Category: C

  • Concave

    Hollow, as the inside of a bowl. Curving towards the inside. Having a spherically depressed or hollow surface.  

  • Compression wood

    Reaction wood found on lower side of branches and inclined tree trunks.  

  • Compressed-trigonous

    Three-sided, but distinctly flattened and thus appearing to be two-sided.  

  • Compressed

    Flattened (especially laterally). Flattened, particularly side to side. Flattened upon opposite sides.  

  • Compound umbel

    Compound umbel

    An umbel of umbels.  

  • Compound spike

    Inflorescence made up of spikes.  

  • Compound

    The opposite of simple; composed of several similar parts; Of an inflorescence, where there are two orders of branching, i.e. first order and second order; Of fruit, derived from more than one flower. A sealing material consisting of a water sol- vent dispersion of rubber placed in the curl of the can end. The compound…

  • Component

    Those parts belonging to a complicated structure (e.g. branches of an inflorescence). The smallest part or segment in choreography. A knee lift, kick, or jumping jack is considered a “move” or a basic component of choreography.  

  • Complicate

    Folded upon itself.  

  • Complete

    With all the parts belonging to it, as expected. A flower that has all four series. Describes flowers with petals, sepals, pistils, and stamens.