Category: D

  • Divided

    Of a structure that is not entire, but split into two or more subunits (e.g. a leaf may be variously divided into lobes or leaflets). Cut into distinct parts, as a leaf that is cut to the midrib or the base. Indented to the midrib or base of the blade. Cut into divisions that extend…

  • Divergent

    Gradually spreading, but less so than divaricate. Broadly spreading.  

  • Divaricate

    Spreading widely, that is divergent. Extremely divergent, more or less at a right angle. Straddling widely apart.  

  • Diurnal

    Occurring or flowering in the day-time (as opposed to nocturnal). Happening in the daytime. Happening every day. Pertaining to a daily occurrence of body rhythms, such as circadian rhythm.  

  • Dithecous

    (Of anthers) with two cells or chambers.  

  • Disulcate

    (Of pollen) with two sulci or grooves.  

  • Distribution

    The geographic occurrence of a plant taxon. The geographical occurrence of an organism. In pharmacology, circulation of an absorbed drug to all parts of the body by way of the bloodstream. Movement of drugs from the blood into various body liquids and tissues. In anatomy, the dividing and spreading of anything (especially blood vessels and…

  • Distinct

    Separate from other parts in the same series, free.  

  • Distichous


    In two opposite rows, one on each side of the stem.  

  • Distension


    A condition in which something is swollen. State of being stretched out or enlarged, as abdominal distension from gas (flams). The condition of being expanded or inflated due to blowing out.