Health benefits of Longan


Health benefits of LonganThe longan fruit (organic title euphoria langana), also referred to as Euphoria fruit, is really a aromatic, delicious and also fairly sweet fresh fruit, which is simple to consume. It just has one particular seed which is black in color. As soon as the longans are usually fresh, they’ve got a leather like light brown skin, which usually alters its color to brown lightly because of age or perhaps alterations in environmental surroundings. This kind of fruit is extremely preferred in China and is also recognized by its regional title pinyin, which suggests ‘dragon eye’ since the place where the pit or even seed is situated looks like an eye. Longan in addition develops in Southeast Asian countries just like Thailand. The fruit month are in between mid and also late summer and is also gathered soon after lychee. The longan tree produces fruits in groups, twice yearly i.e. ending of the dry season and throughout late summer time.

The longan is indigenous to China and also Southeast Asia and is also known as the lychee’s little brother. It’s got sensitive whitish and also transparent flesh which has a musky, grape flavor which is more gratifying than the usual lychee, encasing a tiny brown seed and also engrossed in pale brown and fragile skin. The longan is simply a tiny bigger than an olive and isn’t quite as succulent like a lychee. The Chinese title indicates “dragon’s eye”. The fruit of the longan tree ripens just a little later than the lychee and it’s also capable to develop at reduced temperature ranges and is also significantly less demanding regarding its developing situations.

Health benefits of Longan

A number of the health advantage promises related to longan range from the following:

1. A great blood tonic

Longan is probably the leading blood medicines of Chinese tonic herbalism, it is usually coupled with various other blood medications just like Dang Gui as well as Peony to create blood building teas and also formulations. Dragon Eye Fruit includes a very high amount of iron – just about twenty times those of grapes and in addition 15 times those of spinach.

2. A great Qi tonic for building up your everyday energy

Eaten on a regular basis, Longan is much more than only a temporary energy enhancer. It is really an outstanding Qi tonic which raises long-term energy. As it is equally a blood tonic along with a Qi tonic, you can use it to alleviate sleeplessness, lapse of memory and also anxiousness which are the outcomes of blood and also Qi insufficiency, in accordance with Chinese beliefs.

3. Promotes calmness

Longan encourages stillness, particularly when coupled with Shen tonics just like Reishi. It’s been discovered to enhance a deep, rejuvenating sleep. In case you have sleeplessness, you can savor utilizing a traditional tonic formulation referred to as “Ginseng and Longan Combination” which is renowned for assisting encourage an excellent night’s sleep.

4. A fantastic beauty herb and sex tonic

Longan provides shine and sweetness on the skin. It really is considered among the Chinese people that Longan isn’t just ideal for the skin, however can also be a wonderful sex tonic. Because of this, Longan is recognized as a necessity for ladies who need to be equally beautiful and also sensuous – it features a 2000 year reputation like a unique love tonic.

5. Longan nurtures the heart

In accordance with classic Chinese herbal theory, Longan immediately feeds the heart, endorsing heart health.

  • The fresh, scrumptious and also fairly sweet longans consist of much more health improvements compared to what we all know. One of several lesser-known advantages of longans is that they aids in preventing any kind of stomach ache, bacterial infections as well as enhance defense mechanisms too.
  • This cousin of lychee can perform wonders in your nerves and so are suggested just as one anti-depressant. In addition they include a calming effect on the central nervous system, they’re shown to improve nerve function, reduce irritability and lower exhaustion. Longans are also capable to deal with neurasthenic neurosis and also sleeping disorders.
  • Longans assist rejuvenate blood and so are outstanding treatment for anemia. Likewise, they’re able to improve iron intake within body of a human.
  • The fruit has been said to profit heart health too. By reducing tension and also exhaustion, they provide alleviation in cardiovascular disease and also perform a huge role to keep the blood pressure.
  • Fresh longans assist produce wonders for the skin too. They’re recognized to consist of anti-ageing effect and therefore are shown to enhance skin overall health. The fruit is especially recognized to profit the fragile skin near to the eyes, reduce peeling and also breaking of skin and for that reason increase your appearance.
  • This scrumptious, sweet fruit will benefit eye-sight, deal with gums and teeth issues and also oral cracks as well as sores successfully.
  • With higher vitamin C content, the fruit is useful in safeguarding the body from colds and also flu, and enables to improve the defense mechanisms. Vitamin C assists the entire body in soaking up iron also it is important in sustaining healthy skin and also allowing the body to recover injuries. Vitamin C works well for enhancing wound recovery and also raises durability since it battles the free radicals which injury cells.
  • Together with polyphenols, it will help in eliminating off free-radicals which are harming to cells and also results in cancer along with injury to arteries therefore raise the risk for cardiac arrest and also strokes. Research is continuing with regards to the usefulness and also security of anti-oxidants within the longan.
  • The fruit is lower in fats and also calories as well as constitutes a healthy addition for the diet of those wishing to slim down. Longans consist of complex carbohydrates (sucrose) and also glucose which raises energy enhances stamina and also decreases food cravings.
  • Logans are suggested as anti-depressants since they have got a calming effect on the central nervous system, they will improve nerve function, reduce irritability and lower exhaustion. All this is a result of the essential minerals included in the fruit.
  • They have been proved to consist of iron that is needed in red blood cell creation and for that reason helps in reducing the chance of anemia.
  • The vitamins included in the fruit assist in improving complexion of skin, reduces the cracking and also ripping of skin as well as assisting to keep the teeth and gums in good condition. Additionally, it features a positive effect on eyesight and is also useful in decreasing cataract development and also decreasing the chance of age-related macular degeneration and also night blindness.
  • The seed of the fresh fruit is administered since it assists combat heavy perspiring as well as the pulverized kernel is considered to have Saponins, tannin and fats that provide a styptic or perhaps a substance that pulls tissue jointly therefore restricting the tissue and also successfully preventing blood along with other secretions.
  • Longans may also be utilized to deal with insomnia, to beat anxiousness along with a trouble in concentration since it consists of fitokimianya which serves to unwind the nerves and offers a relaxing effect.

