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Akarkara Quick Facts
Name: Akarkara
Scientific Name: Anacyclus Pyrethrum
Origin Arabia
Shapes 3-4 inches long and half inch thick (Root)
Taste Pungent taste
Health benefits Impotency and erectile dysfunction, Pharyngitis and sore throat, Pyorrhea, Toothache, Common cold, Childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) and Delayed Speech Development, Premature ejaculation, Paralysis, Nervous and vascular weaknesses, Epilepsy, Hemiphlegia, Headache, Indigestion, Flatulence,Infections, Facial Neuralgia, Fever, Tonsillitis and sore throat, Congestion, Chronic catarrh, Intestinal worms, Rheumatism and Arthritis, Urinary infections, Irregular Menstrual Periods, Xerostomia, Sciatica, Stammering, Dullness, Inflammation, Throat infection,Bad breath, Hiccups, Paralysis
Akarkara is a perennial herb which has the conical flowers with the center part yellow and petals white. Akarkara is mostly used to cure the toothache. It is also known as toothache plant, Peelitory Roots and Anacyclus Pyrethrum. The toothache and mouth disorders could be relieved by chewing the flowers of the herb. The flower head possess the analgesic properties which numbs the ache.

Health Benefits of Akarkara

Akarkara is used to treat the oral diseases, fever, rheumatic pain and other ailments. The flower head and leaves are used for medicinal purposes which have a pungent taste, tingling and numbness. The leaves of Akarkara are used in Japan to treat joint pain, gout, rheumatism and arthritis. It is used for toothaches due to its anaesthetic properties. The plant parts could increase the salivation and also cure the headaches. The mouth soreness could be treated with the dried flower head. The urinary stones could be helped by decoction of plant. The whole plant should be boiled in water which helps to treat dysentery. Scabies and psoriasis could be treated if the paste of the plant is used as lotion.

1. Loss of Libido

Akarkara possess libido stimulant, aphrodisiac and spermatogenic properties. The secretion of androgens and its production is influenced. Alkyl-amide found in Akarkara root expands the production of testosterone. Akarkara boost the fertility, improves lipido in male and increase spermatozoa count. It triggers the desire and raises the supply of blood to the genitals. It enhances libido and also increases sexual urges.

2. Impotency and erectile dysfunction

It performs the similar function as SILDENAFIL but does not increase the blood pressure. It should be used with Kaunch Beej (Mucuna Pruriens) and Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) to obtain the benefits to the maximum. It triggers the circulation of blood in the urogenital area and provides the longer and stronger erections. It is also effective to treat the nervous and vascular weaknesses or disorders.

3. Pharyngitis and sore throat

10 grams of Akarkara root should be boiled with 250 ml of water. This water should be used to gargle in order to alleviate pharyngitis. It is also effective for gum disease and toothache.

4. Toothache

Massage with the mixture of Akarkara root powder and camphor which helps to relieve toothache. It could also be used with Vaividang (Embelia ribes), Ajwain Khurasani (Hyoscyamus Niger) and black pepper. Akarkara tooth powder could be made by drying the whole plant in shade and then grinding it to make powder. Alum and clove powder should be mixed. Akarkara tooth powder is prepared.

5. Pyorrhea

The pyorrhea could be treated with the mixture of mustard oil and Akarkara root powder.

6. Common cold

The common cold could be alleviated if Anacyclus pyrethrum root powder is used with long pepper and black pepper. It possesses antiviral properties which alleviates the symptoms of flu and nasal congestion.

7. Childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) and Delayed Speech Development

The tongue should be massaged with the mixture of honey and 125 mg of Akarkara root powder. This helps to improve the speech in children. It would be much effective when 125 mg Vacha is added to the mixture.

8. Premature ejaculation

It vitalizes the nerves which are responsible for the sexual performance of men and ejaculation and also assist to delay ejaculation.

9. Paralysis

The presence of nervine and stimulating properties of Akarkara enhance the nerves and also assist to recover from Paralysis.

10. Nervous and vascular weaknesses

The presence of flavonoids in Akarkara strengthens the vessels and nerves and also prevents the disorders such as nervousness, phobias, vertigo, nausea etc. which is caused by the Nervous and Vascular weaknesses.

11. Epilepsy

The presence of nervine properties in Akarkara could control the epilepsy which is a nervous and neurotic disorder. The mixture of vach powder and akarkara powder should be taken twice in a day.

12. Hemiphlegia

The condition of hemiphlegia could be improved with an application of root extracts of Akarkara.

13. Headache

It could relieve headache due to the presence of analgesic properties. The paste of Akarkara plant should be applied on forehead. Or the juice which is extracted and few drops should be put in each nostril.

