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In the past few years, CBD, a compound that comes from the cannabis plant, has gained much prominence in the health industry. While it’s not exactly a prescribed medication, this compound has many health benefits, which is why manufacturers extract this compound from the plant and sellers provide it in the form of various products.

Some of the health benefits of Bluebird Botanicals CBD include relief from pain, inflammation, seizures, anxiety, stress, etc. Many people use CBD for the above-mentioned reasons, and it has even been established that CBD can be used for dogs and cats. However, one question that people began to ask about CBD is- can it be used for kids? And if yes, what should parents know about CBD before using it for their kids? So, to answer this question, here is everything that parents should know before administering CBD to their children.


If, as a parent, you’re worried that CBD exhibits psychoactive properties, then this should come as a relief for you. While CBD does come from cannabis, it’s only one of the many cannabinoids found in the plant. Cannabis also contains another cannabinoid known as THC. THC is the compound that has psychoactive properties, like getting people high and addicted to the substance. However, CBD is free of such properties, which is why CBD products are used for medical reasons. Even if they do, it’s only less than 0.3%, an amount that can be considered negligible and harmless. Moreover, 0.3% is the legal amount of THC; we’ll get back to this later.


There are several online brands that you will come across while looking for CBD products. However, it’s quite important that you choose a product carefully, especially if you’re planning to use it for your kid. Check the lab reports and see if the product does what it claims to do. Also, it’s very important to specifically ask if the product can be used for children as you don’t want your child to have a strong CBD product.


CBD products can be smoked and vaped, but these aren’t ideal methods to administer it to your child. If you have only known about the limited ways of giving CBD to your kid, you should know that you can even mix the CBD product into your child’s food and make it easier for them to ingest. Edible CBD oil can also be added to food and consumed. That way, your child won’t have to experience the weird taste and flavor of CBD. You would easily come across various CBD oils, like Bluebird Botanicals that can be mixed into food.


While many parents have always expressed their doubts about using CBD products, for certain health ailments, CBD stands as the only helpful option. For instance, epilepsy, whether in children or adults, is seen as a health condition that can’t be treated or reduced. However, various studies prove that CBD can significantly help in reducing the frequency of seizures and muscle spasms in children and adults alike.


Since industrial hemp plants are capable of quickly absorbing whatever is mixed into the soil that they grow in, contaminants can easily make it to the CBD product if the soil contains contaminants. These contaminants could be pathogens, heavy metals, or even chemicals from fertilizers. You should check reliable lab reports from third-party lab tests to make sure the product you plan to use for your kid contains no harmful contaminants.


If you wonder whether CBD products are even legal to use, the good news is- CBD is legal in most states of the USA, Canada, and many other countries. As mentioned earlier, the only condition for CBD products to be legal in these places is that the product should not contain more than 0.3% of THC. If this condition is met, the CBD product is safe to use and legal to consume. This is why one should check the lab results before making a purchase to make sure the product doesn’t contain THC above the prescribed amounts. Also, you should check what your state laws concerning CBD and THC products are to avoid any hassles.

These are some of the things that parents should definitely know about CBD before they use it for their children. Besides these essential points, one more important thing to remember is that you should monitor the doses of Bluebird Botanicals for the best effects. For children, it’s even more important to start with small doses and see how it helps your kid. Make slow progress and figure out the exact dose that your kid needs for an ideal outcome.




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