CBD Oil vs Capsules – Which is Better

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One of the great things about CBD is that you can take it in so many different ways. Whether you prefer to vape it, eat it, take it under the tongue, rub it into the skin, smoke it or take it in capsules there is a range of options out there – and what’s even better is that you don’t have to just stick with one method.

Two of the most common ways of taking CBD are through CBD oil or capsules. So, what is the difference between the two for someone who wants to take CBD, and which is better?

Just as with most other things in life, different things are better for different people. So, depending on your particular situation, CBD oil or CBD capsules would be better for you.

When we are comparing the two, we can base it on a number of different criteria, such as:

  • How quickly the CBD comes into effect
  • How long it stays in the bloodstream
  • Ease and comfort
  • Dosage control
  • Discretion
  • The reason why you are taking CBD


CBD oil is usually made using a Carbon Dioxide extraction method similar to the decaffeinating process from coffee. The CBD is then mixed with a carrier oil such as MCT oil, coconut oil, hemp oil or olive oil. It is taken usually in drops or a spray under the tongue, where the oil is held for 2-3 minutes to enable the CBD to pass into the bloodstream through the lining of the mouth.

  • Speed – Due to the fact that CBD oil is absorbed into the blood vessels close to the surface of the lining of the mouth, you should start feeling the effects within about 5 to 20 minutes. It will, however, also begin to lose its effect relatively quickly.
  • Ease and comfort – CBD oil is easy to take under the tongue. The bottle can be slipped into a pocket or handbag and taken out and about with you and can be bought in different strengths. Some people find the taste of CBD to be unpleasant, but the taste can easily be disguised by eating or drinking after taking it. There is also an increasing number of flavoured CBD oils becoming available to improve the taste.
  • Dosage control – Dosage control is easy with CBD oil – usually administered through a combination of oil strength and the number of drops or sprays that you are taking. Bottles usually come already with a dropper to ensure accurate dosing.
  • Discretion – For those who are worried about discretion, CBD oil can be taken without those around you being aware of it.
  • Reasons – Due to the fact that it is fast acting, CBD oil is a great option for those who are looking for short term and longer term effect. This means that it can be good to help those suffering from pain, sleep problems and moments of anxiety. It can also be used to ‘top up’ your existing CBD if you feel like you need a little extra.

CBD Capsules

Most people take CBD capsules in the same way as many other food supplements or vitamins -as part of their health routine. They usually contain CBD oil or powdered CBD, which are swallowed, pass through the digestive system and absorbed into the bloodstream just as anything else which has been ingested.

  • Speed – Due to the fact that the CBD enters the body through a capsule, which then goes through the digestive system, it takes a little longer to come into effect – up to about 2 hours. It will, however, stay effective for longer.
  • Ease and comfort – It doesn’t get much easier than just popping a pill into your mouth. It can be done wherever you wish, but most people take their CBD capsule in the morning and they’re done – and there is no unpleasant taste to disguise.
  • Dosage control – When you buy a CBD capsule, you are told what the dosage is in each capsule. This means that there are no complicated calculations or uncertainty about how many drops you have taken. There is a wide range of different strength capsules to choose from, meaning that you can get accurate dosages, with a certainty of how much you are getting.
  • Discretion – There is nothing unusual about seeing someone popping a pill, and so the level of discretion for taking CBD capsules is high. As many people take their CBD capsules with their other daily supplements, at home, there should be no problem for you if you are worried about this.
  • Reasons – CBD capsules are a great option for people who are looking to have a long-acting base of CBD for the whole day. This means that they can be perfect for people who are taking CBD for their general health and well-being, underlying anxiety or chronic pain.

When it comes to choosing which way, you want to take CBD, it is important to remember that neither method is better, they are just different & the most important factor is actually picking a high-quality product which brings us to our final conclusion.

Stay Safe When Buying CBD

Imagine buying a CBD product only to find out there is actually not a single drop of CBD inside of it – Impossible?

A recent blind study in the United Kingdom the world largest CBD-market found that 38% of the products had less than 50% of the advertised CBD content including one high-street product which had 0% CBD content.

So how do you know you’re buying the real deal? CBD Shopy’s best CBD capsules review lists a few factors to take into consideration when shopping for CBD:

  • Lab Reports/Certificate of Analysis – This is a report from 3rd-party laboratory which tests the product for cannabinoids. On this report you’ll find the actual dosage of the most important cannabinoids including CBD, CBDa & THC. These reports should be publicly available on the manufacturers and or retailers’ websites.
  • Manufacturing Standards – Not all retailers are actual manufacturers of the CBD product, in fact a high % of these brands are importing CBD extract from unregulated countries & mixing it into carrier oils in the back of their warehouses or garages. Check to see if the manufacturer has an ISO certification or follows GMP guidelines.
  • Customer Reviews – Nothing speaks more clearly than an existing customer testimonial, so be sure to visit the manufacturers Facebook page, Google MyBusiness profile and or 3rd-party review sites like TrustPilot & Yotpo to review customer testimonials, this will give you a real insight into the company your interested in transacting with.

There are various other factors you could take into consider like extraction methods, organic, vegan, industry associations & price per mg CBD, but the above 3 are the most important.

I hope you’ve manged to learn a few things in this article, just want to wish you all the best.




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