Category: C

  • Corky


    With the consistency of cork.  

  • Cork

    Protective tissue replacing the epidermis in the older parts of some plants, this tissue is elastic and impervious to liquids.  

  • Coriaceous

    Leathery, tough.  

  • Cordulate

    (Of leaf base) a little cordate [unusual term, to be avoided].  

  • Cordiform


    Shaped like a heart in two or three dimensions.  

  • Cordate


    (Of the base of a leaf) deeply notched so the whole base has a slight heart-shape; Sometimes used for the shape of the whole leaf, which is then ovate with a notched base and an acute apex. Heart-shaped in outline. Heart-shaped; when used for a leaf base, it is deeply notched so that the base…

  • Coppice shoot

    New branches arising from a cut-back trunk or from the lower trunk (often with foliage different from normal foliage).  

  • Coppice


    (Verb) to cut back to near ground level at regular intervals; (Noun) vegetation in which trees or shrubs are regularly cut to ground level, but resprout after cutting.  

  • Coppery


    (Colour) shiny brownish red.  

  • Copious

    Much, a lot, abundant.