Although necessary, hormone therapy is still taboo for men

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Suddenly, the body is invaded by a very strong heat wave and intense sweating. Just like women, after a certain time in life, men may also show a natural drop in the level of the sex hormone – which, in their bodies, is testosterone. The situation, in some cases, can become a problem that needs to be treated with hormone replacement, a procedure that is still seen as taboo in the male universe.

Androgen deficiency (gradual decrease in the production of the male hormone) is present in approximately 15% of men between 50 and 60 years old, reaching 50% or more of men at 80 years of age. Testosterone in men basically has functions from a sexual point of view: it increases muscle mass and bone mineral density and improves erectile dysfunction.

When the levels of the male hormone fall, the male can present lack of sexual interest and concentration, loss of hair, weight gain, irritability, insomnia and difficulty of erection. However, diseases such as obesity, diabetes and other problems, such as depressive symptoms, also cause symptoms that are related to hypogonadism (when the testicles produce little or no testosterone and sperm), making diagnosis difficult.

The symptoms can sometimes be nonspecific, not necessarily every situation of falling libido, impotence and erectile dysfunction have a direct relationship with hypogonadism. On the other hand, the natural fall because of the aging of the man also does not have to be necessarily treated.

The most used methods to make men’s hormone replacement are intramuscular injectable testosterone or gel. There are also oral treatments. Regarding hormonal implants, that caution should be exercised. Once the implantation is done, it is difficult to eventually halt the hormone. It is a somewhat more definitive treatment and may have the release of an unscheduled dose.

There are studies that suggest that some middle-aged men with aging may benefit from using testosterone, but that’s not a routine yet, that’s not the rule. There is no indication of universal screening, simply because of aging in men, in relation to testosterone. Despite the advances, male hormone replacement is still seen as taboo. It’s mainly because it has a history of risk factors, such as prostate cancer, but again, when it is well indicated, it is necessary and part of a hormonal therapy like any other endocrinological point of view.


Prevention is the key! Balanced diet, regular exercise, good sleep quality and no smoking are recommendations that can slow or prevent testosterone deficiency. But if everything has happened (testosterone deficiency), further treatment is not something that is not possible. Today we can find various hormone therapy services like Nexel Medical on the Internet. Just by typing in a few keywords, we will see some services on display. This certainly makes it easier for every modern man to control or even increase testosterone levels to overcome health problems including sexual disorders. Modern lifestyle influences the inappropriate levels of hormones in the body but technological developments provide solutions.




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