Category: L

  • Lac operon

    An operon in Escherichia coli (E. coli) that codes for three enzymes involved in the metabolism of lactose.  

  • Lachrymal fluid (tears)

    A salty solution produced by the tear glands to bathe and lubricate the eye. Possesses antimicrobial properties.    

  • La jolla Institute for allergy and immunology (LIAI)

    A biotechnology research institute in San Diego, CA, that was created as a nonprofit center by Kirin Brewery Company of Tokyo.  

  • Langhana

    The feeling of contraction or simultaneous release of all aspects of one’s physical being.  

  • Lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow)

    Injury to the tendons and muscles on the outside of the elbow, due to overuse or repetitive motion.  

  • Long slow distance (LSD) workout

    A continuous aerobic training session performed at a steady-state pace for an extended time or distance.  

  • Leukocytosis

    An increase in circulating leukocytes (white blood cells [WBC]). Temporary increase in the number of white cells in the blood, typically, but not exclusively, caused by the presence of infection. A slight increase in the numbers of white blood cells. An abnormally large number of white blood cells, often brought about by acute infections. Abnormal…

  • Lactate thresholds

    Points on the linear-curvilinear continuum of lactate accumulation that appear to indicate sharp rises, often labeled as the first (LT1) and second (LT2) lactate thresholds. An inflection point beyond which the biosynthesis of lactate experiences a sharp escalation. The threshold at which the concentration of lactic acid in the bloodstream rapidly increases.  

  • Laboratory test

    Precise, direct measurement of physiological functions for the assessment of exercise responses or training adaptations; usually involves monitoring, collection, and analysis of expired air, blood, or electrical signals. A test carried out in a laboratory.  

  • Lateral movement

    Any side-to-side movement away from the midline of the body.