3 Benefits to Owning a Burr Grinder

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Brewing your own coffee has many perks. You will be saving time and money. However, most people find homemade coffee not as sweet as the kind that is sold in a coffee shop. The taste difference usually occurs due to the type of grinder that is used or the fact that you may end up drinking instant coffee.

The best cup of coffee would be prepared from fresh coffee beans, ground to an impeccable consistency. A burr grinder, also known as a ‘coffee mill,’ is a kitchen appliance that grinds coffee uniformly, which improves the flavor of your beverage. Owning this grinder has its benefits. They include:

1) Consistency

To make the perfect cup of coffee, you must have uniformly ground beans. The burr grinder has two serrated disks (burrs). These are the ones that grind coffee beans. The burrs are sharp and precisely designed to cut coffee beans into uniform sizes. It makes this possible by applying a steady rotation and pressure to crush the seeds into the required consistency.

The resultant particles help achieve a uniform extraction since they dissolve evenly. With this coffee grinder, the grounds will not be over-extracted or under-extracted. Under-extraction, usually due to coarse particles, means you that have not removed the required flavor fully from your ground coffee.

Removing less flavor alters the balancing of acidic tastes in coffee when dissolved in water. This alteration makes the coffee taste acidic, sour, and salty. Over-extraction is when you have removed too much flavor out of the coffee, making it bitter. Owning a coffee mill is an effective way to achieve perfect grounds to brew homemade coffee. Make sure that you read comprehensive reviews of the best burr grinder machines before you commit to a brand.

2) Flexibility

The preparation of different coffee recipes requires different coffee sizes, roast, and blends. With a burr grinder, you can adjust the size of ground particles you want. There are grind sizes that you can choose from they are coarse, medium, fine, super fine and powder. Owning a coffee burr enables you to make the type of brew you would desire using the same coffee beans. You can easily make a cup of espresso, drip, or Turkish coffee by adjusting the settings. To do this, you set the type of grind you want, load the coffee beans into the chamber, and click on start. When the grinding is complete, the ground coffee collects in a second chamber for brewing.

3) It Is Time Saving and Cost Effective

Most people like the strong flavor and taste in the coffee they drink. Instant coffee is a quick alternative, but it is less flavored compared to ground coffee. You can grind your coffee beans fast with a coffee burr grinder. It takes about ten to twenty seconds to grind coffee using a grinder, depending on the size of the batch you want.

When preparing your coffee, you turn on this appliance and select your preferred grind size. You will get the taste and flavor you desire in under a minute which makes it more effective compared to a blade grinder. The coffee mill will save you time, especially in the morning when you are in a hurry to get to work. This appliance also saves you money since it is cheaper to make your coffee.




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