A guide to drug & alcohol treatment centers with a history of success

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In the US, more than 23 million adults are struggling with drug and alcohol use, according to NIAAA or the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. The numbers are staggering, and even more, surprising, only twenty-five percent of them are reported to have received proper treatment.

Substance use disorder or SUD involves the compulsive use of drugs and alcohol, causing significant distress and impairment. While the treatment plans for SUD aren’t a cure, the condition is treatable and can be managed. People can overcome the condition and get back to living normal life.

Typically, treatment models follow a twelve-step program developed by AA or Alcoholics Anonymous. But depending on the severity of substance abuse, patients might require adolescent or inpatient care. Therefore, the treatment plans must be personalized according to the individual’s needs, so you must find the best drug and alcohol addiction treatment center that caters to varied requirements. Here’s a list of some of the top drug and alcohol addiction centers with a high success rate. Browse through it and take the first step toward recovery.

The Recovery Team

The Recovery Team is one of Florida’s longest-operating drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers. Incepted in 1995, the private residential rehab center opened its door with the primary goal of helping individuals overcome mental health struggles and recover from their addiction. The center offers bespoke treatment plans tailored to the patient’s needs, and its expert team guides recovery through residential treatment and inpatient and outpatient programs.

The rehab center prides itself in preparing patients for full-life recovery, and addiction therapies are based on research. As a result, the treatment plans are customized, and once patients graduate from their programs, they become a part of their alumni group. As such, patients are provided aftercare assistance throughout their life.

Whether you or someone you know is suffering from alcohol and drug addiction or behavioral addiction, The Recovery Team is equipped to provide tailored treatment plans for a smooth road to recovery.

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation was formed in 2004 after merging two addiction treatment centers – Hazelden and Betty Ford Center. The rehab center has locations in California, New York, Colorado, Illinois, and other places. It is headquartered in Center City, Minnesota.

The treatment options provided to the patients vary by location. For instance, they have a teen program where detox, inpatient, telehealth, outpatient, and sober living programs are available. Family and children of those addicted also receive care focused on communication training and education.

The center is a member of the NAATP (National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers) and is accredited by the Joint Commission. The rehab center facilitates twelve-step interventions and other therapies like addressing co-occurring mental health disorders and cognitive-behavioral therapy or CBT. After treatment completion, patients have access to ongoing recovery monitoring and retreats.

The Ranch Tennessee

Located in Nunnelly, The Ranch Tennessee is approximately an hour away from Nashville. The facility offers treatment for a broad range of substance abuse like marijuana, crack, prescription drugs, and cocaine. The rehab center provides patients with natural surroundings and a twelve-step outdoor program. Besides, additional therapies are provided, like adventure and equine therapy.

When the outpatient or inpatient treatment of 28-days or 90-days is complete, patients can access daily virtual recovery meetings to stay on track with their recovery. However, there are no inpatient accommodations, and the center doesn’t have adolescent or teen programs.

Freedom House Recovery Center

Freedom House Recovery Center is based out of North Carolina, and the rehab center does not turn away patients seeking treatment to turn over a new leaf. Instead, the center receives donations and grants so they can offer the best possible care to individuals struggling with substance abuse.

The rehab center is accredited by the CARF or the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. The center provides treatment plans to people of all genders, and the programs include short-term or long-term residential care, detoxification, outpatient services, counseling, and aftercare. Behavioral issues and mental disorders are also treated here. 

The treatment programs are tailored according to the severity of the addiction and age.


Turnbridge provides outpatient and residential care for young adults and teens with separate programs and facilities for young women, young men, and adolescents. The treatment center provides a twelve-step program that is research-based. Furthermore, education is integrated into the facility, and teens can finish their schooling via the Turnbridge Academy.

Turnbridge has been operating for over fifteen years, and the center has impressive infrastructure and accommodation. It provides individuals with residential care that helps them transition through the varied treatment phases. Outpatient care includes therapy and sober living, along with medication management.


Rosecrance is another of the leading treatment centers in Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois. It provides care to families and individuals. They provide individuals with a variety of services, including outpatient and inpatient. It can even treat co-occurring disorders.

The rehab center has residential facilities for adults and teens. In addition, there are intensive outpatient facilities for all ages and partial hospitalization programs. They also provide family counseling. Patients can even join the alumni after the completion of their treatment, and they can access recovery housing and sober living programs. These programs follow the twelve-step model of care.

Oxford Treatment Center

The Oxford Treatment Center is located in Etta, Mississippi, and has a dedicated twelve thousand-square-foot facility for adult outpatient care. It also includes intensive outpatient programs and partial hospitalization. In addition, there’s a medical wing for prescription drug management and monitored detox, a space for art therapy and yoga, etc.

This rehab center’s standard care programs emphasize therapy with individuals, groups, and families. Outreach services are also available, and there’s an on-campus support group meetings and outreach staff. For people in need of more transitional support, the rehab center accommodates their needs.

So, these are some of the top drug and alcohol treatment centers with a long and established history of success. They have been operating for a long time, assisting individuals seeking to recover from substance abuse.




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