Don’t lose yourself by using drugs

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Addiction is a disease that is directly linked to our brain and neurobiological functions. Once you become addicted, there is a need for a complex integrated treatment that treats our soul, physical health, and mental health. Addiction is a disease that damages our brain, entirely changes the structure of the brain, and affects the working of the brain. When these changes are not treated in time, they can persist for a very long time. Addiction if not treated within time can progress speedily and can be proved fatal for health. Addicts start thinking that they cannot survive in their life if they won’t get their favorite drug at least once a day. The dose of the drug increases with time while the body develops dependency. Addicts when not given drugs, feel like something very important in their life is missing. Due to this, they suffer from a range of problems that affect their work life, familial relationships, and generally their entire health. The most favorite drugs of the drug consumers include PCP, Marijuana, cocaine, heroin, bath salts, ice, ecstasy, mushrooms, methamphetamine, and methadone. These are commonly used illegal drugs. Further, we have a type called prescripted drugs that are mostly prescribed by doctors for treating some illness. The patient sometimes overuses these drugs that can cause fatal consequences. They include mood stabilizers, anti-depressants, opioids painkillers, anti- obsessive agents, etc.

Addiction; Intentional or accidental?

Addiction can be of both kinds. Many reasons are related to the fact that how people become addicted to drugs. The first reason is intentional. Some people become impressed by the habits of their elite class friends who use drugs as fashion. They think that using drugs is a high-status symbol. For showing coolness and carefree behavior, some people intentionally start doing drugs. They start spending time with the friend circle that sits at some club, drinks alcohol, and smokes weed. As a consequence, they get high and love that feeling. They don’t understand that life becomes terrible with drugs. Drugs bring life to an end as we are left with no control over ourselves. One becomes unaware of his actions and behavior. He starts facing problems at school and work because of their working attitude.

Intentional drug use is all about making yourself high even one knows that it can harm you. Intentional drug use sometimes leaves mild effects but after continuous use, it leaves deadly effects. People who go through traumas and breakups often intentionally use drugs, they start taking pain medicines that increase the need for more drugs. They consume alcohol every other hour and start mixing up drugs for a strong effect. We can easily detect when someone intentionally uses drugs. Some very common but dangerous symptoms include the change in the size of the pupil, behavior gets aggressive, breathing level slows down, nausea condition, low blood pressure, excessive sweating, fever, excessive sleeping, less control on consciousness, and lips start changing their color to blue.

On the other hand, accidental use is about when the individual is unaware of using drugs. This mostly happens when a person faces stress, anxiety, and depression. They visit the doctor and they treat them with anti-depressants. People are unaware that such tablets are drugs. The use of the drug is not harmful always because many diseases are cured by the use of drugs. The problem arises when people start using an excessive amount of prescribed medication without taking consent and the opinion of their medical doctor. This leads to unaware addiction. Plus, some people drink and use drugs occasionally at birthdays, weddings, and office parties thinking that occasional use of drugs won’t hurt them. The drugs are the same as other eatables like when we try a new food; we may like and may not. When we don’t like the taste, we never taste that again. But if we start liking it, we crave for more. If we accidentally and all of sudden started liking and loving it, it will cause a problem for a lifetime. So better don’t start so that you do not suffer later. Your body should never take the taste and feel of drugs. Unconscious life is not a life worth living. One should have strong control over himself, his actions, words, and behavior.

Symptoms and treatment

Queen’s detox lets you help in knowing how you can diagnose the symptoms in time. They will analyze all the drugs you consumed. They will study their effects and treat your addiction. A report is made that contains all the necessary information that when did you start taking drugs, for how much time you consumed drug and of which type and, whether you consumed your drugs with alcohol or not, etc. The physical examination will assess the necessary elements like heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, oxygen level, blood, and urine testing, etc. If you notice that the condition of your loved one is getting critical and if you notice the mentioned symptoms then making use of immediate drug treatment and hospitalization will help the addict. The treatment at the center will primarily focus on recovery and support to the addict. The treatment has variations like treatment with medication, therapies, electrolytes, use of fluids, washing out stomach, hemodialysis, counseling, mental health sessions, etc. It is necessary to follow important instructions after treatment as well. Take your medicine on time. Visit the recovery center for weekly or monthly therapy sessions. Each medicine should be prescribed by your doctor. Ask your doctor that what type of effects the particular medicine will produce in your body. Always keep a check on the type of medicine you are using. Stop using alcohol at every other celebration and over weekends. We can cherish the weekends and happy moments with the help of lemonade and healthy smoothies as well. There is no need of damaging the organs by filling them with alcohol. Limit your use if you use it but better don’t drink. Using drugs doesn’t make you cool instead drugs make you a fool.




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