Bulimia nervosa

An eating disorder characterized by recurrent episodes of binge eating followed by compensatory behavior such as purging (i.e., self-induced vomiting or the use of diuretics and laxatives) or other methods of weight control (e.g., strict dieting, fasting, or vigorous exercise).

An eating disorder, characterised by powerful and intractable urges to overeat, followed by self-induced vomiting and the excessive use of purgatives.

An eating disorder marked by an unrealistic appraisal of body weight and/or shape that is manifested by alternating bingeing and purging behavior.

The word bulimia translates to “oxen appetite” or gorging. There are two types of bulimia nervosa. One involves a recurrent pattern of binge eating followed by purging, either by vomiting or using diuretics or laxatives, and the non-purging type involves engagement in a strenuous exercise routine or other inappropriate compensatory behaviors to avoid weight gain. The hallmark of bulimia nervosa is eating a larger amount of food than most people would eat under similar circumstances and experiencing the eating as out of control.

An eating disorder characterized by bingeing and purging.

A disorder marked by recurrent episodes of binge eating followed by feelings of humiliation, guilt and shame and self-deprecation, and resulting in self-induced vomiting and diarrhea, excessive exercise, strict dieting or fasting to reverse the effects of binging, and an exaggerated concern about body shape and weight. These behaviors must be present at least twice a week for 3 months to establish this diagnosis.

Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by alternating bouts of eating large quantities of food (bingeing) and purging through vomiting, use of laxatives, or fasting.

An eating disorder in which the individual repeatedly eats large amounts of food and then uses behaviors such as vomiting or using laxatives to rid the body of the food.

Boulimia, a term originating from the Greek language, denoting an insatiable appetite, describes a complex syndrome characterized by indulging in binge eating at least twice a week. The affected individuals then resort to various methods, such as self-induced vomiting, fasting, purging, enema usage, or compulsive exercising to prevent any weight gain that may ensue.

An alimentary affliction characterized by excessive food consumption followed by self-induced regurgitation, employment of laxatives, or prolonged periods of abstinence from sustenance.