Health benefits of Guavas


Health benefits of GuavasGuava is actually an exotic shrub or even tree of the genus Psidium, along with white-colored flowers as well as delicious sweet fruits that typically have got reddish colored or even pinkish flesh. Its Popular Titles are generally Guava, guyava, kuawa.

The Guava Fruit could be spherical, or even pear-shaped. The skin is green, generally maturing to yellow. A number of types have got thin skin and lots of seeds within; some others may have thicker skin as well as very few seeds. Within, the fruit could be white-colored, yellow-colored, red or pink. Several Guava Fruit are usually fairly sweet, a few are generally sour. They might weigh just as much as one pound (450g.)

The Guava tree is definitely an evergreen tree (within the tropics, at the very least.) The tree begins to bear fruit within just a couple of years of growing. Right after Five years, a tree can easily bear 5 to 6 hundred fruits annually. The tree will certainly live up to Forty years; however it is not too profitable soon after 15. It really is spread simply by cuttings, simply because just like apples as well as olives, the tree will not dependably recreate true to seed.

Health benefits of eating Guavas

With respect to the varieties, a guava’s flesh as well as seeds could be whitened, orange, red or pink. The skin is green just before maturation as well as will become yellow, maroon or even stays green whenever ripe. They’re very best consumed whenever semi-ripe because they’re crispy.

Numerous researches indicates that the guava fruit to has got anti-inflammatory results in addition to anti-cancer qualities. A survey released within the journal Cancer Letters demonstrated that oil produced from the guava plant restricted the development of cancer cell lines. A Spanish research in addition demonstrated that it’s got anti-bacterial action and may even be an alternative choice to anti-biotic for the treatment of certain kinds of diarrhea exactly where anti-biotic are not accessible.

The guava fruit is a wonderful method of obtaining vitamin C and is also a pleasant exotic option to the orange or even grapefruit. Try out developing a fruit salad making use of this amazing fruit or even make use of a juice machine to create refreshing guava juice. Guava fruit is provided in certain standard food markets as well as the juice are available in several natural super markets.

Guavas really are a treasure-trove of nutrition. Their being loaded with anti-oxidants has created them referred to as one of many “super foods.” Also, they are recognized for their higher pectin content.

1. Lowers cancer risk:

Cancer is actually a type of illnesses seen as an out-of-control cell growth. There are actually more than 100 various kinds of cancer, and every is classed by way of the kind of cell which is in the beginning affected.

Cancer harms your body whenever damaged cells separate uncontrollably to create lumps or even masses of tissue known as tumors (with the exception of the situation of leukemia exactly where cancer prevents normal blood function simply by irregular cell division within the bloodstream). Tumors can easily develop as well as obstruct the digestive, nervous, as well as circulatory systems, and in addition they can discharge hormones which modify body performance. Tumors which remain in one particular location as well as display restricted development are usually regarded as being not cancerous.

The chemical structure of lycopene, a carotenoid in guava which has anticancer actions, is extremely reactive towards oxygen free-radicals, in accordance with a short article within the October 2008 issue of “Cancer Letters.” The scientists discovered that lycopene separated from guava decreases cancer risk by means of its anti-oxidant actions and also by inducting apoptosis, or even genetically designed cell death, in cancer cells. The research concluded, however, that additional scientific studies are essential to completely comprehend lycopene’s anticancer effects.

An enzyme, referred to as NFkappaB, manages the appearance of various genes within an apoptotic pathway, which usually, in turn, manages, cell expansion of cellular death. A survey within the September 2007 issue of the “Journal of Ethnopharmacology” examined the anti-inflammatory effects of guava extract through its capability to manage the power of NFkappaB utilizing an experimental cancer of the breast cell line. The study discovered that an extract of guava containing 55 mcg per mL inhibited the development breast cancer cells as well as their capability to metastasize, or even spread, to many other areas of the body.

Guava is loaded along with anti-oxidants, particularly Vitamin C which can be one of the most powerful and robust anti-oxidants. Vitamin C present in guava helps combat against free-radicals which usually damage the cells and additional result in cardiovascular disease as well as melanoma! As a result, consuming guavas might help lower your chance of developing cancer as well as cardiovascular disease!

