Doctor Of Chiropractic Education: How You Can Get This Distinction

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Do you know that satisfying technique that people apply to your neck or your back where they stretch it and something inside just cracks? Yup, it feels good, doesn’t it? It may feel good but it is not safe to do it on your own. Bones in your neck and back are very sensitive since these are the channels that lead to your brain.

A chiropractor is a healthcare professional who uses natural healing methods through the manual adjustment and manipulation of your spine, neck, and back. They focus on the diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular disorders. Neuromuscular disorders are those found within the neuromusculoskeletal system including nerves, bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Chiropractors don’t just move your body to treat them, they also advise on proper diet, exercise and other healthy lifestyle tips for you to achieve overall good health. Are you interested in pursuing a professional degree in a chiropractic college? If so, visit the website of New York Chiropractic College to know more about their course.

Training And Education

Chiropractors do not have a medical or doctorate degree from a medical school. Rather, they have a D.C., or Doctor of Chiropractic degree. If you are keen on getting a D.C., it is okay if you do not have a bachelor’s degree. But acceptance into the program requires 90-semester hours of undergraduate work.

Getting a D.C. usually takes four years. Common subjects that you will tackle during those four years are anatomy, physiology, biology, biochemistry, and pathology. Besides classroom studies, there are also lab and clinical trainings that you need to comply with. There is also a board exam that you will need to pass in order to have a license to practice. It is conducted by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners.

Chiropractors hold true to two beliefs:

  1. The misalignment and disturbance of the spine due to various reasons can affect your nervous system.
  2. Treating your spine with chiropractic treatment restores its integrity which also reduces pressure on some sensitive neurological tissues. This leads to the overall improvement of the health of an individual.

What Are Some Of The Conditions That Chiropractic Treatment Addresses?

 1. Subluxation

This can occur at any age and is caused by a physical impact which results in trauma in the back. It can also be due to toxins in the body as a result of a poor diet. Another reason for this is stress when tension builds around your back and neck. This is one of the leading causes of neck and back pain.

2. Back Pain

There are several types of back pain that range from acute low-back pain to chronic low-back pain. Those suffering from low-back pain usually improve through a change of lifestyle and by staying active. Chiropractic manipulation can help you if it has been going on for a while now. Chronic back pain that does not improve through pain medication will need to undergo natural therapies and spinal manipulation.

3. Accidents And Injuries

Unforeseen circumstances such as these might happen while you are driving your car or even while simply playing sports. No one wants this to happen, but sometimes it does. Car accidents can cause long-term pain if it doesn’t receive immediate treatment. Though there might not be visible signs of trauma, your muscles and ligaments inside could be suffering. Realigning the spine and reducing inflammation during this time greatly helps the body heal in addition to taking proper medication. There are two famous types of injuries related to sports: neck injuries and pinched nerves.

Neck injuries occur when the neck is forcefully moved into either a forward or backward position. This is common with contact sports. Damage in this area can cause inflammation, so chiropractic adjustments are done to restore the neck to its proper form.

Pinched nerves in the hand are due to spine injuries from doing sports which also result in inflammation, pain, and even limited movements. Chiropractic manipulation is also done in this case to relieve the pain and help you get back to playing sports again.

Skills Required For This Job

It is good to have the following when pursuing this field of education:

  • A good physical condition so you can withstand performing manipulations for long periods of time
  • Strong skills in math and science
  • Ability to accurately collect and analyze information in order to properly assess a situation and go with the right plan of action
  • Ability to discern adjustments as needed while your patient undergoes treatment


Pursuing chiropractic education is a noble profession that helps a lot of people. Perseverance in studying and taking the board exams is needed to achieve a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. It might be hard at first but think about the many ways that you can help people who suffer from injuries and accidents, those who have a subluxation, and back pain.




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