Sweet health benefits of Bitter Gourd | Bitter Melon


Sweet health benefits of Bitter Gourd | Bitter MelonThe bitter gourd plant, or perhaps Momordica charantia, is really a exotic traditional which produces a fruit similar to a cucumber having a warty skin. Also known as bitter melon or even bitter cucumber, you are able to produce tea through the fruit, leaves as well as stems of the plant or even utilize bitter gourd extract to create a tea. Bitter gourd tea has lots of possible health advantages, even though you need to talk about its use together with your doctor to find out whether it may help you. Bitter melon (Momordica charantia) is part of the Cucurbitaceae family, which include gourds, melons, cucumbers as well as squash. Also referred to as bitter gourd, balsam pear, balsam apple and also karela, it looks like a tiny cucumber along with rough skin. Bitter melon develops in exotic parts of Asia, Africa, South America and also the Caribbean, and could be grown just as one annual in other climate zones. It’s got typically been utilized like a food as well as medication for the wide selection of conditions in Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Nicaragua, China, India along with other regions of the world to deal with bacterial infections, dysentery, malaria, menstrual disorders, fevers, intestinal worms and parasites along with a number of other difficulties. The fruit and leaves of the bitter gourd plant consist of numerous vitamins, which includes vitamins A and C and also the B-complex vitamins — water-soluble vitamins which are leached through the plant whenever you make bitter gourd tea. Bitter gourd also includes numerous natural compounds along with natural activity, which includes alkaloids, glycosides as well as triterpenoids. Additionally, it offers linoleic acid, an important, omega-6 fatty acid as well as oleic acid, a proper, unsaturated dietary fat. Ingredients known as vicine, charatin and polypeptide-P which affect the way your body handles carbohydrate nutrition may also be seen in bitter gourd.

Health benefits of Bitter gourd

Bitter melon (Karela) is really a beneficial herb given to all of us by Mother Nature. It really is one of several healthiest veggies that can be bought. Aside from being consumed mostly as veggie, it really is notably respected like a folk medicine because of its healing qualities. Even though the bitter taste can change you away, however it can definitely enhance your overall health.

Bitter gourd is definitely the English title of Momordica charantia. It appears like a gruesome, light green cucumber also it tastes extremely bitter. There are two types of this veggie. It really is mainly located in exotic areas of the world, which includes Africa, Asia as well as South America. It’s got several vital minerals and vitamins which includes vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin C, Iron, Calcium, Phosphorous, Copper as well as Potassium. There are numerous health reasons why you need to take this particular bitter veggie severely. Below are a few:

1. Bitter Melon for Diabetes

Utilizing bitter melon for diabetic issues is proven to be an effective treatment method. Research indicates its effectiveness in reducing the blood glucose levels in animals as well as humans. There are actually regarded as three categories of ingredients within the bitter melon which are believed to have hypoglycemic along with other advantages for treating diabetes. Therefore, bitter melon for diabetes treatment could be successful. There is present a combination of steroidal saponins known as charantin, alkaloids and insulin-like peptides. It’s still not so obvious which one of them is ideal or even if all of them interact with each other. However, preparations of bitter melon have been shown to enhance glucose tolerance considerably without letting the amount of blood insulin boost as well as in increasing the amounts of fasting blood sugar. Having higher amount of iron, bitter melon consists of 2 times the potassium of bananas and 2 times the calcium of spinach. Additionally it is regarded as good for the liver, and has now been shown by scientists that it consists of insulin as well as inhibits HIV-infection.

Bitter melon for type 2 diabetes is a good idea when it is consumed raw daily. This can help in supplying the nutrition you need to defeat insulin resistance or even type 2 diabetes. You may also utilize bitter melon for type 1 diabetes since it is thought to combat the entire process of the cells being destroyed through the defense mechanisms being a member of the autoimmune disorder. Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetic issues that occurs just with expecting mothers. Utilizing bitter melon for gestational diabetes treatment could be efficient. You may get more info on the Internet relating to bitter melon for insulin as well as blood sugar decrease.

2. Cancer

A number of the ingredients in bitter melon may also control development of certain kinds of cancer cells, in accordance with the Cancer Center, that point out numerous scientific studies recommending this. In a single research, released in “Anticancer Research” in 2000, researchers examined the ability of a substance from bitter gourd to affect development of extremely cancerous human breast cancer cells in culture as well as in laboratory creatures. They discovered the compound restricted division of the cultured cells as well as covered up expression of cancer-associated genes. In laboratory animals along with tumors, administration of the compound extended survival times considerably. Whilst guaranteeing, these types of results still need to be verified by trials along with human subjects.