2. Lowers risk of diabetes:

Diabetes, also known as by physicians as diabetes mellitus, explains a small grouping of metabolic illnesses in which the individual has got high blood glucose (blood sugar), possibly because insulin manufacturing is insufficient, or even because the body’s cells usually do not react effectively to insulin, or even both. Patients with higher blood sugar levels will usually experience polyuria (regular urination), they’ll turn out to be more and more dehydrated (polydipsia) as well as hungry (polyphagia).

Guava fruits are generally a excellent method of obtaining pectin, a soluble fiber, that will help manage blood sugar levels and they’re available at inexpensive rate all over the place. Guava could be cut into pieces and you may consume as snack to reduce sugars.

Japan has authorized guava leaf tea as one of the Foods for Specific Health Uses to assist with the avoidance as well as treatments for diabetes. Compounds within the tea hinder the assimilation of two kinds of sugars, maltose as well as sucrose, assisting to manage blood glucose levels right after meals. The article released in “Nutrition & Metabolism” explained two researches displaying this effect. The very first study demonstrated the short-term advantages, as individuals who consumed guava leaf tea after eating white rice had reduces in blood sugar which were higher after Half an hour, 90 minutes as well as 120 minutes as compared to when the exact same study participants consumed the same quantity of white rice accompanied by consuming hot water. Within the second, longer-term study individuals along with either prediabetes or even moderate Type 2 diabetes who consumed guava leaf tea along with each meal for 12 weeks had reduced fasting blood-sugar levels than ever before they started consuming the tea.

3. Promotes good eyesight:

Guavas are extremely excellent options for vitamin A, the nutrient most commonly known for protecting as well as enhancing eye-sight.

4. Helps promote fertility:

Fertility may be the capability to reproduce; men that are fertile have the ability to father children as well as fertile women could possibly get pregnant as well as carry their baby to full term, using a live birth nine months right after getting pregnant. All of this occurs by natural means because of sexual activity.

Obviously, fertility can often be an issue. While we are in our later teens as well as earlier 20s, our sex drive is higher as well as our fertility levels in addition peak. This mixture results in a higher level of undesirable teenage pregnancies in numerous nations under western culture and also to a higher birth rate in regions of poverty within the much less developed world.

Normal usage of guava encourages better fertility due to its higher foliate content which is a fertility enhancer. Eating guava in addition offers a great deal of foliate within the body. The mineral foliate is renowned for its fertility-promoting qualities.

5. Helps regulate blood pressure levels:

Blood pressure level is definitely the pressure of blood about the walls of arteries. Blood pressure level is documented as two numbers-the systolic pressure (as the heart beats) within the diastolic pressure (since the heart calms in between beats). The dimension is written one above or even before the other, with all the systolic number on the top as well as the diastolic number at the base. As an example, a blood pressure level measurement of 120/80 mmHg (millimeters of mercury) is indicated vocally as “120 over 80.”

Fresh fruit is an extremely abundant method of obtaining potassium. It has a lot more potassium as compared to various other fresh fruits just like banana weight per weight. Potassium is a crucial element of cell and the entire body fluids that can help managing heart rate as well as blood pressure level.

Guava helps in reducing cholesterol in blood as well as helps prevent it from thickening, therefore sustaining fluidity of blood as well as decreasing blood pressure level. Research has shown that food stuffs which usually are lacking fiber (such a refined flour) increase blood pressure level, because of fast transformation to sugar. Guava, being very wealthy in fiber as well as hypoglycemic naturally, helps in reducing blood pressure level.

6. Promotes healthy thyroid gland:

Thyroid gland is really kinds of gland which makes as well as stores bodily hormones which help manage the heart rate, blood pressure level, body’s temperature, as well as the pace in which meals are changed into energy. Thyroid hormones are necessary for the function of every cell within the body. They help manage growth as well as the rate of chemical reactions (metabolism) within the body. Thyroid hormones in addition help kids grow as well as develop.

The thyroid gland is found in the front of the neck, underneath the larynx (voice box). The tiny, two-inch gland includes two lobes, one on either side of the windpipe, linked simply by tissue known as the isthmus.

