Health benefits of Niger seeds Oil


Health benefits of Niger seeds OilNiger essential oil is extracted from Niger plant seeds. It is an herb that is grown annually for its edible seeds. The size of the Niger seeds looks like those of sunflower but it is quite smaller and is black color. Ethiopian highlands are the main place where these beneficial herbs are initially grown. But these days we can easily find this palnt grown in Germany, Nepal, India, Africa, Mexico, brazil as well as various other southeast Asia. Due to its several rich essential nutrients the plant is becoming more and more popular all over the world.

Health benefits of Niger seeds Oil

Many of us have heard about Niger nuts as well as Niger Seeds, but we are not much more familiar about the benefits obtainable by using this Niger Essential oil. Talking about Niger essential oil, it is extremely beneficial for cookery purposes apart from that it may also be used to deal with many skin related problems as well as other health related problems too. But the shelf life of this essential oil is too short and it will become stinking if stored for longer period of time.

Before using this oil in our daily life we need to know more about this oil. Listed below are some benefits of using this essential oil which will make you  surprised:

1. Olive Oil Substitute

We can replace Olive oil along with Niger seed oil. For additional taste it may also be mixed with linseed oil. Whenever mixed, the flavor of the oil is just wonderful so it is best for almost everything including salad dressings.

2. Offers Good Heart Health

Niger essential oil is suitable for the heart patients as it is the wonderful replacement of olive oil. While cooking foods, preparing meals and also even in salad dressing you can easily use it in place of Olive oil.

3. Good Composition

Niger essential oil is regarded to be a good source of protein, rich in linoleic acid, similarly composition of fatty acids are also similar to sunflower oils, due to this it is recognized for its worthy oil content.

4. Supports Weight Gain

Because of its healthy composition it is a wonderful supporter of weight gain. Besides good oil contents it is extremely rich in fatty acids as well as protein that are liable for weight gain. Just like sunflower essential oil it is equally harmless and healthier. Linoleic acid which is present in this essential oil protect you from skin disease as well as other diseases.

5. Healthy, Stable Oil

Whenever compared with other kitchen oils it is healthier because it features non-acidic constancy as well as lower in unsaturated fat.

6. Heals Wounds:

Riboflavin, ascorbic acids, carbohydrates, protein, fibers, stearic acid, oleic acid and niacin are the essential nutrients that retain good curative capacity, can be found in Niger essential oil. Irritation which is caused because of wounds is reduced by the use of Niger essential oil.

7. Treats Rheumatism

To deal with rheumatism and get fast relief from it without having any kinds of side effects to the consumer, it is best to use Niger seeds oil regularly. The exceptional therapeutic qualities of Niger seeds have got the capability to deal with complexion marks of rheumatism.

8. Treats Skin Conditions

Numerous skin aliments can be treated with the natural remedy of the Niger seeds oil. Skin problems such as scabies, itchiness, skin burns etc. can also be healed with the oil extracted from Niger. It is one of the preferred treatments of syphilis.

9. Gives Relief from Stomach Problems

Your stomach internally become quite strong and help to fight against many stomach problems such as stomach pain, constipation with the use of Niger seed oil on conjunction with other oils like rapeseed oil or sesame oil.

10. Full of Nutrients

Niger seed oil is loaded with essential nutrients like oleic acid, niacin, riboflavin, ascorbic acid, stearic, fiber, carbohydrates and protein. Due to these nutrients it is regarded as one of the healthy oil which can be utilized in a number of health problems.

11. Removes Insomnia

Potassium, calcium, zinc, copper, sodium and magnesium are the essential minerals found in Niger seed oil, which on frequent massage on to the scalp provide you a good sleep throughout night time. Depression may also be decreased by the usage of this oil which is a major cause of insomnia.

12. Give Relief From Cold And Flu

Our body can also be protected from the seasonal cold and flu with the use of this oil. Regular therapeutic massage on chest, back as well as other parts of the body gives immediate respite from common symptoms of cold and flu.

Due to its therapeutic qualities it is regarded as one of the efficient reliever of aches as well as pains to various parts of the body.

13. Improves Blood Circulation

Whenever consumed frequently in the form of cooked food, it is very beneficial in enhancing the blood movement of an individual. Niger essential oil securely flow the  blood into blood vessels.

14. Controls Blood Sugar Level

Blood sugar is one of the greatest problems nowadays. Niger seed oil is proven to be highly effective for controlling blood sugar level of an individual.

15. Curbs Morning Sickness

Due to its non-acidic steadiness, Niger seeds oil is regarded t be one of the healthy oil for curbing morning sickness. Hypertension, stress and mood swings are actually an unusual indications that are cured because of the lower quantity of saturated fats presents in Niger essential oil.

16. Neutralize pH Level

Carbohydrates, proteins as well as other important essential nutrients are liable for boosting and regulating metabolic function of the consumer that are present in Niger essential oil. The oil can easily counteract body’s pH level and helps to keep body hydrated all the time.