DIY Beard Straightener and Trimming Tips for Every Man

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The beard growing craze is taking shape. It’s gaining momentum. It’s a talk of the town today. With beards, you can achieve that fuzz and glamour you require. But, growing beards is one thing. Keeping them on top shape is another thing. That’s why you should invest in the best techniques to trim and shape your beards. Below is expert advice on how to trim that thing and the beard struggle.

Consider Keeping Them Clean and Soft

Stay away from dry, bushy, and dirty beards. But it’s particularly worse when it comes to trimming it. So keep it as clean as possible. First, wash it thoroughly with a beard shampoo then condition. This will soften things up and make it easier for you to accomplish the next step.

A dry, dirty beard isn’t ideal for obvious reasons. But it’s especially bad when it comes time for a trim. So keep it clean. First, wash with a beard shampoo, because your face skin is different from your scalp, and it’s best to have something purpose-built for the occasion. Then, condition. It’ll soften things up and make the next step a lot easier.

Brushing It Out

Once the beard is completely dry, brush it out so that all the hairs stand up and out. This will highlight any variations in length while also making it easier to trim.


Using clippers, trim your beard to the preferred length. If you want something simple and short, maintain an even length all around.  But if you’re going longer or need to give it some shape, you’ll have to complicate things a bit. Wondering how complex this can get? Don’t worry, it isn’t that complicated.

Defining Your Neckline

Trimming the neckline is perhaps one of the trickiest parts. Ignoring this demarcation can really compromise the look of your beard. Stop too close to your jawbone, and it will make it appear like you have a double chin. Let it wander far away down your neck, and you’ll automatically invite comparisons to feral creatures.

So, what’s the way out? Well, you simply need to define your neckline and stick to your preferred style.

Finishing with Oil

Your beard also needs moisture to stay healthy. Thus, finish the whole grooming process off with good beard oil. This will help moisturize and keep your facial hair looking shiny and elegant. Then run a comb through it to effectively distribute the oil and to style your beard back into the desired shape. Plus, this will also go a long way in revealing strays that might have passed over during trimming, which you can comfortably get rid of with your scissors.

The Bottom-Line

Achieving the best beards goes beyond just growing them. It is all about how you trim and shape them. Get it wrong and mess with your looks. So, if you want that dream looks, shape your beards with the above trimming tips. These are the tips that can help you trim your beards like a pro.




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