3. Relieving Hemorrhoid Symptoms

In accordance with Ygoy.com, the juice of the bitter melon is helpful for treating piles. Piles, also referred to as hemorrhoids, are unpleasant, inflamed bloodstream which exist in the lower part of the rectum or even anus. A paste may also be produced from the root of the bitter melon plant that may be utilized outwardly to piles to decrease your pain as well as decrease in swelling.

4. Reducing Itching From Infections

In accordance with ayurvedic-medicines.com, bitter melon consists of blood-purifying qualities. Usage of bitter melon might have advantages of freeing the bloodstream of fungal infections just like ringworm, scabies as well as psoriasis. Additionally, bitter melon may also benefit in lessening the skin itchiness that usually comes with these infections. To ensure that bitter melon to be effective for this function, it ought to be ingested each morning before eating anything.

5. Treating Respiratory Conditions

In accordance with Ayurvedic-medicines com, usage of bitter melon might also advantage within the management of numerous respiratory problems. Bitter melon has shown to get advantage for treating respiratory problems just like asthma, bronchitis, pharyngitis, as well as rhinitis. Whenever utilized for respiratory advantages, bitter melon ought to be used during the night before going to bed.

6. Blood disorders

Bitter gourd has got outstanding blood-purifying qualities, which will make it extremely helpful to deal with blood disorders just like itchiness because of toxemia as well as blood boils. Combine ½ cup of fresh bitter gourd juice as well as ½ cup of lime juice. Before eating anything, drink it gradually every day for approximately 2-3 months and find out improvement within your situation.

7. Treat piles

To deal with piles, fresh new bitter gourd juice is really a effective catalyst. Combine 50 ml of bitter gourd juice as well as 1 cup of butter milk; beverage this herbal catalyst continuously for approximately One month. You’ll substantially take note of the decrease in pain as well as bleeding of piles. You may also use the composite of the roots of bitter gourd within the affected region to speed up the recovery.

8. Improves Eyesight

Bitter gourd has elevated levels of beta-carotene that makes it useful to deal with eye problems as well as therefore to enhance vision.

9. Hangover

Bitter gourd juice is extremely good for those who are looking to get well from excessive drinking. It might be utilized in the management of a hangover since it has alcohol inebriation qualities. As well, it will help to clean as well as nourish liver problems brought on because of drinking.

10. Improves digestion

As bitter gourd has got natural laxative qualities, it will help to eliminate bowel problems if used on a regular basis. Those people who are struggling with digestive problems, fresh new bitter gourd juice is extremely beneficial to undertake regularly.

11. Cholera

Combine 2 teaspoonful juices of bitter gourd leaves along with 2 teaspoonful white onion juice as well as 1 teaspoonful lime juice. In the beginning of cholera, consume this mix every day until you recover.

12. Weight loss

For people, which are suffering from overweight difficulties, bitter gourd juice helps you to burn up excessive calories as well as to decrease stomach fat. Several weight loss diet plans as well as experts recommend consuming bitter gourd juice since it features a low-fat impact on the entire body.

13. Diseases

For illnesses just like cholera as well as Jaundice, the people are recommended to consume at least 2 teaspoons of larger gourd juice daily. The mixture is better during the time. Additionally, it may deal with numerous fungal infections just like ring worn infection, athletes feet and so on.

14. Immune booster

Glasses of bitter gourd juice each morning will help reinforce your defense mechanisms as well as improve your body’s battling power towards infection. Scientists hypothesize that bitter melon is really as an immunomodulation. One medical trial discovered limited proof that bitter melon may possibly enhance immune cell function in individuals with cancer.

15. Skin care

Bitter gourd can also be great at dealing with skin illnesses or even skin ailment, eczema as well as psoriasis. It may also help to keep the skin free of imperfections as well as keeps the skin shining. The blood purifying qualities ensure that you do not get acne breakouts.


