6 Tips to Survive College When You Are Struggling with Social Anxiety

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If you suffer from social anxiety, it can affect everything you do. From talking in a group of people to walking into a store, everything can be stressful and unbearable to handle. If you are heading off to university soon, you may be thinking, how will a be able to deal with my social anxiety in college?

The good news is that we have some helpful tips on how to deal with social anxiety in college. Let’s check them out

Set Achievable Goals

Remember that everybody is new at college. No one knows what they are doing and you all learn together. So, do not rush your transition period. When you have social anxiety, new things can be scary and cause you stress. Take a step back and take things slow. Start by setting achievable goals, for example, joining a club. Then you can progress at a good pace that you feel comfortable with.

Choose the Right Dorms

There are going to be a lot of dorm options open to you as a student. It is essential that you choose the right one to avoid known social anxiety triggers. For example, if there are quiet dorms away from campus, you might prefer this. If you do want to make friends but are not sure how to choose a dorm that is shared. This can be a good way to get to know people but without having to put yourself out there so much.

Ask For Help

One thing’s for sure, you are going to have a lot of assignments at university. If you feel like you are already suffering from social anxiety college, look for ways to make your life easier. For example, using a sociological essay service could be a good way to lighten your workload. There is a website that offers effective and brilliant sociology essays and examples so you can achieve a good grade. There are free topics too if you just want to get a head start. When you have social anxiety, it can make everything seem worse. Find ways that are going to help you relax, such as finding online sociology papers topics.

Do Not Choose Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms

You are finally away from your parents and are able to live a free life at college. You can eat and drink what you want and go anywhere you want at any time. But if you have social anxiety, it is important that you do not choose unhealthy coping mechanisms. For example, it is best to avoid drinking and smoking at university. This can actually make your symptoms worse.

Visit a Counsellor

If your social anxiety is really playing up, you can always visit a counselor. A lot of colleges and universities have counselors on site that can help you if you are struggling. Speaking to someone about your troubles may be just what you need. We know it can seem daunting to speak to someone new. But opening up to someone you can trust can be exactly what you need. The transition from school to college is hard and this can make it easier.

Enjoy Your Own Space

Sometimes, you just need your own space to unwind and destress. Make sure there is somewhere you can go to at college to relax on your own. This could be your dorm room or somewhere in a nearby park. The point is that it should be somewhere you feel safe and be able to breathe. You can process your thoughts and deal with your social anxiety in your own way and away from triggers.




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