Dental Care Revolution – A Beautiful Smile for Every Face

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You could have it all; a masculine physique, great hair, and killer curves that make the onlookers bite their lips. But a killer smile is what you need if you are to have that uninterrupted one-on-one connection and still manage to spread the joy around. A beautiful smile will elevate your self-confidence and open you up to endless possibilities.

This applies to those in the dating phase, those seeking employment opportunities, and those wanting to improve their overall appearance. But even so, there are lifestyle choices that can affect that shiny white smile.

Smoking, caffeine, various types of medication, and poor oral hygiene have all been cited as the top contributors to teeth discoloration. Age has also been found to affect a once-perfect and healthy smile.

To help you achieve that one of a kind smile, here are dental trends you’ll want to know.

Dental Implants

Do you have a dull smile and one that has continued to affect your self-esteem? Well, don’t fret, you are in the right place! Whatever the reasons are for that frown, you have endless options to what you can achieve in this day and age and, especially with the technological advancements in the dental industry.

Dental implants are increasingly gaining popularity because for starters, they are a permanent solution to impaired smiles. You have dentists who’ve mastered the skills of bypassing those temporary solutions in helping you achieve a perfect smile.

This is a procedure that involves replacing missing and damaged teeth with customized implants. It’s a surgical procedure where the implants will be attached to your jawbone. It’s a procedure with little to no discomfort depending on the extent of the procedure and the dentist in question. Getting the right dental implants is crucial, at Smiles by Hannah you will find the right one for your teeth that will enhance your smile. Do not worry about the cost of dental implants, as they offer reasonable rates and get the work perfectly done by highly trained professionals period.

How safe is a dental implant procedure? You might ask. To help in determining whether you qualify for the procedure, you’ll need to meet the following health requirements:

  • A strong immune system 
  • Free of diabetes 
  • Free of osteoporosis
  • Free of any preexisting gum disease.

Laser Procedures

Today, you have cutting edge laser technology that has been incorporated into dental health to help you achieve a brighter smile. This is a trend that has taken the world by storm with celebrities from all over the world adopting it for that killer smile.

Among the many uses of laser technology in dentistry include:

  • Teeth whitening
  • Removal of tooth decays
  • Lesions removals
  • Reshaping unhealthy gums.

With dental laser procedures, you’ll be less likely to go under anesthesia, your gums will less likely be infected, and unlike traditional dental procedures that were crude and invasive, you’ll not lose a lot of blood. However, it’s important that you consult with your dentist beforehand just to know your options.

Dental Veneers

You also have the option of skipping those crude and invasive dental procedures for safer ones. Dental veneers are most probably the all-time best dental procedures you can have. But before the procedure, ensure that you have made inquiries about the dentist and that they are qualified and licensed for the job.

This is because of the many counterfeit dental products circulating the markets today. The best thing, however, about veneers is their ability to be customized to suit the patient’s needs. This brings us to the top qualities you’ll need to consider when choosing a dentist for any of the aforementioned procedures.

They include:

  • Providing patients with quality care services by making your oral health their top priority
  • Providing patients with options
  • Using quality dental products
  • Accepting insurance and other convenient modes of payment including credit cards.

Clear Dental Aligners

Not everyone will appreciate those metal wires on your teeth. There’ll be those who’ll be a bit pessimistic about them and it’s the same people who’ll cause your self-esteem to drop. Today, dental aligners are not something you’ll want everyone to see. It could be that you have a career to retain such as in the media industry or you could also have an acting career and still want to take better care of your teeth. 

Opting the clear dental aligners will allow you to go on with your business as usual without having to worry about what others might say about you.

You just don’t need visible dental aligners to be assured of your dental health. Consult with your dentist to know your options and conduct a lot of research because as earlier mentioned,  there are counterfeit dental products that you’ll want to steer clear from.

For teenagers, the clear dental aligners will allow them to fit into whatever school groups they’ll wish to join without the fear of discrimination or bullying. In addition to this, clear dental aligners are easy to clean and they’ll help to save you valuable time whether on your way to school or work.

3D Printing

No one could have ever imagined that 3D printers could be incorporated into the dental health industry for that perfect smile. This is a technology that has helped to reconstruct broken, cracked, and missing teeth for patients with such problems.

With 3D printers, customization has been made easier and achievable with just the touch of a button.

The Use of Natural Remedies

Modern dental options have made many patients neglect the use of natural remedies when it comes to taking better care of their oral health. The best thing is that you have companies manufacturing herbal products using all-natural ingredients for that perfect smile.

For those who’d prefer to go it the natural way, you have toothpastes made of all-natural ingredients to help you achieve a fresher breath and a magical smile. Tooth whitening products made of naturally sourced ingredients are finding their way into the mainstream and have been causing quite a buzz.

You now have all your options lined up for you. But to reiterate a pointer that was briefly explained, you must choose your dental products wisely. Remember, your overall health will highly be dependent on how well you take care of your oral health. Your mouth is the gate pass to your digestive system and you don’t want anything messing with it.




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