CBD Asylum E-Liquid Review- Is It Worth The Hype?

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CBD is one such industry whose products are worth recognition but their efforts have still not reached the ears of many people. This industry has actually set up a strong base in the UK market and is slowly gaining popularity among the masses. However, it is important for the people to get accustomed to the wide range of the benefits it has in store to offer.

Talking about CBD, its invention of CBD e-liquid has been a boon to a hundred out there. They are much like the regular nicotine e-liquids but are using an e-cigarette or vaporizer. The turning point is the replacement of Nicotine with CBD.

Here is a glimpse of this product, answering all your questions whether it is worth spending those bucks or not?

 CBD- An introduction

CBD stands for Cannabidiol, a product derived from the Cannabis sativa plant. This compound in recent times has gained a great boost due to its health-promoting effects. Its effect is popularised because of its stimulation with the Endocannabinoid System, which itself is a combination of cannabinoid receptors and endocannabinoids. But the peculiar thing about this is that it does not get you predominantly high as compared to the veteran tetrahydrocannabinol.

CBD, on the other hand, accelerates the synthesis of endocannabinoids, which in synchronization with receptors regulates the internal functions in a human body. It inhibits the human tendency towards a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements, especially as maintained by physiological processes, technically calling it homeostasis.

CBD Asylum offers a wide range of e-liquids to select from. Thus, they truly believe in the age-old principle of health is wealth.

Why prefer CBD e-liquids over other products?

CBD is not for everyone. But is that for you? Well, to answer this question of yours we have shortlisted a few aspects of this product which can clear your doubts.

1. CBD is committed to providing INCREDIBLE STRENGTHS and PURITY

At CBD Asylum, you are made to choose from the wide range of CBD vape juice, with strengths available from an entry-level 100mg through to a whopping 2,000mg.  The purity of their products has proven to be extremely unmatchable and unrivaled.

2. CBD serves you a variety of flavors

CBD range includes a number of different flavors to excite your taste buds. Based on your preference you can choose your favorites.

3. CBD Vape enters your bloodstream:

One of the biggest reasons for the growth of their products is the infusion of CBD vape directly into the bloodstream, providing you an instant benefit of the same. Whether you engage in the mouth to lung (MTL) or direct to lung (DTL) vaping, you’ll absorb a healthy hit of CBD every time that you draw breath.

4. Reduce that extra stress with CBD

Vaping CBD has proven to reduce the burdensome stress and give you that calm, composed, relaxed state of mind.

5. A judicious step to a healthy life

CBD helps to regulate those uninvited mood swings, unwanted inflammation, and immune system response. CBD claims to work within this system and with individual receptors, optimizing bodily functions while boosting both physical and mental wellbeing.


  1. CBD has proven to accelerate bioavailability via the respiratory system with a margin of 50-60% than that done orally.
  2. The time lag in seconds. It starts showing results within a fraction of minute without having you to wait for the same.

  Using CBD instead of nicotine can keep you in the habit without you having to actually ingest those harmful addictive substances.


  1. This is an expensive method for one needs to invest in the e-cigarette.
  2. It can be a little tedious task to dose CBD using e-liquids, for you need to vape a whole cartridge in one go.

Manufacture process of CBD e-oils

The CBD e-oils involve no poisonous chemicals at all. The product is extracted through a number of ways. However, the most popular one is the Carbon Dioxide reduction where the raw plant is subjected to the gas to collect the cannabinoids. However, the plant is no longer discarded for its potential usefulness in textiles. The gas is not thrown but recycled repeatedly till it gets extremely useless.

You must be wondering about the possibility f leakage of the plant material in the useful; product? Well, the company takes care of this too. And so, subjects the desired component to another process called winterizing. Here the extracted portion is suspended in alcohol and freeze down to extract the harmful compounds out.

The manufacturing of vape products is also the same except the fact that the solution needs to be thinned out using propylene glycol.

And at the end is what you get, the blessing for your body, CBD e-liquids.


CBD e-liquids are at great hype in the modern market. If you are someone already accustomed to using a vaper, then this is the best you can gift yourself. For those who are still abstaining from vaping, this can truly be the efficient choice to infuse CBD in another way, such as through sublingual oil or edibles. However, do not forget to complete your research about the product. Be fully sure about this for it’s the matter if your health. And once you are sure, do give it a try, it is worth the money so long it blesses your life.




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