A Middle Eastern sweet made from many layers of thin pastry and butter, and covered with chopped nuts and syrup.

This particular delicacy is a sumptuous confectionary treat consisting of multiple layers of exceptionally thin pastry. Its luscious center is replete with a butter and nut blend, which is then lavishly drizzled with a generous amount of delectable syrup.

A delectable confection originating from the Middle East that enjoys widespread popularity in Turkey and Greece is commonly known as a sweet pastry. It comprises layers of incredibly thin phyllo pastry that are drenched in melted butter and filled with a mixture of spices, chopped walnuts, and almonds. After being cut into either diamond or triangular shapes, the pastry is baked to a crisp. Whilst still somewhat warm, a sweet syrup infused with cinnamon, cloves, and lemons is drizzled over the pastries, allowing them to soak up the flavors.