15. High Blood Pressure

The fruit works well for lowering the quantity of plague within the arteries, effects collagen formation as well as calms blood capillaries improving their versatility and also the rate of blood circulation. As a result, individuals stand an improved chance of dealing with physical exercise and also successfully adjust to high altitude problems.

16. Fertility

The Camu Camu berry may be used to avoid sterility in males and also boost the possibility of getting pregnant in females. However, just the recommended amount needs to be ingested like a higher dosage may lead to looseness of the bowels.

17. Benefits for the musculoskeletal system 

The effective anti-inflammatory qualities of Camu Camu assist in curing musculoskeletal difficulties just like split ligaments, broken tendons and also fractured cartilages. The fruit increases manufacture of collagen and therefore, assists in fast recuperation of all such difficulties.

18. Benefits for the gums

The higher amounts of vitamin C along with other vitamins contained in the fruit improve oral health simply by conditioning the gums. Frequent dental and also gum problems just like gingivitis, bleeding, and numerous periodontal illnesses and also pain could be fixed with the aid of this particular fruit.

19. Benefits for the skin and hair

The existence of vitamin C within the fruit causes it to be great for the skin as well as hair health. Normal usage of the fruit provides shine on the hair and skin.  The fruit can also be excellent on the skin due to its astringent qualities. It helps prevent extreme oiliness and also gives a nutritious shine.  the natives of the regions where the fruit develops create a mixture utilizing the fruit for stimulating hair and also restoring split ends. The ability of the fruit to enhance collagen production within the body assists in combating signs and symptoms of aging onto the skin that are brought on because of lack of flexibility.

20. Benefits for the eyes

Camu camu works well for sustaining crystal clear eyesight . It’s already been recognized that the fruit might help in protection against cataract .  Deterioration of the eye-sight could be avoided by usage of camu camu.

21. Anti-Viral

The local individuals of South America have discovered that one benefit from utilizing camu camu would it be is really a effective anti-viral. People struggling with Herpes Simplex and also Eppstein-Barr viruses have experienced reduced outbreaks when using the fruit. They claim it may also decrease the harshness of Shingles (Varicella Virus). These types of viruses can easily flare again and again in periods of stress. Higher vitamin C consumption assists the entire body cope with stress filled periods, as a result decreasing flare-ups of Herpes viruses.

22.  Youthful Skin

Camu berry offers clear, smooth skin and also guards from the outcomes of aging. Through its capability to improve collagen levels, it firms and provides flexibility to skin, protecting a young glow and look. It really is super-efficient whenever coupled with MSM powder supplement for reviving collagen.

Camu helps the entire body take in the advantages of sunlight, an essential component for health and happiness.

Camu Camu Cosmetic Utilizes

  • Whitening
  • Anti-aging
  • Natural anti-oxidant
  • It is utilized in Brazil like products which assists untangle and also strengthen hair. Utilized in shampoos and also hair products to provide energy as well as shine on the hair.

More about Camu camu

History of camu camu

The berries of the camu camu tree are actually utilized by Amazonian Indians for years and years. An extremely nutritious source of food abundant with phytochemicals, additionally it is easily portable. Conventional utilizes, apart from food, consist of use like a pain reliever, cure for an infection, and also to encourage extended life. Poultices were additionally produced from the bark of the tree to deal with rheumatism or even like a topical cure for injuries.

Rainforest individuals make camu camu into a hair tonic also, utilizing it to fix split ends and also regain shine, power, energy, and also smooth consistency. Within the 1950s, the Ministry of Public Health of Peru carried out the very first dietary research into the indigenous fruit, finding its remarkable vitamin C content. Nearly overnight, camu camu became an essential fruit throughout the world.

Still, because of the challenging nature of farming from canoes throughout the wet season, it absolutely was the 1990s before it was extensively exported like a practical commercial agro-forestry crop. During the last few years, numerous camu camu trees are grown as an element of a reforestation program from the Peruvian federal government, with the concept that enhancing the export market, preserving forest, and also offering earnings for local individuals will be a win-win circumstance. Additionally they desire to keep it off the vulnerable varieties list, which is being brought on by over-harvesting of untamed camu camu. You can still find several difficulties with this plan going to fruition, like the local residents getting loans to obtain set up and also effects on the various environmental areas. As an example, camu camu is a crucial source of food for the wildlife as well, such as fish, and there’s problem over pests and also plant disease.

Nutritional Value of Camu Camu

Amount of Camu Camu: 1 cup

Total Weight of Camu Camu: 100 g

Nutrients             Amount

Basic Components

Fat          2.62 g

Protein 1.55 g

Fiber      0.76 g


Total Carbohydrate         92.71 g

Reducing Sugars               70.84 g

Non-Reducing Sugars     18.47 g

Glucose                18.33 g

Lactose 0.47 g

Maltose               22.27 g

Sucrose                18 g

Starch   58.01 g


Vitamin B1          0.07 mg

Vitamin B2          0.16 mg

Niacin    8.25 mg

Vitamin C             7.49 g


Potassium           9.71 g

Calcium                4.27 mg

Phosphorus        35.14 mg

Iron        0.94 mg

How to consume camu camu

Usually it is ingested as juices . Where it is cultivated locally it really is utilized in gelatin, ice creams and also drinks . Typically this can be combined with various other stronger flavored juices to improve their Vitamin C content. These types of includes lemon, and passion fruit. It could also be sprinkled in powder form over the food or even with syrup to really make it more tasty.

Camu camu side effects

Too much use of these berries may lead to excessive vitamin C within the body. But as the fruit is really a natural method of obtaining vitamin C, there are actually much less probabilities of encountering negative effects of excessive vitamin C just like gastrointestinal disturbances and also diarrhea. No severe negative effects have been yet documented as camu camu negative effects. The berries usually do not hinder the strength of any kind of pharmaceutical drugs. Apart from, they are less expensive than most prescription medications.

Since these berries usually do not result in any kind of health conditions, you need to consume them on a regular basis; or you can take the dietary supplement having powder of camu camu berry  just as one component. Camu camu berry,all natural fresh food, is actually a reward of nature and also you might appreciate healthy and also lively life simply by ingesting the berries on a regular basis.