The disease which brings frighten to many, this is a ailment that is starting to become a large spread issue. The very first case that was identified in the USA amongst gay men in 1981, however the disease itself has been in existence far more than that. Within the Belgian Congo in 1959 there is a Bantu man had died from a mysterious disease that made this man the very first known case for HIV. Bitter melon glycoprotein beta-momorcharin assists hinder synthesis of macromolecules in splenocytes, embryos, and tumor cells. This particular protein additionally retards the end results of HIV by using the protein to disable the ribosome function in HIV infected cells by preventing protein synthesis and finally kills the cells that are contaminated.

17. Antibacterial and antiviral

Bitter melon consists of numerous biochemical substances which have anti-bacterial as well as antiviral action. Extracts of bitter melon leaf have shown to be efficient towards various kinds of bacteria which include E. coli, Staph, Strep and Salmonella, in addition to Helicobacter pylori, the bacteria that create stomach ulcers. Bitter melon also offers anti-viral activity towards HIV, herpes as well as Epstein-Barr viruses, and raises resistance of animals and humans to viral infections.

18. Antimalarial

Bitter melon is typically considered in Asia as helpful for stopping as well as dealing with malaria.[citation needed] Tea from its leaves is utilized for this function also in Panama as well as Colombia. In Guyana, bitter melons are steamed as well as stir-fried along with garlic and onions. This particular well-known side dish referred to as corilla is offered to avoid malaria. Lab research has verified that species associated with bitter melon have got antimalarial action, although human studies haven’t been released.

19. Maintain the beauty

Bitter melon consists of vitamin C, which could conquer the risk of uv rays. Vitamin C in Bitter melon adequately to avoid facial lines on the face as well as reduce the process of getting older. Additionally, it may also reinforce the defense mechanisms. In each and every 100 grams of Bitter melon included 120 mg of vitamin C.

20. Anti-inflammatory

The phenolic substances as well as carotenoids existing supply anti-oxidant action, which could prevent numerous long-term illnesses. Bitter melon has been discovered to stimulate anti-inflammatory reactions.

21. Cleansing the body

Many people are searching for food items that will assist cleanse the entire body. Bitter melon has always been noted for its cleansing qualities and may assist with numerous toxin associated problems which includes jaundice and also indigestion.

22. Good for the heart

Bitter melon is recognized as a heart healthy food. Along with the higher levels of potassium, bitter melon have been recognized to assist reduce as well as manage blood pressure level. Include that to the low sodium content and also you got an ideal food to reduce your blood pressure level.

23. Asthma

Extremely high quantity of good results has come back along with individuals which have struggling with a long-term cough as well as bitter melon in such cases helps with releasing sputum which is gathered in the respiratory system as well as lungs. Many people who have owned bitter melon extract or even consumed it on a regular basis thought that it will help comfort them of bronchial asthma.

More about Bitter gourd

Bitter gourd is probably the healthiest veggies on the planet but as suggested by its name, this particular veggie includes a powerful nasty flavor. However, those who are keen on consuming delicious food, prevent usage of this vegetable because of its bitterness. Bitter gourd has got unappealing look; it appears a lot more like a cucumber along with unattractive gourd-like bumps throughout it. Bitter gourd is really a preference food in the array of cultural cuisines and offers a lot of health advantages that are preferable over its bitter flavor. From several years, bitter gourd is utilized just as one herbal agent to deal with numerous problems. Additionally, it really is thoroughly utilized in their folk medical methods. Bitter gourd is native to warm exotic areas like the Amazon, Asia, Caribbean as well as South America.

Bitter gourd, also referred to as bitter melon, is really a exotic vegetable, that is grown primarily within the Asian and African countries. Additionally it is recognized by the name of ‘Karela’ and it has a rough, warty skin. Since the name indicates, the veggie is sour in flavor and it has a skin which is dark green colored. Bitter gourd has been discovered to have excellent therapeutic value. In reality, it is stated to get antidotal, antipyretic, delicious, stomachic, anti-bilious as well as laxative qualities. This is actually the major reason why the vegetable is utilized in several indigenous medications of Asia and Africa. There are two types of this vegetable. One variety matures to 20 cm lengthy and is oblong as well as dark green in color. Another variety matures to 10 cm and is also oblong and pale green colored. Both types are recognized to have got seeds which turn red once the vegetable will get ripe, which makes it much more bitter.

History of bitter gourd

Bitter gourd or even melon originated from India; also it was transported to China within the 14th century. The plant has been around since Egypt within the late 1980s by Dr. Souad al-Gengaihi, a biochemist within the therapeutic as well as fragrant plants department in the National Research Centre (NRC).