14. Indigestion

Akarkara roots possess sialagogue and cholagogue properties which enhances digestion with the secretion of saliva and digestive juices such as acids, bile etc.

15. Flatulence

The flatulence and gas could be relieved with the carminative property of Akarkara.

16. Infections

Akarkara possess the anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties which prevents the water borne and air borne infections.

17. Facial Neuralgia

The extract of Akarkara root lessens the swelling in the artery and relieves the pain by lowering the pressure on nerves.

18. Fever

The presence of febrifuge properties helps to eliminate infections which leads to fever and lowers the temperature of body. Massage with the root powder which is cooked in olive oil so that it leads to sweating and assist in high temperature.

19. Tonsillitis and sore throat

The presence of antiviral property counteracts with the infections which is the cause of sore throat and tonsillitis.

20. Congestion

Akarkara root extract expand the tracheal, nasal and bronchial passages which eases the respiration.

21. Chronic catarrh

Akarkara stimulates the inner throat and alleviates the infection and inflammation by expelling the old catarrh.

22. Intestinal worms

Akarkara root possess the vermifuge effects of alkaloids which eliminates the intestinal worms.

23. Rheumatism and Arthritis

Akarkara possess flavonoids and alkaloids which relieves the rheumatism and arthritis by counteracting the uric acid and vitalizing the circulation of blood.

24. Urinary infections

The presence of diuretic properties in Akarkara enhances the digestion, provides relief from flatulence and weight loss.

25. Irregular Menstrual Periods

The Emmenagogue property helps to regulate the menstrual cycles and clears the obstructed periods.

26. Xerostomia

The oral intake of Akakara roots helps to cure dry mouth. It increases the production of saliva by vitalizing the saliva glands and also cures this problem.

27. Sciatica

The application of Akarkara root powder in almond oil provides relief from sciatica.

28. Stammering

Akarkara is useful to treat stammering which is a nervous disorder. The mixture of honey, one gram Akarkara and black pepper should be rubbed on the tongue which causes the salivation and cures the dryness of tongue. It should be used for 1-2 months to obtain the results.

29. Dullness

The application of Akarkara root activates the neuron which helps to treat dullness.

30. Inflammation

Akarkara effectively reduce the inflammation in the body.

31. Throat infection

Jamun leaves, Akarkara flower and mango leaves should be boiled with water. This solution should be used to gargle.

32. Bad breath

The decoction should be prepared by boiling the Akarkara flower and leaves in water. This decoction should be used to drink or gargle.

33. Hiccups

Akarkara flower should be chewed or gargled which cures the hiccups. Or one gram of Akarkara powder should be licked with honey.

34. Paralysis

Massage with the mixture of Akarkara root powder and Mahua tail. Or lick 500 mg of root powder with honey.

Medicinal benefits of Akarkara herb

  • Aids in Menstrual problems: Drink 100 ml decoction of Akarkara plant twice a day. It normalizes the menstrual cycle.
  • Helpful in Paralysis: Grind Akarkara roots and mix it with the oil of Mahua plant. Massage with this on the affected areas. It heals paralysis. Take 500 gms of Akarkara root powder and mix it with honey. Licking it twice a day is very beneficial in Paralysis.
  • For Stomach problems: Mix equal amount of Akarkara root powder with fig and peepal powder. Give 1/2 teaspoon of this mixture, every morning and evening after the meals. It cures all forms of stomach disorders.
  • Treats Asthma: Make a powder of whole akarkara plant. Strain it finely through a muslin cloth. Inhaling this powder cures different breathing problems like asthma, dyspnoea etc.
  • Aids in Heart diseases: Take bark of Arjuna tree and Akarkara powder in equal quantities. Grind them and give 1/2 teaspoon of this mixture, twice a day. It makes your heart stronger and also abides any strokes.
  • Helpful cure in Halitosis: Take equal quantities of Akarkara, roasted alum, black pepper and rock salt. Grind these into a fine powder and use as tooth powder in brushing your teeth. It curbs Halitosis and cures all types of tooth and gum problems.
  • Treats Headache: Make a paste of Akarkara root and apply it on the forehead treats headache in eased way. OR Chew the root of Akarkara, it treats headache caused due to cold.
  • For Sciatica: Mix Akarkara root powder with walnut oil. Massage it on the painful areas. It help cure Sciatica.
  • Abides Laziness and Dullness: Whenever you feel dull, take 1 gm. powder of Akarkara with 2-3 cloves. OR Take 100 ml decoction of Akarkara, it eradicates Laziness.
  • For Hiccoughs: Take 1 gm. of Akarkara powder with honey.





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