Broca’s area

The area of the brain responsible for speech production, language processing, and language comprehension. Located in the left frontal operculum, Broca’s area is named after Pierre Paul Broca, who in 1861 identified lesions in this region at autopsy in patients who had lost the ability to speak.

In anatomy, the structure located on the left side of the brain and controls movements of the tongue, lips, vocal cords, or motor speech area.

Area of the cerebral cortex involved in speech production.

The area of cerebral motor cortex responsible for the initiation of speech. It is situated in the left frontal lobe in most (but not all) right-handed people, in the region of Brodmann areas 44 and 45.

The area of the left hemisphere of the brain at the posterior end of the inferior frontal gyrus. It contains the motor speech area and controls movements of tongue, lips, and vocal cords. Loss of speech may follow any stroke affecting this area.

A localized infection of bone, especially of one of the long bones of the lower extremities.

The cerebral cortex encompasses a region known as Broca’s area, which holds the pivotal role of speech initiation within the brain. Impairment to this specific area can lead to a condition called aphasia, wherein individuals experience a complete deprivation of their previously acquired language abilities.