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  • Intraosseous (syn)

    Endosseous. Within the bone. Within bone.  

  • Intraoral scanning

    The process of scanning and capturing the intraoral cavity for translation into a digital file format, such as STL.  

  • Intraoral distractor

    Distraction device designed to be placed within the oral cavity for alveolar distraction osteogenesis. Called also internal distractor.  

  • Intraoral (internal) distraction

    A distraction procedure in which the distraction device is located completely within the oral cavity.  

  • Intramucosal

    Found within the confines of mucosa; for example, submucosal inserts attached to removable appliances to add retention.  

  • Intramobile connector

    Implant‐abutment connection incorporating a movable or flexible interpositional component intended to modify or reduce the load transferred from the prosthesis to the underlying implant and its surrounding bone. A connector intended to simulate mobility of the periodontal ligament.  

  • Intramembranous ossification

    Bone formation in which connective tissue serving as a membrane becomes a template for bone deposition without any intermediate formation of cartilage. Flat bones are embryonically formed in this way. When sufficient vascularity is present adjacent to the condensed mesenchyme, the osteoblasts begin to produce osteoid. A similar process takes place in healing of bone…

  • Intracoronal attachment

    A retainer consisting of a metal receptacle (matrix) and a closely fitting part (patrix); the matrix is usually contained within the normal or expanded contours of the crown on the abutment tooth/dental implant and the patrix is attached to a pontic or the removable dental prosthesis framework. An interlocking device, one component of which is…

  • Intrabony

    Within a bone. Used for description of bony defects or periodontal pockets with their base apical to adjacent bone crest. Called also infrabony.  

  • Interstitial

    Positioned between parts or spaces of a tissue envelope. Pertaining to the interstitium. Pertaining to or situated between parts or in the interspaces of a tissue. Spaces in a structure of the body, e.g., tissue. Referring to tissue located in the spaces between parts of something, especially between the active tissues in an organ. Pertaining…