Types of Bitter Gourd or Bitter Melon

Bitter Gourd Herb or even Karela is periodic veggie and incredibly bitter in flavor it is just a abundant method to obtain phosphorous. Additionally it is known as Bitter Melon. The requirements of phosphorous within body of a human are satisfied by regular usage of bitter gourd is stimulating and keeps. It cleans blood, stimulates spleen as well as liver and is also extremely valuable in diabetic issues.

1. Bitter Gourd, Green Lover

Bitter Gourd, Green Lover Green Lover is a well-liked variety broadly developed in Southern China as well as Southern east Asia. Big fruits along with vibrant skin in dark green color as well as thicker flesh. Vegetation is energetic, fast developing in hot environments. For obasaining top quality melon, it is strongly recommended to develop along supports. Very effective. Simple to develop.

2. Bitter Gourd, India Long Green

Bitter Gourd, India Long GreenThis can be a common variety of Indian Bitter Gourds and is also extremely popular for Indian cuisines. A special physical appearance of Indian Bitter Gourds is teeth’s on the fruit skin. This particular variety creates lengthy green skin fruits, 8-12 inches in length and about 1/4 Lb. in weight. The plant develops intensely in hot environments and bears plenty of fresh fruits for a long period.

3. Bitter Gourd, India Long White 

Bitter Gourd, India Long White This can be a white type Indian Gourd. Just like the India Long Green type, the fruits have got teeth onto the skin. This variety contains lengthy cylindrical fruits, 8-12 inches long as well as 1/4 Lb. in weight. Just like various other Bitter Gourds, it is strongly recommended to cultivate plants along with supports. This particular subtropical plant develops intensely in cozy environments. Very profitable.

4. Bitter Gourd, Japan Green Spindle

Bitter Gourd, Japan Green SpindleThis kind of green spindle type bitter melom is extremely well-known within Japan. Moderate size fruit, 15-20 cm lengthy, is gathered whenever young for consuming, ideal for salad, lightly fried cusine as well as soup. Plants are resistant against heat and also grow intensely in exotic climate. This vine plant is broadly produced in Japan along with other exotic countries in Asia.

5. Bitter Melon, Hong Kong Green

Bitter Melon, Hong Kong GreenThis particular spindle-shaped fruit has got dark green and comparatively sleek skin. Fruits are generally 8-10 inches long and about 1 Lb. in weight. This particular variety is quite common in Hong Kong and also broadly cultivated in Canton, China and Southeastern Asia.


6.   Bitter Melon, Hybrid Baby Doll

 Bitter Melon, Hybrid Baby DollThis is the brand new crossbreed variety of little baby bitter melon produced by a respected seed breeder within Thailand. Dark green fruits are just 30 grams in weight, perfect size for stuffed connoisseur food. Plants grow intensely and start to generate fruits, 45 days after re-planting, and continue to bear plenty of fruits for a long period. Simple to develop, superb variety for home gardening as well as fresh marketplaces.

7. Bitter Melon, Hybrid India Baby

Bitter Melon, Hybrid India BabyThis particular hybrid is created just lately by the major seed company in India. This specific tiny size bitter melon, 8 cm x 3 cm long as well as 30-35 grams in weight, is extremely common to make stuffed foods. This vine plant is powerful resistant to heat and also rain, ideal for developing in exotic environments. Plants grow intensely and first fruit pick can be acquired 50 days after planting. Dark green fruits are extremely scrumptious.

8. Bitter Melon, Hybrid India Green Queen

Bitter Melon, Hybrid India Green QueenGreen Queen is really a new hybrid variety of Indian long green bitter melon. Lengthy fruits (20-25 cm) have got dark green skin along with sharp as well as scattered tubercles. Plants are extremely energetic whenever growing within warm and also wet environments. This particular variety begins to produce fruits in 45-50 days after planting. Extremely popular in subtropical and also exotic Asia.

9. Bitter Melon, Hybrid Jumbo Choice

Bitter Melon, Hybrid Jumbo ChoiceThis kind of Bitter Melon, a crossbreed of Chinese big variety as well as Thai long variety, works excellent in rainy in addition to dry warm environments, ideal for developing in subtropical areas. The plant is energetic and also generates plenty of fruits for a long period. Fruits are extended, big and uniform in dimensions, 12-15″ x 2.5″, and 1.2 – 2.3 pound in weight. Vibrant oil glossy-green fruit has got small seed cavity as well as thicker meaty flesh. High quality bitter melon. Good for cooking uses, extremely tasty with higher taste.