No, guavas don’t consist of iodine; they’re great reasons for copper, a trace mineral which usually plays a part in thyroid metabolism particularly in hormone manufacturing as well as assimilation.

7. Relaxes nerves and muscles:

Magnesium is probably the important mineral which usually has to be extracted from food as the body are not able to make them. Consuming guavas might help relax the nerves as well as muscles through its great deal of magnesium content.

8. Keeps brain healthy:

The B groups of vitamins perform an important role in brain function. Guavas are usually abundant with vitamin B3 as well as B6. Vitamin B3, also referred to as niacin stimulates brain function as well as encourages blood circulation, as well as vitamin B6, also referred to as pyridoxine, is a vital nutrient for brain as well as nerve function.

9. Maintain healthy skin:

Guavas might help enhance your skin texture and prevent skin problems a lot more than the very best of beauty creams or even skin toner gels can perform. This really is mainly because of the large quantity of astringents in the fruits (a lot more within premature ones) as well as in leaves. You are able to take advantage of it possibly by consuming the fruits (this help tighten up your muscles aside from your skin) or even by cleaning your skin using the decoction of its premature fruits and leaves. It will eventually tone up as well as tighten up the loose skin. Along with the astringents, guava is very-very full of vitamin-A, B, C as well as potassium that are excellent anti-oxidants as well as detoxifiers and keep the skin excellent as well as free of aging, facial lines along with other problems.

Normal guava usage may also do the skin great through its vitamin E content. Vitamin E assists in maintaining healthy skin through its anti-oxidant qualities.

10. High Cholesterol

Consuming guava leaf tea could cause advantageous alterations in your cholesterol levels as well as triglyceride levels. Research individuals who consumed guava leaf tea had reduced overall cholesterol levels, low-density lipoprotein levels as well as triglycerides right after 8 weeks whether or not they were getting therapy to lessen their levels of cholesterol, in accordance with articles released in “Nutrition & Metabolism” in February 2010. Their amounts of advantageous high-density lipoprotein weren’t affected. Various other trials have demonstrated comparable advantages, along with study lengths which range from 4 weeks to 12 weeks as well as doses which range from 0.4 to 1 kilogram every day.

11. Treats Scurvy:

Scurvy is really a situation exactly where an individual has a vitamin C (ascorbic acid) insufficiency. The title scurvy originates from the Latin scorbutus, as well as humans have been aware of the illness since ancient Greek as well as Egyptian times. Scurvy generally is assigned to sailors within the 16th to 18th centuries that sailed long trips lacking the necessary vitamin C and quite often perished from the condition. Modern situations of scurvy are extremely uncommon.

Humans are not able to synthesize vitamin C – that is essential for collagen production as well as iron assimilation – and they also need to acquire it through exterior sources (just like citrus fruits). As a result, people should eat vegetables and fruit which contain or even are fortified along with vitamin C in order to prevent the vitamin C insufficiency referred to as scurvy.

Guava can easily outdo a number of other fresh fruits, which includes orange as well as other citrus fruits, with regards to power of vitamin-C, whose insufficiency leads to scurvy as well as which is the just treatment to it. It includes 5 times the vitamin-C in oranges.

12. For Dental Care:

Guava consists of higher amount of vitamin C as compared to oranges, about 4 times as compared to oranges. Having a greater power of vitamin C, it is important within the treatments for bleeding as well as inflamed gums. The astringents contents of guava leave juice really are a beneficial treatment for tooth ache discomfort, inflamed gums as well as ulcers.  The gargling of guava leaves is a vital tooth pain treatment. The correctly masticated guava stopped the blood loss through gums. Guava juice is probably the essential natural home remedies to deal with gums difficulties.  Guava is abundant with foliate which helps prevent foul breath that is liable for gum disease gingivitis.

13. Helps in Weight Loss:

Guavas are abundant with soluble fiber, vitamins and minerals without any cholesterol levels as well as lower carbohydrate; provide you with the fulfillment of bloatedness. If you wish to drop unwanted weight by natural means, consume a couple of guava at lunchtime. It really is adequate to provide you with power till the evening hours. Guava leaves are in addition regarded as weight loss diet. The sufficient roughage keeps your stomach full, decreases the wish of a lot more ingesting therefore helps you to shed weight from tummy along with other parts.

