Health benefits of Reishi Mushroom

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Health benefits of Reishi MushroomReishi mushroom, or Ganoderma lucidum, is about the button mushroom so many people enjoy them within their salads as well as in sautés. This particular mushroom, however, has far higher value than only a delicious accessory for your preferred dishes. The therapeutic advantages of Reishi mushrooms are numerous. Referred to as “phantom mushroom” in Japan, Reishi mushrooms are uncommon and difficult to discover. Out of 10,000 dead trees well suited for growing mushrooms, only two will in fact create the evasive Reishi mushroom. Reishi don’t have any gills just like other mushrooms. Rather, they’ve got a cork-like underside that produces spores. Fortunately, they are grown in the United States, China, Japan, Korea as well as Taiwan. The mushrooms are made over a course of 2 yrs from spore to harvest.

Health benefits of Reishi Mushroom

The reishi mushroom is really a gleaming little fungus that grows on rotten wood. For 2,000 years the Chinese used reishi in medication, making it among the earliest mushrooms recognized to have been utilized medicinally. Due to reishi’s assumed health advantages and obvious absence of side-effects, it has attained a reputation within the East as the greatest herbal substance, even being known as the elixir of eternal life.

Modern science has only just started to discover the advantages of reishi mushrooms, with many research being carried out by the Chinese and Japanese. As it turns out, it is indeed a powerful food full of benefits, even though we’ve yet to learn how much we have to consume to live forever.Listed here are health advantages of reishi mushrooms.

1. Immune System Support

Reishi mushrooms may be used to reinforce the defense mechanisms. In research on patients along with advanced tumors, reishi mushrooms were recommended for thirty days, as well as scientists discovered a tremendous optimistic effect on the defense mechanisms with the boost in T lymphocytes and reduced CD8 counts. Furthermore, sufferers noted lesser unwanted effects from chemotherapy as well as radiation, and smoother post operation recovery. Research has also recommended that the standard usage of reishi mushrooms boosts antioxidant levels. Reishi mushrooms consist of higher concentrations of Organic Germanium, Polysaccharides and Triterpenes. These elements have shown to improve the defense mechanisms.

2. Antioxidant

Reishi is definitely an antioxidant which stimulates a sense of your overal wellness through the elimination of hydroxyl free-radicals and increasing the body’s capability to make use of oxygen. This particular benefit usually can be felt within 10 to 14 days of using high-quality red reishi daily, and a few people discover the main difference within their health to be significant right after two months. To obtain the greatest benefit, take reishi each morning before eating anything and increase your consumption of water to flush out harmful toxins. Taking it together with vitamin C, another antioxidant, helps the body soak up reishi’s active ingredients simply by breaking down the complex polysaccarides in a more manageable size.

3. Lower Blood Pressure

The blood pressure-lowering capabilities of reishi mushrooms have already been noted for hundreds of years. Studies in China have discovered that reishi mushrooms enhance blood flow and minimize oxygen consumption within the heart. Japanese researchers have made comparable findings, which they say is because of a chain of acids belonging to triterpenes, a group of natural compounds recognized to decrease high blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, and stop blood clotting. Russian research discovered that Ganoderma avoided plaque build-up on artery walls.

 4. Allergy Alleviator

Reishi decreases signs and symptoms of seasonal allergic reactions by serving as an expectorant, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory agent. Additionally, the ganoderic acids consist of anti-allergenic agents which prevent histamine release as well as enhance liver functions. Anti-allergenic properties may also be found in the immune-boosting ling zhi-8 protein.

 5. Lower Cholesterol

Reishi mushrooms might help decrease cholesterol simply by resulting in the liver to control its production. Research in the Nestle Research Center in Switzerland called reishi mushrooms “a well-known therapeutic species”. Within their study on animals, oxygenated lanosterol derived from reishi mushrooms “inhibited cholesterol synthesis.”

 6. Cardiovascular health

Reishi is considered to aid as well as encourage cardio health and Traditional Chinese Medicine professionals utilize it for the management of coronary artery disease. Phyllis Balch states in her book “Prescription for Nutritional Healing” that reishi can be used to avoid high blood pressure as well as heart disease, lower high cholesterol levels as well as enhance blood circulation towards the heart. Reishi can also help to avoid blood clots by keeping the blood thin as well as avoiding it from clumping, an ailment referred to as platelet aggregation.

 7. Insomnia

Treatment of insomnia is yet another traditional usage of reishi, and I personally take reishi to help me stay asleep during the night. Long-term use might help promote slow-wave sleep.

In China, monks used reishi for hundreds of years to calm their minds in preparation for meditation.