10. Bitter Melon, Hybrid White Pearl

Bitter Melon, Hybrid White PearlThis kind of crossbreed variety develops gorgeous white bitter melons which are very valuable available on the market, attractive within your back yard and attractive within the dinner table. Sensitive and high quality fruits along with somewhat bitter taste are extremely well-known in Taiwan, for stir-fry, salad, stuffing and soup. Fruits usually are 6-9 inches long and about 3 inches in diameter.

11. Bitter Melon, Large Top

Bitter Melon, Large TopThis Bitter Melon is extremely well-known in southern China. Fruits are typically in top formed along with huge square shoulder. Dark green skin Bitter Melon can grow to achieve 400-450 grams in size. The plant develops intensely in warm climates and is also resistant against rain, ideal for developing in exotic areas.


12. Bitter Melon, Small Baby TH

Bitter Melon, Small Baby THThis can be a distinctive bitter melon, extremely popular in Thailand and also Southeast Asia. Small fruits in dimensions of 40-60 grams are perfect option for stuffed food and also gourmet cuisine uses. Plants grow intensely in comfortable climates and therefore are very successful.


13. Bitter Melon, Taiwan Large

Bitter Melon, Taiwan LargeThis variety is extremely well-known in Taiwan as well as subtropical locations. Big fruit along with green skin as well as white flesh could be 10-12 inches in length and about 1 lb. in weight. A higher yielder of high quality Bitter Melons.


14. Bitter Gourd, Hybrid White Vivek

Bitter Gourd, Hybrid White VivekVivek is really a new crossbreed bitter gourd produced by a major seed company in India. Fruits are generally spindle shaped, 18-22 cm long as well as 15-16 cm in width, 90-100 gram in weight. Plants are vigorous and incredibly good bearing of white fruits for a long period. High quality and delightful fruits can be acquired by growing as well as training vines on trellis or supports. Outstanding variety and simple to cultivate.

15. Bitter Gourd, Southern Money Maker

Bitter Gourd, Southern Money MakerSouthern Money Maker is really a new Bitter Gourd variety launched by the major seed company in Southern Asia. Shiny green fruits along with thicker flesh are extremely appealing and simple to trade on the market places. This variety creates fruits, 7 x 28 cm in dimensions, 450-500 gram in weight. Plants are energetic and also good branching, beginning to set fruits 50 days after sowing. Very successful. Superb option for home gardening as well as fresh markets.

16. Bitter Gourd, Hybrid Extra Jumbo

 Bitter Gourd, Hybrid Extra JumboThis is the recently introduced crossbreed Bitter Gourd. This phenomenal variety can easily produce huge top quality fruits, 3″ x 14 – 18″ in size and 1.6 – 2.7 Lb in weight. Bitter Gourd in glossy deep green skin has got thicker flesh as well as small seed cavity, extremely tasty along with moderate bitter taste, ideal for stir-fry and stuffed food uses. The plant grows perfectly and vigorously in warm climates and begins to set fruits after 12th nodes and branches. This particular variety is highly resistant against dampness, rain, heat send diseases. Simple to grow. A great variety for home gardening as well as commercial generation.

17. Bitter Melon, Japan Long

Bitter Melon, Japan LongThis particular variety generates long fruits, 10-13 inches, along with dark green skin. This particular bitter melon is extremely well-liked in Japan and it has an extremely delicious flavor. Fruits ought to be gathered for veggie uses whilst young and green.


18. Bitter Melon, Hybrid Best Champion

Bitter Melon, Hybrid Best ChampionBest Champion is really a new crossbreed Bitter Gourd produced by a number one seed company in Asia. This particular fast growing variety is resistant to disease attacks and it is extremely energetic in warm climates. Fruit is 5.4 x 28 cm in dimensions, 340 gram in weight, dark green skin along with teeth and thick white flesh inside. Vegetation is very productive, beginning to bear fruits 50 days right after sowing. Outstanding variety for home gardening as well as fresh markets.

19. Bitter Gourd, Hybrid Beauty Winner

Bitter Gourd, Hybrid Beauty WinnerThis hybrid bitter melon variety creates large fruits, 0.9 – 1.2 Lb., in somewhat greenish white color along with excellent texture and also taste. Plants are extremely energetic in warm climates and set plenty of fruits for a long period. First harvest can be acquired in 55 days after planting. Large white fruits in uniform shape are extremely beautiful and also valuable. A perfect variety for home gardening and also fresh market.