Guava is extremely ideal for people who wish to shed weight without restricting with their consumption of proteins, vitamins as well as fiber. Guava, currently being extremely high in roughage and incredibly abundant with vitamins, proteins as well as minerals, however with no cholesterol levels and much less digestible carbohydrates, is extremely filling up as well as fulfills hunger without difficulty. Simply have a medium-sized guava within the lunch and you’ll not experience hunger till night time. However actually, it will help putting on the weight in lean as well as thin people. This might be because of its richness in vitamins and minerals, which will keep your metabolic process right helping correct assimilation of nutrition.

14. Cures Constipation:

Constipation is really a situation of the gastrointestinal system. The patient has difficult feces which are hard to discharge. In many instances, this takes place for the reason that colon has soaked up excessive water through the food which is within the colon. The reduced the food goes through the digestive tract, a lot more water the colon will certainly soak up through food items. As a result, the feces turn out to be dry and difficult. Defecation (emptying the bowels) may become very unpleasant, as well as in several severe situations there might be signs and symptoms of bowel problems. As soon as the bowel problems are extremely extreme; when the constipation helps prevent the passing of feces and gas, it is called obstipation.

Guava is probably the riches options for soluble fiber. Its seeds, if consumed whole or even chewed, function as outstanding stimulant laxatives. Both of these qualities of guava assist developing bowels, maintaining water as well as clean your intestinal tract as well as excretory system completely. It is stated that solitary bowel problems can result in 72 kinds of health conditions. It really is completely genuine. Every method to your total health goes thru correct digestion of food and most importantly, appropriate excretion. Guava guarantees the two of these.

Guavas consist of greater quantity of insoluble fiber which help the motion of wastes through colon; thoroughly clean the intestinal tract as well as excretory system along with assist in treatments for bowel problems. Since guavas clean the intestine, therefore it is in addition a highly effective treatment for intestinal inactivity.

15. Treats Cough and Cold:

Guava leaves juices are usually valuable in treating as well as dealing with cough as well as cold. Guava juice decreases lungs blockage & mucous development, as well as helps make the respiratory system infection free simply because of its abundant source of Vitamin C as well as iron. These types of nutrition may also be useful to prevent influenza virus infection.  Guavas juices in addition useful to battle dengue fever.

Juice of raw as well as premature guavas or even decoction of guava-leaves is extremely useful in providing relief in cough as well as cold simply by loosening cough, decreasing mucus, disinfecting the respiratory system, throat as well as lungs along with curbing microbe action because of its astringent qualities. Guava is just one of wealthiest in vitamin-C and iron that are shown to be precautionary towards cold as well as viral infections. In a few locations in India, roasting ripe guava can be used like a treatment against severe situations of cough as well as cold and blockage.

16. Prevents from Diarrhea and Dysentery:

Guava leaf tea might help to hinder a number of diarrhea-causing microorganisms. Individuals with diarrhea who consume this kind of tea can experience much less stools, significantly less stomach pain, less watery stools along with a faster healing, in accordance with A survey released within the “Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de São Paulo” in 2008 discovered that guava-leaf extracts restricted the development of Staphylococcus aureus bacteria, that is a frequent reason for diarrhea.

Guava is extremely abundant with astringents (substances those help make your gums really feel tight as well as fresh as soon as you gnaw guava leaves or even consume a raw guava or even apply certain tooth paste) which usually holds up loose bowels in diarrhea. These types of astringents are usually alkaline in nature and also have anti-fungal as well as anti-bacterial qualities, therefore help treat dysentery simply by suppressing microbial development as well as eliminating additional mucus through the intestines. Furthermore, various other nutrition in guava, just like vitamin-C, Carotenoids as well as potassium fortifies as well as tones up the digestive tract and disinfect it. Guava is additionally valuable in gastroenteritis due to reasons previously stated.

Facts about Guavas

The tree just gets bigger to 20 feet in height (6 meters.) The leaves will likely be 3 to 7 inches lengthy (7 to 18 cm.) The tree blooms along with white flowers which are 1 inch broad (2.5 cm.) The tree can easily self-pollinate, yet has better fruit produces whenever insects get it done.

