Health Benefits of Carrot Seed Essential Oil


Health Benefits of Carrot Seed Essential OilDaucus Carota is definitely the scientific term for carrot; but it really could be referred by wild carrot and “Queen Anne’s Lace” in Europe. The Carrot Seed Oil is obtained from the dried seeds of the wild carrot by steam distillation. The oil may also be obtained from the dried plant itself. The color of the Carrot Seed Oil is really a golden-yellow. The aroma might be considered harsh by some, yet has a earthy, woody, as well as warm fragrance.

The carrot has been in existence for hundreds of years. The Romans as well as Greeks utilized the Carrot Seed Oil combined with Bergamot as well as Lemon Oil for therapeutic reason for dealing with a number of skin as well as stomach problems. Not till the seventeenth century did the Dutch develop the edible root of the orange carrot they we all know and eat now. The flowering top of the carrot was utilized previously for ornamental bouquets of tiny white flowers using a tiny purple center. English settlers brought these seeds to America.

Carrot seed oil as the name signifies is removed by means of steam distillation, mostly through the dried seeds of carrot. This particular gentle oil is renowned for its anti-bacterial as well as healing qualities. They’re discovered to be able to infusing moisture to dry skin, hair and scalp. Whether you choose to use it on its own or even together with other carrier oils is totally your choice.

Carrot seed oil is really a softening substance capable of lubricating the cells within the outermost layer of skin. The oil helps you to restore moisture which is lost from skin because of evaporation, which makes it an effective ingredient in moisturizers. The healing qualities of carrot seed oil also allows it to soften up the skin tissues. So they are believed as an essential component in products useful for the management of eczema along with other skin associated issues.

Health Benefits of Carrot Seed Essential Oil

The health benefits of carrot seed essential oil could be related to its properties just as one antiseptic, disinfectant, detoxifying, antioxidant, anticarcinogenic, carminative, depurative, diuretic, emenagogue, stimulant, cytophylactic, tonic, and vermifuge substance.

Let’s explore a lot of remarkable health advantages of the essential oil below

1. Antioxidant

Carrot seed essential oil can assist you retain your youth and look refreshingly young even as your pals begin balding as well as showing wrinkles on the faces. In fact, anti-oxidants within this essential oil repair a lot of the damages completed to your tissues by oxidants (free radicals) and stop them from doing further harm. These types of antioxidants safeguard the skin from wrinkles, keep the hair from turning white, your joints from stiffening, your muscles from weakening as well as your eyesight from declining. Antioxidants could work other miracles too. They are able to shield you from macular degeneration, sexual weakness, weak digestion, some types of cancer along with other problems associated with aging.

2. Delays Aging

The antioxidant content of carrot seed oil repairs our damaged tissues as well as helps prevent further damages brought on by oxidative stress. It delays numerous health problems associated with aging. Additionally, it provides cure for poor digestion, weak eyesight, macular degeneration, muscle weakening, sexual limitation, joint stiffening, and certain kinds of cancer. Additionally, it setbacks the visible aging process like wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, etc. The antioxidative qualities of the oil shield you to the skin from radical damages. Suppressing various aging process, it ultimately keeps us looking fresh as well as youthful for very long.

3. Antiseptic, Antiviral & Disinfectant

This particular powerful essential oil cure infections, prevent their effects, and it has germ killing qualities, which includes its capability to avoid tetanus. Whenever outwardly used, carrot seed oil can cure infections on the skin as well as in open wounds. Whenever ingested, it successfully helps you to cure infections of the throat, mouth, colon, stomach, intestines as well as urinary system. It is very efficient at curing sores, gangrene, psoriasis, ulcers, rashes, carbuncles along with other such problems. It may even cure infections of the respiratory system, therefore benefiting within the management of bronchitis. It is great at fighting various other infections too, including the flu, mumps, coughs, colds, and measles.

4. Detoxifier

Carrot seed oil has the capacity to detoxify the blood, tissues, muscles as well as bodily organs just like the liver and kidneys. It may neutralize excessive bile secreted through the liver and may assist cure infections within the liver in cases of jaundice. It removes toxins just like uric acid through the blood, tissues, muscles and joints, therefore assisting cure edema, arthritis, gout, and rheumatism.

5. Antifungal

Essential oils are believed to assist the plant in some way – attracting helpful bugs, sending off a warning to influence others away as well as safeguard the plant, blocking infection as well as disease – and we frequently see that reflected in the way we utilize the oils.

Carrot seed oil might be one particular oil, demonstrating anti-fungal advantages. While not the strongest of the anti-fungal options, carrots are inclined to fungi, as Polish researchers recognized in 2004.

Their research examined carrot seed essential oil because of its compounds as well as their effects on fungi given the natural problems the plant might have with these infestations. They weren’t dissatisfied, finding considerable growth inhibition of the fungi tested.

6. Carcinogenic

Recent reports have demostrated carrot seed oil to be useful for treating some types of cancer too, particularly those of the mouth, throat, stomach, prostrate, and kidneys. These anticarcinogenic qualities could be attributed partly towards the antioxidant properties, but additionally to numerous other therapeutic qualities of the natural components.

