Valerian Essential Oil


Valerian Essential OilValerian is the flower which is inherent to Asia and Europe. It has got its scientific name Valeriana officialis. According to the scientific evidence, the valerian root and essential oil provides various health benefits. Valerian essential oil possesses acids, alkaloids, flavonoles and terpenes. As much as 500 years ago, this plant was used as the fragrance.

Health Benefits of Valerian Essential Oil

Valerian essential oil enhances the sound sleep, lowers heart palpitations, soothes gastrointestinal troubles, lessens nervous disorders, stimulate cognitive ability, reduce menstrual cramps and eliminate anxiety. Some of the health benefits which are provided by the valerian essential oil are:

1. Sleep Disorders

It can cure the insomnia by enhancing sound sleep. It manages the release of hormones and the body cycle is balanced to stimulate the undisturbed sleep. It can also be burned in an aroma lamp with the carrier oils such as coconut before a sleep or few drops of valerian essential oil could be added to the bath water in the evening.

2. Tranquilizer

Valerian root oil helps to treat the nervous disorder such as anxiety and stress. It helps to alleviate the emotional stress. It is effective for sleep disturbances and insomnia.

3. Anxiety and Depression

Valerian essential oil enhances the mood and reduces anxiety. The distinct fragrance of this oil helps to eliminate the emotional stress, anxiety, seizures, neuralgia, depression, tension, trauma and restlessness.

4. Stomach issues

Valerian essential oil alleviates the upset stomachs and enhances the bowel movements as well as urination. It helps to cleanse the body and upgrade the absorption of nutrients of the gastrointestinal tract.

5. Pain reliever

Valerian essential oil helps to lower the discomfort and severity of menstrual cramps and pregnancy. The antispasmodic properties present in valerian oil treats the muscular spasms. 2-3 drops of valerian oil should be added to the bath tub so that it cures the painful conditions.

6. Treats migraine

Valerian essential oil helps to treat the pain caused due to the headaches and migraine.

7. Heart palpitations

The presence of volatile compounds helps to maintain the normal metabolic rate and calms the abnormal behavior of cardiovascular system.

8. Protect the skin

Valerian essential oil helps to prevent the wrinkles and acts as an antiviral barrier. Add few drops of valerian essential oil to the skin cream which helps to cure the dry skin. It also treats cuts, burns, open sores, bruises, itchiness, acne, insect bites, wounds, eczema, psoriasis, boils, scars and stings. This oil should be blended with the carrier oils or skin care cream.

9. Relieves joint pain

The pain which is associated with gout and rheumatism is also relieved. If this oil is applied topically then it helps to treat joint pain.

10. Blood pressure

The active ingredients found in the valerian root helps to eliminate anxiety and stress along with the regulation of blood pressure. High blood pressure increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes. The internal consumption of valerian essential oil helps to reduce these risks.

11. Treats eczema

It eases the itchy and irritating skin condition. It also lowers the dryness of the skin, treats ulcers, eczema, skin disorders and psoriasis.

12. Cognitive abilities

Valerian root helps to boost the brain. It enhances the circulation and keeps the brain active and fresh by vitalizing the pathways. The consumption of valerian root helps to safeguard the memory and eliminates the cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

13. Menstrual cramps

Valerian root could relieve the discomfort and severity of menstrual cramps.

14. Neurologic

Valerian essential oil is used to treat the central and autonomic nervous system, psychomatic problems and peripheral conditions. Valerian essential oil possesses the attention enhancing property which helps to treat ADHD and hyperactivity disorder in children.

15. Convulsions

The violent and sudden movement in the body may cause brain disorder. This disease could be treated with the valerian essential oil with the reduction of brain disorder.

Precautions for Valerian Essential Oil

The excessive dosage of valerian essential oil leads to apathy, stomachache, mild depression, mental dullness. The tranquilizer properties results in drowsiness, dizziness. Some people might experience allergic reaction such as hives, skin rash or breathing difficulties. The pregnant women should avoid the use of valerian essential oil. One should consult the medical professional before using the valerian essential oil.



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