For the best taste, a Guava Fruit has to mature within the tree. Whenever premature as well as till a really short period of time just before ripening, the fruit is green, tough, gummy within and incredibly astringent. However, if left within the tree till completely ripe, birds as well as bats have got a field day with him or her, as soon as totally ripe, the fruit degrades rapidly as well as bruises effortlessly, which makes it an undesirable shipper.

As a result, the fruits tend to be picked as well as shipped underripe, covered separately along with padding around them. They’ll sweeten fairly right after picking, although occasionally they might go mealy. A ripe fruit will certainly odor musky, even though the pear-shaped ones might look fairly just like pears, they’ll be a lot more aromatic.

History of Guava

The initial Spanish explorers of the 1500’s discovered Strawberry Guava, ‘Acca sellowiana O.,’ developing like a indigenous tree in the united states, exactly where they were securely set up from Mexico southward to Peru. History records that Seminole Indians were developing guava trees within Northern Florida in 1816.

Strawberry Guava, ‘Acca sellowiana O.,’ can grow into trees 25 feet in height and quite often they’re planted by home owners like a privacy hedge which is effortlessly clipped or even developed just as one untrimmed windbreak. The guava tree could be conditioned to single or even numerous trunks simply by trimming and can grow into an outstanding sample plant which is engrossed in exotic flowers throughout late spring. The wood is gray colored, as well as the grain is extremely tough as well as thick. The leaves are tiny, noticeably colored flat green, creating the plants effortlessly acknowledged from far away.

The guava tree or even shrub is sluggish developing and needs the planting of two plants for cross-pollination. The tree is cool sturdy to 15 degrees Fahrenheit and is also salt water resistant. Bees as well as hummingbirds go to the red and also yellow flowers, along with the pollination visits lead to a heavy fruit set.

The guava fruit is classed like a berry simply by the majority of botanists, and it also occur in groups along with individual berries within sizes just below one inch. Every guava berry is protected by a tough skin and also the pulp inside happens in colors of white, pink, or even red.

The guava tree grows very best in incomplete shade in acidic soils. The plants are practically ailment free, as well as the fruit is generally collected by trembling off the fully developed guavas as soon as the color change takes place, after that, they’re gathered onto sheets or even tarps. The fruit could keep well within a fridge as much as a full week and could be peeled and also consumed as fresh fruit, like a dessert, or even in preparing salads. If the fruit is soaked into diluted fresh lemon juice, the color of the pulp will stay vibrant.

The fruit is commercially made into puddings, pies, juices, as well as jellies, and is also an abundant method of obtaining Vitamin A as well as C, in addition to numerous advantageous minerals. The guava is cultivated commercially within Florida as well as California, along with numerous southern forests the shrub is becoming naturalized and wrongly recognized like a indigenous historic plant

“Guavaween” is really a conventional central Florida event as well as fund raiser which is held each year to celebrate the arrival of the guava equivalent to parades as well as festivals which are scheduled near Halloween at holidays Ybor City, Florida, an outskirt of Tampa, Florida. This particular “Guavaween” event is commemorated throughout the last of October every year.

Tourist shops just like “Stuckeys” were packed with mementos just like pecan logs. Probably the most unforgettable items exhibited on the market were guava jelly, jam, paste, or some other possible product which included the usage of the enchanting fruit of the guava tree. Each one of these tiny jars of jelly along with other guava products were creatively spectacular towards the eye, exposing their contents in colors of mint green, red, yellow, as well as blue.

Types of Guava

1. Strawberry Guava (Psidium lucidum) :

Strawberry GuavaThese types of Guavas are usually sturdy & flexible evergreen shrubs or even small trees. Small fruits are extremely succulent & tasty. The fruit are made on the long season August through December.

Strawberry guava (Psidium cattleianum) is indigenous to south eastern Brazil. It generally develops there in seaside plains as well as Atlantic forests approximately about 4,000 feet (1200 m) in height and is also from time to time grown just as one decorative fruit tree. In Brazil, strawberry guava usually ranges from 3 to 16 feet (1 to 5 m) tall, and its particular fruit is adjustable, yellow types being more prevalent as compared to red.

