Category: F

  • Famine psychosis

    A mental disorder observed in regions affected by war, especially when extreme and widespread starvation prevails.  

  • Flipper position

    A posture a patient assumes in instances of bleeding into the midbrain due to fractures in the bones at the middle or rear parts of the skull. In this posture, the body becomes stiff, the arms extend and turn inward, the wrists flex, the legs become rigid, and the feet turn downward.  

  • Fowl plague

    A sudden onset of septicemia that affects domesticated birds and can occasionally be transmitted to humans. This condition is marked by symptoms such as fever, extreme weakness, total exhaustion, and severe diarrhea.  

  • Funnel pelvis

    A pelvic deformity where the outlet is narrowed, with the side-to-side distance measuring eight centimeters or less.  

  • Fibrosa osteitis

    The presence of cysts and tumor-like growths in bones resulting from an imbalance in calcium and phosphorus metabolism. This condition is also known as hyperparathyroidism or von Recklinghausen’s disease.  

  • Fleshy mole

    A mole that has turned firmer and taken on a flesh-like texture. The barely recognizable remnants of a deceased fetus still inside the womb. A colored mole on the skin with hairs sprouting from it.  

  • Fortified milk

    Milk fortified with additives like albumin, cream, or vitamins.  

  • Fur

    An unhealthy accumulation of material on the tongue, which can be linked to stomach issues, breathing through the mouth, or excessive tobacco smoking.  

  • Frenum linguae

    A skin fold that attaches the tongue to the bottom of the mouth, restricting the tongue’s range of motion. This structure is also referred to as the lingual frenulum.  

  • Follicular tonsilitis

    Inflammation of the tonsil crypts or follicles.