More about Longan

The fruit is generally just consumed by itself since it includes a delicate flavor effortlessly compromised by various other food items. Purchase longans when they’re still on the stem in the marketplace – fruits off the stem and usually too ripe to be in their best by the time you receive them home. Make sure the skin is free from mildew and also blotches. Due to the stronger skin, the fruit is much less spoilable as opposed to lychee.

The flesh of the fruit is considered as an remedy for poison whilst the dried flesh taken like a tea may be used to deal with sleeplessness and also neurasthenic neurosis. In Vietnam the seed is constrained next to snakebite in the thought that it’ll soak up the venom.

The longan or even lungan is oftentimes known as dragon’s eye or even eyeball in China so when mamoncillo chino in Cuba. It’s the seed in the center of the fruit which offered it the “eyeball” title. The seed is jet black and glossy having a round white spot at its base, providing it the look of an eyeball. In China, the longan is utilized more regularly in traditional medicinal practices as compared to being an delicious fruit.

The longan multiplies at higher altitudes and may withstand much more frost in comparison to the lychee. The longan tree was brought to Florida in 1903 and it has been cultivated in some other areas, however it hasn’t ever become broadly popular. It’s been recognized to grow effortlessly in Hawaii, but again it’s not as well-known there as the lychee.

Origin and Distribution

The longan is indigenous to southern China, within the areas of Kwangtung, Kwangsi, Schezwan and also Fukien, in between heights of 500 and 1,500 ft (150-450 m). Groff authored: “The lungan, not too extremely valued like the lychee, is however generally discovered continuous to it …. It grows far better on higher ground in comparison to the lychee and also continues much more frost. It really is hardly ever found developing across the dykes of streams as is also the lychee yet does particularly well on higher ground near ponds …. The lungan is much more rarely cultivated under orchard conditions when compared with is the lychee. There isn’t so big requirement for the fruit and also the trees as a result more spread even though one often finds appealing sets of lungan.” Groff states that the longan was launched into India in 1798 yet, in Indian literature, it really is averred that the longan is indigenous not just to China but in addition to southwestern India and also the forests of higher Assam and also the Garo hills, and is also grown in Bengal and also elsewhere as a possible decorative and also shade tree. It really is frequently developed in previous Indochina

The longan was presented into Florida from southern China through the United States Department of Agriculture in 1903 and it has blossomed in a few places yet never shot to popularity. There was a young tree developing in the Agricultural Station in Bermuda in 1913. A tree planted in the Federal Experiment Station in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, was 10 ft (3 m) elevated in 1926, 23 ft (7 m) in 1929. A longan tree blossomed within the Atkins Garden in Cuba and seedlings were distributed yet discovered to fruit irregularly and had become highly valued mostly because of their shade and also decorative quality. In Hawaii, the longan was discovered to grow more rapidly and much more intensely compared to the lychee however the fruit is considered there as less tasty compared to the lychee.

Types of Longan

There are some unique variations of longan that are further down

1. Chompoo longan

Chompoo longanIt really is tiny in dimensions that have yellow tan color. It is just a Thai variety along with huge, top quality fruit having a faint pink dash within the flesh. It really is fairly sweet in flavor.



2. Kohala Seedling

Kohala SeedlingA close relative to the lychee tree yet much bigger, more robust and much colder resistant. The fruit is delightfully sweet in flavor. The color of the fruit is darkish grey to reddish rust. The flavor is great.



3. Haew

HaewHaew is really a late maturing cultivar. The high quality fruit is moderate to big in dimensions having a somewhat tiny seed. The color of the fruity is golden brown.



4. Kohala marcotted

Kohala marcottedStrongly associated with lychees, longons are greatly regarded in south east asia.It really is bigger in size along with dark tan color. It’s got fragrant taste.



Nutritional Value of Longan

Amount of Longan: 1 fruit

Total Weight of Longan: 3 g

Nutrients Amount
Basic Components
Water 2.5 g
Total Calories 1.8
Calories From Carbohydrate 1.6
Calories From Protein 0.1
Total Carbohydrate 0.5 g
Vitamin C 2.5 mg
Magnesium 0.3 mg
Phosphorus 0.6 mg
Potassium 8.0 mg



To store longan’s, wrap them within a paper towel to soak up excessive dampness and put them in a punctured plastic bag within the fridge. They’ll keep for just two – 3 weeks, even though they have a tendency to shed a few of their taste as time passes. For optimum taste, they must be consumed as quickly as possible. Longans could be frozen within their covering.

Longan Recipe Ideas and Uses:

  • Stew longans in sugar and also syrup: they’ll keep for a long period.
  • Their fairly sweet rejuvenating flavor makes longans an excellent choice for sorbet
  • Slice the fruit as an element of an exotic salad and can include along with pineapple, carambola along with a soy-based dressing.
  • Use in jello recipes, as their texture matches those of jello’s.
  • Make vodka jello shots and also include pieces of the fresh fruit
  • Dry the flesh on the slow, open fire and also add some smoky fruit to soups
  • Serve cut longans along with cantaloupe or any other melons along with coconut ice cream.

In China, the longan’s seeds are utilized just like soapnuts like a shampoo thanks a lot to its saponin content.