In 1825, strawberry guava was delivered to Hawaii because of its fruit as well as decorative characteristics. Now it is common on each of the main Hawaiian Islands in between sea level as well as 4,000 feet in height, particularly in landscapes which obtain reasonable to higher quantities of rain fall. The tree propagates by both shoots as well as seeds and also develops rapidly in Hawaii, owing partly towards the lack of the predators as well as diseases present in its indigenous Brazil. Nonnative birds as well as pigs, which usually take in the fruit, in addition perform a substantial part in distributing strawberry guava to completely new areas within just Hawaii.

Strawberry guava’s fruit are usually delicious and could be made into juice along with other food items. Its smooth bark as well as shiny leaves in addition allow it to be an attractive decorative varieties. In Hawaii, it’s also utilized as fire wood and also to smoke meat.

2. Pineapple Guava (Feijoa sellowiana):

Pineapple Guava Probably the most cold sturdy guava. Pineapple Guavas help to make outstanding huge shrubs or even little trees along with appealing flowers, leaves, & bark. The fruit is abundant & tangy generating outstanding jellies, the flowers may also be delicious.

Pineapple guava was known as a Florida Garden Select plant in 2009 by the Florida Nursery Growers as well as Landscape Association. It could be produced any place in Florida and is also particularly suited to seaside area gardens mainly because it can handle salt spray. The plant can also be popularly known as feijoa.

Pineapple guava may be easily trimmed to create a thick hedge or even trained right into a little tree using a solitary trunk. Left unpruned, it may reach up to 15 feet in height as well as 15 feet broad. For additional curiosity, try training it as an espalier. The evergreen, egg-shaped foliage is 2 to 3 inches lengthy and also have silvery, somewhat fuzzy undersides that usually provide the whole plant a little bluish cast.

The flowers seem from April through May and therefore are One to two inches across. The fleshy petals are usually white-colored or even a gentle pink as well as the stamens really are a impressive burgundy. An additional benefit would be that the flowers are delicious and could be included with salads along with other dishes.

In between August and also October, the egg-shaped fruits start to fully developed as well as ripen, getting started gray-green and after that switching a reddish-brown. They fall off the plant as soon as they’re prepared to consume, even though they may be picked earlier as well as left to ripen on the kitchen counter. Some individuals liken the taste of the fruits to that of guava, while other people state that it’s nearer to a minty pineapple. Consume them fresh new simply by cutting them in half as well as gathering out the pulp, or even using them as a scrumptious jelly.

3. Beaumont:

BeaumontCreated on Oahu, Hawaii this Guava generates fruit ideal for juicing. Beaumont is really a energetic plant producing medium-sized (8 oz) fruits along with pink fairly sweet succulent flesh. The trees are usually effective bearing fruit fall through winter.

This particular South American fruit is widely known through the entire tropics. It’s not fussy around the soil quality, as well as delivers fruit every single year. The aromatic greenish white to white flower, 2.5 cm or even more across, bears several yellow stamens. The fruits are usually adjustable in form, size as well as colour being globular, ovoid, or even pear shaped from 3 to 15cm long as well as the skin might be greenish white, yellowish or even pink. Upon ripening, the guava will become gentle as well as succulent and is also loaded with C vitamin.

4. China White:

China WhiteProducing huge (up to a pound) white fleshed & green skinned fruit are extremely sweet & choice. The fruit could be consumed unripe & has got extremely fragrant flesh. These types of Guavas are usually hard & energetic producing fruit September through December.


5. Mexican Cream:

Mexican CreamThe most effective Guavas all around. This particular Mexican variety features fruit having a good fairly sweet hot and spicy taste. The 8 oz fruit have got cream colored flesh & aromatic yellow skin.  The trees produce groups of fruit throughout the fall & winter.


6. Red Malaysian:

Red MalaysianThis can be a distinctive selection of Exotic Guava which boats lovely red tinged foliage along with red fruit & pretty bright pink flowers. This particular Guava is eye-catching enough to be cultivated just as one decorative. Tasty fruits mature September through December.