 8. Blood Sugar Regulation

Research has revealed reishi mushrooms to possess a considerable blood sugar levels regulating effect. This particular benefit appears to be owed to their polysaccharides, referred to as Ganoderans A, B, and C. Keeping blood sugar levels balanced helps you to prevent most of the problems brought about by diabetes, like hypertension, high blood pressure levels, ulcers, strokes, and impotence. In this way reishi mushrooms assist to manage as well as combat diabetes and enhance the overall health of the individual consuming them.

 9. Rheumatoid Arthritis

The effect of reishi on the immune system have been analyzed in in vitro experiments. In the experiment utilizing synovial fluid from patients with rheumatoid arthritis, researchers shown an inhibitory effect of a polysaccharide extract on the proliferation of synovial fibroblasts, possibly via the nuclear factor-kappa B transcription pathway.Two clinical studies have been carried out involving patients along with rheumatoid arthritis. Both trials used a mix of lingzhi plus San-Miao-San, therefore making it hard to attribute the positive outcomes to the individual agents.

10. Herpes and Cold Sore Treatment

Preliminary proof shows that reishi mushrooms might have antiviral benefits. They’re documented to exhibit direct anti-viral effects along with herpes simplex virus 1 and herpes simplex virus 2. These effects have shown to be strongest in avoiding the contraction of herpes and cold sores, and in speeding rest from symptoms. Several Japanese research examined the properties of reishi mushrooms and discovered that most of the fungus’s benefits appear to derive from a compound they include called GLP, which inhibits viral replication by interfering with the early events of viral absorption and entry into target cells.

 11. Chronic fatigue syndrome

A multicenter, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial was carried out in China. Ganopoly 5.4 g daily was administered for 8 weeks, causing a decreased feeling of fatigue and minimize Clinical Global Impression severity scores.

 12. Detoxifies and Strengthens Liver

Reishi is actually a probable liver regenerator, in accordance with several research. Various researches conducted claim that the wild variant for this herb is gifted with powerful substances that can detox the liver. This, in turn, puts an end to the free radical activities, at the same time paving way for cell regeneration. This particular mushroom is known to play an important role within the effective synthesis of fatty acids and bile, ensuring fast detoxification of chemicals. Gandosterone contained in this herb is really a effective anti-hepatotoxic agent, that is beneficial in promoting quicker recovery in cases of long-term hepatitis.

 13. Slows Premature Hair Loss and Balding

This can be among the historical Chinese cures to avoid balding because of premature hair loss. Whenever combined with other anti-hair loss herbs, this particular functions as a restorative tonic for the hair. Full of antioxidants, additionally, it helps reduce the stress levels and fights free-radicals – the main causes behind hair loss as well as balding.

 14. Cancer Prevention

Research indicates that reishi mushrooms strengthen immunity and fight the spread of cancer cells. A few laboratory research has also demonstrated they might avoid metastasis. It’s not yet recognized how reishi does this however they seem to target a variety of stages of cancer development, which includes angiogenesis (the development of blood vessels made to supply nutrients to the tumor) in addition to metastasis and also the migration of cancer cells. They’re also considered to stimulate apoptosis (suicide) of cancer cells. In any case, extracts from reishi mushrooms are already getting used in certain commercial pharmaceuticals to control cancer cell proliferation and migration. Research on breast cancer cells have discovered that mixing reishi mushrooms along with green tea increases the mushroom’s power to slow down the development of cancer cells.

 15. Combats Depression

This particular mushroom has well-known, efficient, and effective effect on the state of the mind. Noted for its mood improving as well as soothing qualities, Reishi is among the most sought after anti-depressant herbs. It helps reduce irritability as well as anxiety, calms the mind, calms the body, and helps you conquer depressive disorders.

 16. Eases Skin Problems

Numerous research carried out on these mushrooms show that they possess the capability to cure numerous external skin issues, like wounds, sunburns, rashes, and insect bites. And how does this happen? A harmonized functioning of the anti-histaminic, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, as well as anti-allergenic properties – once the mixture starts operating, your immunity peps up, blood flow enhances, as well as healing starts.

 17. Flu Fighter

Initial proof shows that reishi mushrooms might have antiviral advantages. They include polysaccharides, that have been documented to demonstrate direct effects within the influenza virus.

 18. Shed your Excess Weight

Obesity as well as being overweight is definitely the outcome of a sluggish metabolism. The greater your metabolic process, the better the likelihood of burning fat rapidly. By using this herb in the judicious method allows you to boost the body’s metabolism rate, assisting it slim down in the healthy, irreversible way.

 19. Radiation Damage Protection

Studies show that reishi mushrooms augment the effects of radiation therapy whilst acting instantly against the tumor. Investigation also unveils reishi mushrooms assist to reinforce the defense mechanisms, to better manage radiation therapy as well as chemotherapy treatment as well as help to enhance the quality of life of the sufferer. They also have been discovered to help ease the signs of chemotherapy, like nausea, vomiting, headaches, fever, infection, weight-loss as well as hair loss.

