Allergic And Still Want to Live With a Dog? Here Are The Hacks

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Do you suffer from dog allergies? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Even though your dog has allergies it is still possible for you to live with your dog. But before we get into the nitty and gritty of making you and your pets life easier here’s what you should know. Living with allergies can be a serious concern, especially if it is happening because of your furry friend. These allergies arise from allergy-triggering proteins in your pet’s skin and saliva glands. 

Not only this but you can catch allergies from  carpets, walls, clothing, and surfaces that come in contact with your dog. But minimizing contact with your little furry friend is not an effective solution. However, you can take some precautionary measures that we will discuss in this post below. So, make sure you stay with us until the last word in this post. 

Start With Consulting an Allergist

Animal hypersensitivity is the problem that many people face. And if you’re one of them, there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s not intentional. And even the need for an emotional companion is never pre-planned. So, now that you’ve decided to welcome an emotional support dog in your home, it becomes even more important to visit your allergist. Because he is the only person who can fix all your issues. 

Research confirms that many people tend to sneeze when pets are around them. So, it is essential to be aware of the problems you can encounter when you come in contact with your dog. To confirm the same get in touch with your doctor and take the prescribed medicines. Mainly, the medicines will consist of nasal sprays that are portable, and you can use them based on the dosing guide given by your doctor. Rest, things get better between you, your health, and your pooch with every passing day. 

Eliminate The Allergies With Regular Grooming

Well, you’ve medicines in your corner to help yourself. But, you also have to be accountable for the health of your dog. So, make sure your grooming is on point. Because regular grooming will help you fight the allergies head-on. 

And don’t panic that you’ll break out in allergic spasms. Water is going to be your weapon in the grooming task. Luckily, it is a substance that settles off everything. So, here are the three things by which you can keep your dogs allergy-free.

By Bathing: Why do you take a bath every day? For cleaning, for freshness, Right? The same schedule is important for your four-legged baby. He is new in the family and young, so cleaning him up is your duty. All the bacteria and pathogens live in their fur. So, try wetting dog hair first, and then use a mild shampoo to give him a deep clean-up. And it’s not necessary to give your pooch an everyday bath; you can do it on the weekends or twice a week. 

By Brushing: Oral problems are an open invitation to pathogens. Firstly, they make your canine sick, and then they move to you. So, taking care of your pup’s dental health is as important as feeding him. As you’re allergic to dogs, wearing a mask will help you sustain the brushing task. Brushing sessions with professionals are quite expensive, so it would be better if you do it yourself! This way, you also build a foundation of trust between you and your furry friend. 

By Cleaning Paws: Now, the third thing in the row is paw cleaning. Dogs’ feet are susceptible to chemicals and other microbes. Don’t confuse bathing with feet cleaning. Both are separate things when it comes to pups. So, buy some dog supplies like a separate towel to clean his feet. Baby wipes can also serve the purpose. After this, use a moisturizing lotion or vaseline to heal the cracks of his feet. Coconut oil is also a safe substitute to eliminate the purchase of costly cosmetics. But make sure you consult a vet before buying something for canines. 

Maintain Some Bedding Space

I suggest everyone not to repeat the mistakes I made. When I was getting along with my pooch, each and every day, my love for him was increasing. It’s human nature to love, and I was not an exception. But, that love resulted in two weeks of sickness. The biggest mistake was letting Browney sleep on my bed. So, make sure you don’t repeat the same mistake and allow your system to adjust to the environment in the initial days. 

Precisely, dogs love exploring gardens and outdoors. Once they go out, they always come with some common allergens like dust and pollen. And you never know how they affect you. So, maintaining some space between your dog and your sleeping space is crucial. 

No Mats And Rugs

You cannot limit your pup’s movements. Otherwise, he may develop some unnecessary emotions. But, you can say yes to hard-flooring. Because mats and rugs easily catch allergens which dogs bring inside from outside agents. So, avoiding them is your remedy to keep allergies out of your home. Also, it’s easy to clean the floor made up of tiles as compared to mats. So, thumbs up to hard-floors if you’re allergic to dogs.

Go For Breeds That Shed Less

Shedding is the nature of dogs. You can’t change this, but you can go for the breeds who shed less. It helps you to cope up with dog allergies to a great extent. In every corner of your house, shedding reminds you that now you’re a dog owner. And you have to be very careful about allergies. The more precautions you’ll take for yourself, the better all the situations get for you both. 

Use Allergy Sprays

The expensive way is to get your home cleaned every month by professional cleaners. But, the affordable way of dealing with dog allergies is allergy sprays. Just buy anti-allergy sprays that kill the bacteria on their coats. Make sure whatever you pay for is entirely pet-friendly. You can’t predict even about the chemical, so ask a veterinarian first and then use the spray. 

Stay a Bit Away From Other Dogs

When you know the problem, it’s madness to get familiar with more pups. I know your puppy needs a company; that’s why you take him every day to the nearby park. But, keeping yourself a bit away from the other dogs is right for you. Like you, not everybody follows the same routine of bathing and grooming their canines. So, to keep yourself healthy, staying away from other dogs’ help. 


There are several ways to get rid of the dog allergies but getting rid of the dog is definitely not an option. By following all the tips mentioned-above you and your dog can live harmoniously under one roof. So, make sure you take the necessary measures to live happily ever after with your dog.




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