5 Tips to Help You Keep Your Essay Relevant To the Question

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All students are faced with the daunting task of hitting the nail on the head when it comes to writing essays. Many writers have suffered the deflating blow of having a well-written, deep and thought-provoking piece returned with red lines, question marks and that stinging comment: ‘relevance?’ Your ideas, however challenging and strong, are not going to help you get a passing grade if they are off the mark. Moreover, the last thing you want is to panic when you’re half-way through a timed essay when you realize that you are off topic. Here are a few pointers to help you stick to the script on your next assignment:

Read and fully understand the question

That is the perfect start to a relevant essay. Highlight or underline the keywords, and find a way to incorporate them into your first statement. This will remind both you and your reader of the issue at hand as you go through the entire essay. You may also include those words in the body but avoid excessive repetition.

Write a plan

A comprehensive plan will help you stick to the question throughout your writing. Write at least five strong points and scribble the arguments you will need to portray your idea. Read through your plan to rid it of any irrelevant points, then make sure you stick to it as you write your essay.

Be as explicit as you can

As you write, use clear and persuasive terms to prove that your ideas are relevant to the question posed. If you do not clearly show how the concepts in your paragraphs relate to the question, you may end up losing valuable points. You should avoid counting on your reader to make the connection between your ideas and the subject.

Be brutally honest with yourself

Before you put down a point, ask yourself whether it has anything to do with the question at hand. It does not matter whether you are time bad or frustrated at the lack of persuasive arguments. If you know at the back of your mind that the idea is not relevant, do not write it. It will not only cost you time but also divert your grader’s attention from the strong points that you already have.

Build a relevant conclusion

 A firm conclusion will tie up the ideas presented in your essay and provide a summary. You may also use your conclusion to illustrate how all the ideas in your paragraphs are relevant to the question. Refer to your question and incorporate it subtly to convince the grader of your awareness of the question even at the end of your writing.


The main reasons why most students lose points despite their essays being excellent is veering off the topic or failing to show a strong connection to the question at hand. These tips will provide you with the knowledge you need to make your interesting essay relevant to the question. However, if you are still stuck at finding relevant points, just ask who can write my essay for me cheap and fast. I have the answer for you. Simply visit CoolEssay.net and have a professional write it for you.




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