Maladaptive behavioral or psychological changes include impaired motor coordination, euphoria, anxiety, suspiciousness, sensation of slowed time, impaired judgment, and social withdrawal. Physical signs may include increased appetite, dry mouth, and very rapid heartbeat.

Marijuana or any preparation from the hemp plant.

A drug made from the dried leaves or flowers of the Indian hemp plant. Recreational use of cannabis is illegal and its use to relieve the pain associated with conditions such as multiple sclerosis is controversial.

The dried portions (usually the tops) of hemp plants that are typically prepared into marijuana or hashish and smoked.

Psychoactive substance derived from the leaves of the plant Cannabis saliva and related Cannabis species and found in marihuana and other hallucinogens; it is sometimes used in the care of some cancer patients as an antiemetic to counter nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy.

A drug prepared from the Indian hemp plant {Cannabis sativa), also known as pot, marihuana, hashish, and bhang. Smoked or swallowed, it produces euphoria and hallucinations and affects perception and awareness, particularly of time. Cannabis has limited therapeutic value and its general use is illegal: there is evidence that prolonged use may cause brain damage and lead to use of addictive drugs.

Psychoactive substances obtained from Cannabis sativa or Indian hemp are the oldest euphoriants. Also called marijuana, these substances do not usually result in physical dependence, but chronic abuse leads to passivity, apathy and inertia. Acute adverse effects include transient panic reactions and toxic psychoses. The panic reactions are characterised by anxiety, helplessness and loss of control and may be accompanied by florid paranoid thoughts and hallucinations. The toxic psychoses are characterised by the sudden onset of confusion and visual hallucinations. Even at lower doses, cannabis products can precipitate functional psychoses in vulnerable individuals. The acute physical manifestations of short-term cannabis abuse are conjunctival suffusion and tachycardia.

Derived from the cannabis sativa plant, a preparation commonly known for inducing feelings of euphoria and hallucinations is obtained.

The plant that serves as the source of marijuana. It is also known as Indian hemp.