An outgrowth of the outer seed integument, near the hilum; usually small and fleshy, and associated with animal dispersal; also called a strophiole, but a strophiole is an outgrowth from the raphe, whereas the caruncle is next to the micropyle (Bell, 2008).

A warty excrescence upon a seed.

An outgrowth of the seed, usually fleshy and associated with animal (especially ant) dispersal.

A small red fleshy swelling. The lacrimal caruncle is the red prominence at the inner angle of the eye. Hymenal caruncles occur around the mucous membrane lining the vaginal opening.

Caruncle is a broad term used to describe a small, fleshy swelling. Some caruncles are considered normal, such as the red, elevated tissue found in the inner corner of the eye. However, certain caruncles can be abnormal and resemble polyp-like growths. An example of this type of caruncle can be found at the opening of the urethra, which is the tube through which urine exits the bladder.