Beyond Bumps And Bruises: 4 Natural Treatments For Car Accident Injuries

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Every year, over 40,000 Americans are killed in traffic accidents, and millions more are injured, suffering a wide range of injuries – and this would be tragic enough if it didn’t lead many to develop chronic pain and opioid dependencies. 

Unfortunately, such injuries can send patients into a downward spiral, whether from pain, PTSD, or the combined burden of their accident injuries. So, what if there was a better way?

By encouraging more patients to take a natural healing route to address their car accident injuries, it’s possible to help victims feel better faster and get back to their pre-accident lives. These 4 alternative treatment options represent a path to recovery and long-term wellness.

Frankincense For Concussion

Concussions are a common car accident injury, and can lead to long-term cognitive issues, headaches, nausea, and visual disturbances, among other symptoms. Regain clarity and ease concussion symptoms by using frankincense oil massaged into the feet or inhaled in a steam bath. Some also see benefits from using frankincense as a tincture.

Aloe For Burns

According to Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers, burns are among the most common injuries in auto accidents. They may stem from gas tank explosions and splatters, fires, and even airbag deployment, but worst of all, burns can be painful to treat and distressing and disfiguring to live with. Unsurprisingly, as their recovery progresses, many seek natural ways to treat their burns and minimize scarring.

One of the best natural burn treatments, both for initial healing and for existing scars, is aloe vera, ideally fresh from the plant. Aloe vera speeds healing, can reduce blister and scar formation, and keeps the skin moisturized during the healing process. Mixing aloe vera and vitamin E into a scar moisturizer can significantly reduce the final scar size.

Physical Therapy For Whiplash

Whiplash is a form of neck strain, commonly resulting from rapid deceleration – such as crashing into another car, but it’s also a deceptive injury. That’s because, as a soft tissue injury, symptoms can take hours or even a few days to manifest. As such, patients may leave the ER post-car accident thinking that they’re okay, only to discover in the following days that they’ve sustained a major injury.

If you or someone you know have been in a car accident and are experiencing neck stiffness, tenderness, or headaches, you may be experiencing whiplash, but there is good news: the best treatments for whiplash are gentle exercises you can do at home. Simple isometrics, neck extensions, and back twists will all help you regain range of motion and reduce the pain.

Arnica For Bruises

Bruises may not be serious, but they’re definitely unsightly, and they can be among the most visible reminders of a recent car accident. And when they linger, bruises tend to turn a sickly yellow-green color that’s even more unpleasant than the original injury. Minimize the appearance of bruises and help them heal more quickly by applying arnica, which reduces inflammation and swelling. You can apply it a few times a day to the affected area, or take arnica orally.

While there are times when conventional treatment is necessary, many common car accident injuries need little more than time and TLC to heal. Be patient and rest, and you’ll be feeling better soon.




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