7. Carminative

Do you feel like you’re ballooning up from all of the gas which you’ve accumulated in your body?? Think that gas in there can lift you up thus making you float away atany moment? If you’ve ever felt this way, then carrot seed oil will keep the feet firmly on the ground. It may help to discharge the gases through the intestines. You will likely feel so calm and light that you’ll think that you are able to really fly!

8. Add Glow and Softness to Your Hair

Carrot oil has numerous advantageous nutrition for the hair, which includes beta carotene and vitamin E, which will make of it a fantastic conditioner.

Beta carotene converts into active vitamin A within our body, that is necessary to preserve hair and skin healthy. Vitamin A likewise helps our body create sebum, an all natural oil released from the pores which keeps our scalp moist as well as prevents our hair from becoming dry and becoming fragile as well as vulnerable.

Vitamin E, rather, encourages hair growth, safeguards scalp and hair cells from damage as well as helps prevent hair loss.

With its high-content of those vitamins A and E, carrot oil is extremely effective in nourishing hair as well as in keeping it  shiny and soft. It has the capacity to strengthen weak hair which help it grow stronger, in addition to hydrate dry scalp as well as seal preventing split ends.

To nourish your scalp, soften your hair preventing breakage, warm up a modest amount of carrot oil, rub it gently in your scalp and also to spread it evenly over your hair, from roots to ends. Allow it to stay for 1 hour, than rinse and shampoo. You may also use a few drops of carrot oil straight onto split ends.

9. Depurative

Carrot seed oil can purify all of the organ systems within our body, specially the circulatory, digestive and also the excretory systems. It eliminates toxins just like uric acid, urea, insecticides, pesticides along with other chemicals that enter in the body by means of our food and water which help recover all around health.

10. Diuretic

Carrot Seed oil is diuretic naturally, which means that it improves urination. It might appear that there is no apparent advantage of this property, but you’ll be amazed to determine that urination alone will keep you protected from many health conditions. Every time you urinate, some fat (almost 4% of the volume), numerous toxic substances just like uric acid as well as bile, and microbes that can cause infections within the urinary system as well as otherwise, are taken out of the body along with urine. Furthermore, it lowers blood pressure level and cleans the kidneys. It’s also useful in clearing out renal calculi.

11. Emenagogue

When something is an emenagogue, it means that the procedure for menstruation is improved, which makes it less painful and much more regular. This particularly assists when someone is struggling with irregular or even obstructed menses.

12. Stimulant

Everyone knows the meaning of stimulant, as well as carrot seed oil delivers in this way too. It encourages both circulation as well as metabolic function. Additionally, it energizes the secretion of hormones, enzymes, gastric juices, bile and also the peristaltic motion of the intestines, therefore keeping all of the organic systems active as well as efficient. Additionally, it encourages brain functions as well as nerves, therefore making you more alert as well as active.

13. Vermifuge

Carrot Seed oil can kill, although not you, don’t worry. Specifically, it may remove the worms within your intestines. It may help children eliminate this particular annoying problem that is uncomfortable and may lead to malnutrition along with other harmful situations.

14. Tonic

Something which tones the body is really a tonic, as well as carrot seed oil certainly falls in that category. It tones up tissues as well as muscles and boosts their efficiency; it tones the liver, stomach and also the entire digestive tract, manages the flow of digestive juices and also brings the digestive system to normal order. Additionally, it tones the skin as well as helps prevent it from hanging loose or even displaying aging process.

15. Offers Sun Protection

Being full of oil-soluble carotenoids, this particular oil can offer outstanding safety to us through the dangerous ultraviolet (UV) sun’s rays. This particular helps with preventing cancer of the skin to some degree. Also, since the immune response of the body goes considerably up, our skin doesn’t get affected whenever subjected to sun for very long hours. Additionally, carrot seed oil consists of Vitamin E and the other powerful anti-oxidant known as ‘tocopheryl’, that heal sunburn effectively.

16. Cytophylactic

Carrot seed essential oil energizes the development of new cells and tissues.

Other Benefits

It is traditionally used in aromatherapy because of its mild as well as soothing earthy fragrance that is extremely effective in reducing anxiety and stress and providing a refreshing feeling. It’s good for the skin as well as safeguards it from developing facial lines. Carrot seed oil additionally reduces muscle aches, cures anorexia, boosts the creation of erythrocytes and enhances eye sight.

