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  • Licheniasis

    The creation of lichen; the state of an individual experiencing lichen.  

  • Leukotomy

    A surgical procedure involving the separation of certain nerve fibers originating from the frontal area of the brain, which transmit thought impulses. This intervention is typically undertaken when mental disorders, particularly severe agitation, do not show improvement with alternative treatments. Nonetheless, as more effective approaches for addressing mental conditions are being developed, leukotomy is becoming…

  • Leukoplakia lingualis

    Leukoplakia that impacts the tongue, occasionally serving as a symptom of syphilis.  

  • Leukoplakia buccalis

    Leukoplakia occurring on the mucous membranes of the cheeks.  

  • Leprosarium

    A medical facility or community where individuals with leprosy are segregated and provided with treatment.  

  • Lead sugar

    Lead acetate, a potent poison.  

  • Lateroflexion

    A propensity to sway to one side while walking forward, indicative of Parkinson’s disease.  

  • Laryngotracheitis

    Inflammation of the larynx and trachea.  

  • Laryngismus stridulus

    A laryngeal spasm that makes a child momentarily stop breathing and turn blue-faced, followed by a crowing sound upon their first breath. This often occurs in kids with tetany, typically resulting from blood calcium imbalance linked to conditions like rickets and always in conjunction with adenoids. It’s most prevalent in children between six months and…

  • Laryngeal crises

    Sudden episodes of severe laryngeal contractions that lead to choking. Causes can include irritant gases, foreign objects, inflammation, ulcers, tumors in the larynx, nerve irritation from chest tumors or aneurysms, tabes dorsalis, or hysteria.