A definite guide to amber teething necklaces

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When the baby’s first tooth appears, it is pretty much exciting for the mothers out there.

However, it doesn’t come so quietly. The pain can be immense, which can be a problem not only for the baby but for parents as well. Beginner moms usually have a lot of questions regarding this stage of their baby’s lives; what can I do to help relieve the discomfort or is my child too old for a pacifier at the later stages, this questions often pops up.

This is when parents look for tooth relief. Amber teething necklace for babies can come handy in this context. However, you must look out for several things before purchasing Amber teething necklaces. Here is a definite guide to amber teething necklaces.

What is an amber teething necklace?

These necklaces are designed to be worn by babies. The child’s body heats the amber. This results in releasing oils containing succinic acid. This substance is then absorbed into the bloodstream, which helps in easing baby pain.

Most of the teething necklaces are made of Baltic Amber. Most of the Baltic region is known for the amber deposits found there. It is sometimes referred to a Baltic Gold as well. There are a variety of colors that can be found, including yellow, white, and brown. Succinic acid is a critical component. The reason why this necklace is used is that succinic acid can be immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory, calming, soothing, and antioxidant-rich. This necklace is meant to be worn around a baby’s neck. It is not something to be chewed or eaten.

When can the baby use it?

Babies can use this necklace when they are at least four months old. It can be worn until the baby touches three years. However, this is not a general rule. You can make the kids wear the necklaces as long as you want to because of the aesthetic appeal they offer.

How tight should the necklace be?

Usually, an amber teething reckless size is around 32 centimeters, or approximately 12.6 is around. This size is quite comfortable for your baby, and not perform any discomfort to your baby. But there are many reckless around the market in which you can adjust the size easily. You must set the format in which your baby needs to more inclined to bite, play, or get tangled in it.

When can my baby start using an amber teething necklace?

If your baby is four months old, then you can get an amber teething necklace for him/her. According to the research and in the clause of benefits, you should start that young to get baby accustomed to wearing a collar without biting or tugging at it.

If your concern is till when? Then your baby can wear that amber teething necklace until three years old. Teething stops mostly in 3 years. But many kids like to wear them long after that because they want the way they look.

Can my baby wear an amber necklace while she sleeps?

This is the most asked question by many mothers and parents; they always eager to know if it’s safe to wear at all hours, even while the baby sleeps. Well, for safety reasons, it’s recommended to remove the amber teething necklace while baby naps and sleep.

Could baby choke on an amber teething necklace?

Most parents wonder if amber teething necklaces are a choking hazard, well, it’s not, but you need to take care of the size. The length should not be more or less than 12 inches. The necklace also shouldn’t be worn while the baby sleeps or if the child is unattended. 

Should you buy an amber teething necklace?

According to all the information above, you should consider buying an  amber teething necklace for your necklace. 

Where to purchase it?

There are a lot of questions when it comes to purchasing the right baby necklace. There are many places where you can find the amber teething necklace. However, it is recommendable to buy it on an online medium. Most of the amber teething necklaces can be purchased under $30.

However, when you are purchasing the necklace, it is essential to ensure that it is a genuine piece. Do your research when finding the necklace. You want to ensure that the part is authentic and made of original Baltic amber. This can be confirmed by following these steps:

  • Put the necklace against a hot item. You will smell pine as the oil releases.
  • The necklace should be rubbed against a cloth. The cloth should become static enough to pick up a paper.

How to use it?

One of the major questions asked by most of the mothers out there is that how is this necklace used? There are many ways to use it. However, here is the most suitable way to use it:

  1. Fasten the right-sized necklace around the baby’s neck.
  2. Leave the necklace alone and let the amber touch the baby’s skin.
  3. Remove the collar during bedtime.
  4. Do not allow the necklace to be unsupervised.

The bottom line

Above are some of the crucial things that you must know about the amber teething necklace.

Thank you for reading the article and let us know if we have missed out on any of your favorites points or if your ideal point is already mentioned above.




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