Suggested Carrot Seed Essential Oil Uses

  • Carrot Seed Oil blends well along with Bergamot, Juniper, Lavender, Lemon, Orange, Avocado, Cedar Wood, and Geranium oils. The Carrot Seed Oil may also be coupled with Cassia, Lime, Red Mandarin, Cinnamon Bark, Clove Bud, Ginger Root, Patchouli, Palmarosa, and Cucumber seed.
  • Carrot Seed oil is excellent to include in your moisturizers.
  • Just add a few drops in your bath for the nice spiritual as well as relaxing soak.
  • To relieve abdominal tension, simply massage a mixture of a few drops of Carrot Seed Oil, Peppermint, Bergamot, as well as Neroli to the affected area.
  • For reliving an itchy scalp as well as dandruff, simply mix six drops of Carrot Seed Oil, two Tablespoons Honey, three Tablespoons Oatmeal and two teaspoons Almond Oil. Gently massage into hair and scalp for 5 minutes after that wash together with your shampoo.
  • To ease cramps or indigestion take four drops of Carrot Seed Oil, four drops Tangerine, two drops of Peppermint and one Tablespoon F.C.O. (Fractionated Coconut Oil). Apply at abdomen along with clockwise strokes twice daily for the week.
  • Dry hair treatment takes four drops of Carrot seed Oil, six drops of Sandalwood, two drops of Cucumber Seed, two drops Cedarwood and one Tablespoon of Jojoba. Mix all ingredients and massage into scalp and spread to all the hair. Leave in for about one or two hours, and after that continue normal hair washing.
  • PMS and Water Retention relief takes four drops of Carrot Seed Oil, four drops Lemon oil, two drops Geranium, and one Tablespoon F.C.O. Massage onto abdomen twice daily when needed.
  • To replenish dry or aged skin, apply to the face nightly this mix of four drops Carrot Seed Oil, two drops Rose oil, four drops Frankincense, one Tablespoon of Skin Mousse (three and one-half teaspoons pure Aloe Vera gel and one teaspoon Jojoba oil- keep mixing till the mixture is smooth as well as an opaque cream color).
  • Add a few drops of Carrot Seed Essential Oil within your homemade soaps and shampoos.
  • Using a few drops within your tea or juices will help with detoxifying the liver and also to cleanse the digestive system too.
  • Use vapor therapy for respiratory difficulties with just a couple drops of Carrot Seed Oil to enhance your respiratory system as well as breathe better.
  • Mix a few drops of carrot seed oil together with your favorite face pack as well as use it in your face.
  • Mix 10-30 drops of carrot seed oil with any carrier oil (olive oil,sesame oil, etc) and massage within the particular area or entire body.
  • Mix 10-20 drops of carrot seed oil with 50 ml of aloe vera gel, mix well and then use it as moisturizer throughout night time.
  • Add 2-4 drops of carrot seed oil in one bucket of warm water as well as take bath (could be included with foot bath also).
  • Take a bowl of cold or hot water, add some carrot seed oil within it (1 drop for 100 ml). Immerse a cloth in water somewhat, squeeze it lightly and put over the affected area for 10 minutes, repeat the process 3-4 times.  Use hot water for muscular aches and cold for sprains and headache.
  • Carrot seed oil may be used in vapor therapy. For fresh as well as fragrant atmosphere, add 2-3 drops of carrot seed oil within an vaporizer.  Also, you can include to spray bottle (4 drops to 200 ml water) and spray.

How to Make Carrot Oil

Supplies Needed

  • Veggie peeler
  • Hand grater or food processor
  • Crock pot
  • Fine mesh strainer or cheesecloth
  • Glass mason jar


  • 2 organically or home grown carrots
  • olive, coconut, sunflower, or sesame oil, to cover


  1. Wash and peel the skin of the carrots.
  2. Grate carrots by using a hand grater or even food processor.
  3. Place the grated carrots in the crock pot and pour the oil of your liking to cover. Note: use 2 1/4 cups of oil or 18 ounces.
  4. On your crock pot’s lowest setting, maintain a warm temperature – infusing the oil for a full 24-72 hours. Note: use the “warm” temperature setting on crock pot. Do not allow the temperature of the oil to increase above 100-105 degrees farenheit. You will observe the oil becoming orange in color.
  5. Once the infusion process is finished, pour the carrots as well as oil mixture through a fine mesh strainer or even cheesecloth and strain.
  6. Reserve the oil as well as compost the carrots.
  7. Label and store the oil in the glass mason jar within the refrigerator until ready to be used. Can keep for 6-8 months if stored properly.

Side Effects of Carrot Seed Oil

While carrot seed oil itself is believed to have few side effects whenever used properly, its parent plant, the wild carrot, was discovered to increase chances of sun sensitivity because of its higher furanocoumarin content, that has photosensitizing effects. It has already been reported to result in hypersensitivity reactions as well as occupational dermatitis.

Do not use carrot seed oil  on your skin without mixing it with a carrier oil just like coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, or hempseed oil.  I also suggest staying indoors or covering parts of your body a minimum of 72 hours right after applying it on the skin. Ideally, you are able to perform a skin test first. Place a drop of carrot seed oil on the small portion of your skin and wait 24 hours.  If any indication of skin irritation occurs, discontinue its use immediately.

Carrot seed oil over dose might cause vomiting and convulsions. I suggest you see a natural holistic practitioner just before incorporating carrot seed oil into your treatment protocol to prevent potential side effects.