7. South African:

South AfricanUnder appreciated this particular variety comes with a fascinating taste & structure.  Bearing delicious cream skinned pink fleshed fruit which feature a gentle flavoring. This particular variety has flesh which can be consumed whenever still crisp. Fruit ripen in autumn.


8. White Indian:

White IndianFrom Florida, this specific well-known huge white Guava has fruit develop to a pound. The taste is fantastic & the fruit could be consumed somewhat unripe. White Indian Guavas generates fruit occasionally September through December.


Nutritional value of Guava

Guavas are classified as the greatest in vitamins and minerals whenever fresh as well as ripe. As being a source of food, the guava is especially gifted, being abundant with Vitamin C which can be focused within the skin as well as surface layers of the fruit. One common fruit can offer just as much as 150 mg vitamin C! Additionally, it incorporates a high-content of Vitamin A, iron, potassium as well as calcium. It really is lower in sodium as well as calories.

What also tends to make guavas so special is really a carotenoid known as lycopene, one of many most powerful anti-oxidants. With regards to dietary fiber, guava is actually a superstar, which contains about 9 grams for each cup. That’s a lot more fiber as compared to you’d get in an apple, apricot, banana as well as nectarine combined. It has attracted the interest of heart researchers, since acquiring more fiber within the meals are among the best methods to lower cholesterol levels, increase immunity as well as safeguard the heart.


Nutrient Unit Value per 100.0g
Carbohydrate, by difference






Fiber, total dietary






Sugars, total



Total lipid (fat)






Calcium, Ca



Iron, Fe



Magnesium, Mg



Phosphorus, P



Potassium, K



Sodium, Na



Zinc, Zn



Folate, DFE












Vitamin A, IU



Vitamin A, RAE



Vitamin B-12



Vitamin B-6



Vitamin C, total ascorbic acid



Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol)



Vitamin K (phylloquinone)



Fatty acids, total monounsaturated



Fatty acids, total polyunsaturated



Fatty acids, total saturated



How to store Guava

Guava can be used in juices, sorbets as well as purees yet is barely seen whole within the U.S. There are approximately 150 types of this plum-sized fruit with each having its very own taste. Several are fairly sweet plus some actually have a chocolaty taste. Colors range between yellow to brighter pink as well as everything in between. Guava could be consumed together with the peel or even without and may be also eaten using the delicious seeds within. Retailer guava within the pantry, fridge or even freezer.

  • Keep the guava at room temperature, faraway from high temperature or even the sun till the fruit is ripe, about 2 to 5 days. As soon as ripe, reduce and make use of the guava. You’ll know a guava is ripe when it’s gentle to touch.
  • Store ripe guava within the fridge for 3 to 4 days. Place the guava, possibly processed or even whole directly into an air-tight, zip-lock plastic bag or even storage container.
  • Freeze your guava fruit as soon as it has attained its ripeness or even once it has been within the refrigerator for 3 to 4 days. Cut up the guava into chunks as well as puree within a food processor. You are able to peel the skin from the fruit or even leave it undamaged. Put the puree into freezer safe plastic material containers or even zipper-lock plastic bags. Frozen guava could be saved for Ten to twelve months.

Disadvantage of Guava

Even though the guava fruit contains a large number of health advantages, additionally it is essential to bear in mind its negative effects on overall health. Despite the fact that guavas really are a secure fruit to consume, there’s not sufficient health-related proof to support their usefulness or even safety whenever utilized in medications.

Women that are pregnant as well as breastfeeding moms particularly need to prevent excessive use of guava through numerous herbal as well as choice medicines. It is best to stick to consuming guavas in their normal form so far as probable.

Ways to Eat Guava

Guava juice is actually scrumptious, yet have you ever attempted guava the fruit? It features a distinctive taste that may be very best brought out if consumed effectively. Here is the way to effectively try a fresh new guava!

  • Rinse a guava beneath cool flowing water, with no soap.
  • Cut out any kind of injured areas together with the tip of the paring knife.
  • Cut the guava in half crossways. Make use of a teaspoon to eliminate seed through the middle of the fruit. The guava is just about to consume.
  • Serve guava along with ice cream or even natural yogurt, or even cut the guava in small parts as well as combine it with a fruit salad together with orange wedges, sliced up bananas as well as other fresh fruit.