5 Major Facts about Vaping

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If one is trying to stop the smoking habit, then he or she is not alone. The high percentage of smokers says they wish to quit smoking. Quitting smoking is good for an individual’s health since smoking harms almost all organs, including the heart. Nearly a third of deaths occurring from heart diseases are due to second-hand smoking. An individual might be tempted to switch to electronic cigarettes as a method of moving from traditional smoking to not smoking at all. Vaping is much better than the use of tobacco products. Electronic cigarettes can help an individual to quit smoking. The following are some truth about vaping.

Vaping is less harmful than traditional smoking

Electronic cigarettes work in a way that nicotine extracted from tobacco, flavorings, and some other chemicals are heated to develop a water vapor that one inhales. Regular smoke usually contains seven thousand chemicals, which most of them are very toxic. Although the number of chemicals contained in electronic cigarettes is not known, there are claims that they contain fewer toxic chemicals than traditional synthetics.

Vaping still bad for an individual’s health

Nicotine, the primary agent in both e cigarette and regular cigarettes, is highly addictive. It always makes a person craves for a cloud of smoke or suffers from withdrawal symptoms if one ignores the craving. Also, nicotine is a toxic substance which raises the blood pressure and also spikes the own adrenaline that tends to increase the heart rate and hence has high chances of having a heart attack. There are some factors which are still unknown about vaping like which chemicals are composed in the vapor and how they affect an individual’s health.

Electronic cigarettes are addictive just like the regular ones

Both traditional cigarettes and electronic cigarettes have nicotine component, and research suggests that it can be addictive just like cocaine and heroin. Most vapers tend to consume more nicotine than they would from tobacco products. A person can also, but an extra-strength cartridge that has a high concentration of nicotine or one can increase the electronic cigarette voltage to have a more excellent heat of the substance.

Electronic cigarettes are not the best smoking quitting tool

Besides, being marketed as a way of helping one to quit smoking, electronic smoking has not gained drug and food administration approval as a smoking cessation tool. One of the recent studies conducted revealed that most of the smokers who switched to electronic cigarettes to quit nicotine habit ended up smoking both regular and electronic cigarettes.

A new generation is getting addicted to nicotine

In most youth, electronic cigarettes are more famous than a regular tobacco product. There are some reasons why electronic cigarettes may be enticing to teenagers. First, most young people tend to think that the use of e cigarettes is less harmful than smoking. Second, they have a lower cost than regular cigarettes. Finally, the vape cartridges are usually formulated with flavorings like watermelon and apple pie, which attracts young users. 


Both adults and young people find the lack of smoke more attractive. Having no smell electronic cigarettes usually minimizes the smoking stigma. It is quite good to convert from cigarette smoking to vaping, and it is quite another factor to start the use of nicotine through vaping. As a result, it leads to nine uses of natural tobacco products forever.




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