 20. Promotes Hair Growth

This particular mushroom has got anti-inflammatory qualities and in addition enhances the blood circulation. Additionally it is a powerhouse of antioxidants. All these actions be employed in coordination, allowing a stronger set of hair follicles. It encourages the hair shaft, paving way for a lavish hair growth.

 21. Eases Inflammatory Conditions

Many a time, inflammatory conditions are combined with intensive amounts of pain. Arthritis and neuralgia are two such conditions. Studies claim that this particular mushroom consists of compounds which help in reducing the inflammation prevailing in such situations, alleviating as well as reducing the pain experienced by the sufferer.

 22. Retains Hair Color

Prevent your hair from losing its natural color as well as shine and combat premature graying with this particular therapeutic herb. Chinese and Japanese traditional medications utilize Ganoderma together with He Shu Wu and Fo Ti to assist avoid premature graying of hair. Recognized for its positive impact on circulatory system, this particular herb creates a natural cure for maintaining the natural color of the hair.

 23. Slows Down Premature Ageing

The Ling Zhi 8-protein as well as Ganodermic acid contained in Reishi are rich anti-inflammatory as well as anti-allergenic agents. Both these ingredients work in harmony, empowering the defense mechanisms and promoting the circulation of blood. A stronger defense mechanisms, in turn, helps reduce free radical activities, which implies your wrinkles, fine lines, as well as inflammations decreases. An increased blood flow raises the elasticity as well as tone on the skin, slowing the ageing procedure, leaving you with a clear and younger looking skin.

How To Use

Dried or even powdered reishi mushrooms and also reishi extracts can be obtained at health food stores. Even though no suggested dosage have been identified, the Chinese Pharmacopoeia suggests 6 to 12 grams of extract daily. Reishi mushroom is usually regarded as safe and with no considerable negative effects, even though it might interact with a few medicines, which includes anti-biotics, antiviral drugs, blood-thinning medications and drugs recommended for high blood pressure level. Do not self-treat for any condition along with reishi mushroom. Discuss its use in detail together with your doctor to find out if it may be ideal for your situation.

How to Get More Reishi Mushroom in Your Diet

  • Reishi is extremely woody as well as fibrous, therefore it is not a mushroom you will want to use fresh.
  • Use dried reishi slices to make tea simply by simmering in water for around two hours or even soaking overnight, then straining out the solid pieces.
  • Use reishi in the broth-based soup, like this Reishi as well as Miso Soup.
  • For something different, try this Reishi Chocolate Sauce recipe (that really consists of no chocolate!).
  • Add reishi tincture or even powder in your morning smoothie.

Dosage and Precautions

In accordance with, the therapeutic dosage of reishi for health maintenance as well as prevention is 2.5 grams each day, divided into four doses and taken before eating anything. Reishi may cause negative effects, like dry nose and throat, nausea, vomiting, dizziness and gastrointestinal upset. Reishi may also hinder the action of particular medicines, which includes immunosuppressants, anticoagulants and certain chemotherapy drugs. Talk with your healthcare specialist just before supplementing along with reishi.

PrecautionsIndividuals with allergies to molds or even fungi ought to use care along with reishi mushrooms, even though allergy symptoms to them are usually uncommon. Consumers should look for reishi products that are made by trustworthy producers. Several dried mushrooms have already been sold as Reishi mushrooms once they were in fact similar mushrooms by the scientific names of Ganoderma oregonense and Ganoderma tsugae. These look like reishi mushrooms in look and taste and therefore are within the same genus, yet in accordance with herbalists have different and less-effective healing qualities.

Side effects

In clinical tests, reishi mushrooms have shown to be non-toxic in higher doses, and serious negative effects haven’t been noticed. Moderate negative effects can include stomach upset, dry mouth, diarrhea , as well as skin rash, and usually fade away right after a few days. Negative effects may be reduced by stopping use, or perhaps in the case of stomach upset and diarrhea, using the supplement along with meals.


For the treatment of serious situations, large dosages of vitamin C , from 1-10 g each day, might be recommended along with reishi mushrooms. Recommending vitamin C is noticed to lessen the side effect of diarrhea that could occur along with patients who’re provided big doses of reishi mushrooms.

Reishi mushrooms have already been documented to intensify the effects of blood-thinning (anticoagulant) drugs, such as aspirin, dalteparin sodium , enoxaparin sodium, and warfarin. Patients using these types of medicines should avoid using tonics or any other preparations that contains reishi mushrooms without conferring with their medical professionals.




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