8 Refreshing Pixie Cut Hairstyles We Want To Copy

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Hey, cuties! Are women’s pixie haircuts in? Your guess is right as mine. The short pixie cut hairstyles are here with us again, and this time they are hot and wearing one will be the surest way to turn heads.

However, one thing you should understand about pixie cut hairstyles is that they are created differently. So you should take your time to go through these gorgeous haircuts to identify the ones that will look great on your hair type. The trick here is to go for the right texture, hue, and length and you will have a customised pixie look that is ideal for you.


  1. Short and Shaggy.
    This is the best pixie cut hairstyle for ladies with naturally wavy tresses. So if you are confident enough to wear this pixie haircut, go for it.
  2. Edgy Cut for Fine Hair.
    Do you have long hair and you want to rock a pixie cut? Well, this haircut is the best way to start the process of growing out your pixie.
  3. Edgy Cut for Young Girls.
    This an ideal style for little girls. It incorporates extended side-swept bangs. You can integrate your preferred colour for a funky look. The edgy cut is elegant on young girls since their facial features are pretty at that age.
  4. Aqua Green Undercut.
    This pixie cut is a juxtaposition of soft and hard lines that come up with a finish that enhances strength and femininity. It is more preferred by ladies because it puts more attention on the face than the hair colour itself thanks to its framing.
    However, this is not a haircut for all ladies. It is for the brave ladies. It needs a bold personality! The aqua green looks great when matched with skin tones with cool undertones. However, you can switch to a different colour and rock it even if your skin undertone is not cool.
  5. Pageboy Maroon Red.
    This is a pageboy pixie cut. To rock this haircut, you will do what most ladies are afraid of doing; cut your hair short. But we assume if you want to wear this haircut, you are already bold enough to do that and for sure you will like the look.
    The thing here is to choose the right stylist who knows more about short women’s hair. Some underestimated things determine whether your haircut will appear more masculine or feminine. They are what makes the difference.
  6. Shattered Choppy Bangs.
    This shattered-length hairstyle is characterised by a lot of texture that makes the hair relaxed. It is great if your hair is thick and straight since the style makes it appear light and airy.
    It is suitable for women with oval face shape. However, you can still rock it if you have a bold personality. It is also an excellent cut for ladies with busy schedules because it is easy to style and needs less time to do so.
    The trick to maintaining this look is trimming it every five to seven weeks and choosing the best hair styling product.
  7. Classic, Disconnected Bob.
    This disconnected bob is characterised by short trimmed back and sides and a long top. It almost resembles a chic pompadour. The haircut is very textured and airy.
    Different lengths work for different face shapes so choose one that looks best on your face shape. If you have a cool complexion, pink pastel tones will be the best choice. And as for the personality, it is suitable for ladies who need a more lively hair with a lot of movement at the same time.

  8. Disconnected For Thin Hair.
    This is a blend of disconnected undercut and a pixie cut. It is a classic combination of beautiful and feminine, yet still sassy and fun. The icy cool tone of this undercut is just elegant.
    It is a suitable style for women with heart-shaped, square or oval face. Remember that this haircut draws more attention to the facial features so make sure you use your makeup perfectly.




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