20. Bitter Gourd, Hybrid Aman Green

Bitter Gourd, Hybrid Aman GreenAman Green is actually a new hybrid bitter gourd along with dark green fruits, 18-20 cm long and of 100-110 grams in weight. Flesh is soft with higher cooking quality. Plants are energetic and extremely profitable. Excellent fruits have less seeds along with very slow ripening nature. A great variety for home garden and also fresh market.

21. Bitter Melon, Hybrid Taiwan White

Bitter Melon, Hybrid Taiwan WhiteThis excellent variety is created lately and it has become extremely popular in Taiwan. Creamy white skin fruits are extremely beautiful within the gardens and attractive within the markets. This particular variety has seemed lately within the supermarkets on the West Coast and it has been powerful a greater price compared to various other types. In Taiwan, fruits are sometimes protected as well as covered utilizing paper sleeves, simply by closing the top end yet keeping the bottom end open, to close the sunlight exposure and also to reduce fruit skin scratch throughout the fruit growth, to acquire beautiful fruits. Seeds are dark colored.

22. Bitter Melon, Hybrid India Pearl

Bitter Melon, Hybrid India PearlIndia Pearl is usually a recently formulated crossbreed long white Indian bitter melon. Fruits are 20-25 cm long and 200-250 grams in weight. Attractive white long fruits are stunning with tubercles. Vegetation is extremely energetic in warm climates. This particular variety begins to create fruits 45-50 days soon after re-planting and definitely will continue to bear numerous fruits for a long period. Flesh is white and incredibly soft, great for salad and cooking uses. Thicker fruits are slow development and may keep top quality, ideal for long transportation and marketing.

23. Bitter Gourd, Hybrid Nanha

Bitter Gourd, Hybrid NanhaNaha is really a new hybrid tiny bitter gourd, 7-8 cm long, 8-9 cm in width and 50-60 gram in weight. This particular early type gourd begins to bear fruits in 55 days as soon as the re-planting. Dark green fruits are extremely attractive and incredibly good teething. Plants are very energetic and productive, setting plenty of fruits for a long period. Superb ingesting quality fruits are compatible with salad use, cooking and making stuffed food.

24. Bitter Gourd, Hybrid Green Giant

Bitter Gourd, Hybrid Green GiantThis particular new hybrid bitter gourd is produced by a major seed breeder in Thailand. Huge fruits in deep green skin are extremely appealing, 1.3-1.6 Lb. in weight. Plants are extremely energetic in warm climates and start to create fruits in 45 days after sowing. Thick flesh is extremely sensitive and scrumptious, great for stir-fry and also soup cooking. Raw flesh of the variety, with a very delicious and almost non-bitter flavor, is additionally excellent for salad eating. The pre-matured raw fruit of the variety became one of the very most well-known healthy vegetables utilized in the Orient.

25. Bitter Gourd, Hybrid Nayan Long

Bitter Gourd, Hybrid Nayan LongThis crossbreed bitter gourd generates long dark green fruits, 25-30 cm, as well as average weight in 120-130 grams. Spiny fruits are standard in size, thin as well as long and incredibly excellent toothing. Plants are energetic and begin setting fruits 55 days after re-planting.


26. White Bitter melons

White Bitter melonsWhite Bitter melons, Momordica charantia, are basically the identical to Bitter Green melons and also bear no distinction beyond their coloring. White Bitter melon is definitely identified by its rough, warty oblong-shaped skin, providing the initial look of the deformed white cucumber. In contrast to every other melon, Bitter melons don’t require peeling. The fruit’s flesh is pale green to white colored and possesses layers of flat white seeds that will turn red since the fruit matures. Although White Bitter melons are frequently consumed during the cold months, they must be appreciated throughout the summertime since they are regarded as a cooling vegetable. It is recommended to salt the flesh to lessen bitterness, although this may modify the texture, nutritional level and also the taste of other ingredients which it is combined with.

