3 Ways That Gratitude Can Change Your Life

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Gratitude, often overlooked, can have a significant effect on your life. Although it has many definitions, gratitude means that you are appreciative or thankful for what you receive. It is considered a positive emotion.

Good news is that gratitude can change your life. It can have a positive impact on different areas of your life, may it be your health, personality, career, marriage, socially and emotionally.

Here are three ways.

Helps To Change Your Personality

Do you have low self-esteem, are materialistic, pessimistic or self-centered? Gratitude can help to change all that for the better.

When you show gratitude, people are likely to help you more, be friendlier and you will feel worthy of their kindness. All this has a positive impact on your self-esteem since you will value yourself more just as you are valued by others.

When you are grateful, you tend to focus more on others and less about you and in the end, you become less self-centered.

Most people who are materialistic tend to suffer from insecurity due to reasons such as lack of confidence, unsupportive parents or coming from a poor background. Gratitude can help to reduce insecurity and materialism as one becomes more aware of benevolence acts towards them, unlike someone who is ungrateful.

You will also tend to be more optimistic and focus more on the good that life offers when you have gratitude.

As Craig Beck explains in his ebook, you can grow your self-confidence, find your true calling, and get more out of life as you unleash your full potential. This means you have to improve your self –esteem, which you can do by being grateful.

Better Health

Gratitude can help to improve your health. You will feel more energetic, get better sleep, be motivated to exercise more and generally live longer.

When you think about the things you are grateful for, you will tend to be more relaxed and sleep better. This is unlike if you kept worrying about issues and end up increasing stress levels which can reduce the quality of your sleep.

And you could live longer if you are grateful. Gratitude comes with positive emotion and optimism, both of which add a few more years to an individual, according to studies.

Gratitude is associated with positive emotion and according to studies, this helps to improve health. Positive emotion has great health benefits since it encourages faster recovery, ability to cope and manage terminal conditions and positively change the functioning of the immune system.

Studies have also shown that grateful people have a lower chance of developing a mental disorder, feel less pain, have lower blood pressure, all which means you will visit your doctor fewer times.

Improve Your Social Interactions

Have you ever desired to have deeper relationships, be friendlier, have more friends or have a better marriage? Try gratitude.

With gratitude, you will be friendlier as you offer emotional support and help others to cope with their problems since you want to reciprocate the kindness that has been shown to you.

Expressing gratitude can also help you to make more friends and make your relationships deeper.

Better still, if you are trying to save your marriage, try gratitude. Nagging and being less appreciative are some of reasons marriages suffer.  Partners start to get used to each other that they stop being grateful for being together.

By cultivating a gratitude attitude in your marriage, you will be more appreciative of each other and have a better marriage since your positive expressions will be more than negative expressions.




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