Cleveland Clinic Florida Selected As Finalist For Prestigious HREI Insights Award

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Rendina Healthcare Real Estate has been selected as a Finalist in this year’s HREI Insight Awards. Rendina joins the Cleveland Clinic Florida as a finalist — nominated for Best New Medical Facility in the 50,000 — 99,000 sq. ft. category. The Insight Awards are courtesy of HREI — the country’s first and only digital magazine dedicated to covering health-care and real-estate (HRE) development. Similarly, the publication covers financing and investment within this burgeoning and growing industry.

The HREI Insight Awards highlights and recognizes facilities and individuals that have excelled within the realm of health-care real-estate development. For Rendina, this is a milestone accomplishment, which marks the 11th time this company has been nominated for these awards. Rendina is a previous recipient of three awards — HREI Lifetime Achievement Award for Founder Bruce A. Rendina’s contributions to the industry as a whole.

The Cleveland Clinic Florida encompasses the Coral Springs Family Health Center — based in Florida. This innovative and cutting-edge facility is a 73, 122 sq. ft. venue with an Ambulatory Surgical Center. The Clinic is known for its burgeoning medical and health-care technologies, equipment and applications.

The Coral Springs Family Health Center opened in July 2018, and has already met the needs of over 15,000 patients. This new facility offers critical health care services to the Greater Coral Springs Community. This includes 40 examination rooms, along with six surgical operating rooms. The venue also features two endoscopy suites, as well as 24 prep and post-op recovery areas. There is also a highly-dedicated staff of 15-full time doctors, along with nurses and 95 clinical and administrative team members.

In addition to the joint nomination with Cleveland Clinic Florida, Richard M. Rendina was selected as a finalist this year as well. In fact, Richard was nominated in the 2018 Healthcare Executive of the Year category. His achievements and accomplishments included the sale of a 10-building, 490,000 sq. ft. portfolio that closed in August. This is Richard’s largest transaction to a date; a monumental landmark in his storied and impressive career. He also oversaw the creation of the company’s joint ventures with the Cleveland Clinic Florida — a partnership that resulted in the formation of the Coral Springs Family Health Center.

Mr. Rendina, Chairman and CEO, has truly played a pivotal role in putting HRE strategies into fruition. This includes outpatient initiatives, which revitalized, revamped and rejuvenated a myriad of healthcare offerings and verticals. Mr. Rendina also led HRE for projects in Bristol, CT and Bayonne, NJ in 2018. These successful and pioneering developments have further shown how HRE can stimulate significant growth in various communities.

I Insight Awards Winners and Finalists will be showcased in the December 2018 and January 2019 publications of the HREI magazine. You can also learn more by visiting the 2019-20 HREI Resource Guide  at their website — The awards will  be presented at a luncheon held on Thursday, December 6, 2018, at the RealShare HRE Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona. This function will be open to the public, and you can learn more about the event by visiting:




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