Nutritional Value Of Bitter Gourd

Nutrients Content/100 gm.
Carbohydrates 3.70 g
Cholesterol 0 mg
Dietary Fiber 2.80 g
Energy 17 Kcal
Protein 1.00 g
Total Fat 0.17 g
Folates 72 µg
Niacin 0.400 mg
Pantothenic acid 0.212 mg
Pyridoxine 0.043 mg
Riboflavin 0.040 mg
Thiamin 0.040 mg
Vitamin A 471 IU
Vitamin C 84 mg
Potassium 296 mg
Sodium 5 mg
Calcium 19 mg

Culinary Uses

  • Bitter melon can be used in Chinese cooking due to its flavor that is bitter. Usually, this taste is utilized in stir-fries, soups as well as in tea.
  • In India, bitter melon is extremely common as generally, it really is prepared along with potatoes. Additionally, it’s also offered along with natural yogurt. In India, people cut it and also utilized to stuff spices as well as fry it on oil. This is the well-known Punjabi cuisine. In Orissa, this is extremely common, as here it is taken due to its health advantages. In Tamil Nadu, people utilized to make a dish named thoran using this. As for the preparation, they will use grated coconut, theeyal and also pachadi. Additionally, the resultant food is excellent for diabetic patients. Also, soups comprised of boiled bitter gourd may also be extremely popular.
  • In Pakistan, bitter melon is available in summer months plus they utilized to cook the dish with many different onions. Additionally they prepare this simply by cutting the edges and produce small slices of the fruit. Soon after scattering salt on top of it, they dried them beneath sunlight. When it will become totally dry, they utilized to fry all of them with onions. They will use lot of spices and then since they add salt, red chili powder, cumin seeds, turmeric powder as well as coriander powder into it. After that include tomatoes into it. Soon after covering the pan along with lid, they utilized to cook the flame after half an hour the dish is prepared This particular tasty and also healthy dish could be consumed any way as it can certainly be either consumed along with chapattis or even along with yogurt chutney.
  • Now a day the use of bitter melon is growing in Japan. Their Okinawan cuisine, it really is utilized like a main ingredient.
  • Also, in Indonesia, for preparation of numerous dishes, bitter melon can be used.
  • In Vietnam, pieces of raw bitter melon could be consumed along with dried meat floss and in addition utilized to prepare bitter melon soup. A well-known summer soup in South is prepared simply by stuffing ground pork within bitter melons.
  • In Philippines, plenty of dishes are set along with bitter gourd.  There bitter melon can also be recognized with a title ampalayá. It may be stir fry along with eggs, chopped tomatoes or even along with oyster sauce. A well-known dish of Philippines named, Pinakbet happen to be comprised of with lots of bitter melons.
  • In Nepal, Bitter melon is consumed in a different way. There it really is utilized as pickle.
  • The Bitter melon is extremely common in Trinidad and also Tobago.
  • Also, an Indonesian dish comprised of bitter melons could be cooked along with samba, onion and in addition with red bird’s eye chili peppers.

Buying & Storing Tips

  • When you’re in the marketplace, be sure you select unripe bitter gourds which are firm, without any spots or even press-marks.
  • If you’re thinking that the bitter gourds are gentle, which means they’ve got turned ripe and could be exceedingly bitter.
  • When you store the bitter gourds within the refrigerator, be sure you consume the vegetable just before it turns ripe. You are able to store bitter gourds for optimum 3-4 days.
  • If you keep the bitter gourd for over a week at room temperature or perhaps in the refrigerator, you will observe a stinky odor within the fridge because of the exhaust of ethylene gas.


Dried bitter gourd as well as bitter gourd extract can be found at most of the nutrition stores. You may brew bitter gourd tea simply by infusing dried leaves and also fruit in boiling water for 5 to 10 minutes or with the addition of bitter gourd extract to pre-heated water. Even though usually regarded as safe, do not take in bitter gourd in case you are expecting, because it can easily stimulate contractions. This may also communicate with several medicines, particularly insulin or any other diabetes medications. In case you are diabetic person, usually do not self-treat along with bitter gourd tea; speak to your doctor to find out whether it may help you.

Bitter melon needs to be prevented by those people who are expecting or even breastfeeding, hypoglycemic or even taking medicine to reduce blood sugar levels. It cuts down on fertility, so is contraindicated if undergoing treatment for infertility or even trying to get pregnant. Because of its anti-bacterial qualities, bitter melon shouldn’t be taken long-term without breaks, since it will diminish the beneficial bacteria of the digestive system and may lead to over growing of yeast. Using probiotics and going off the bitter melon for just one week out of every month is suggested.