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  • Pea-soup stools

    Characterizing the bowel movements observed in cases of typhoid fever.  

  • Psychic stigmas

    Specific mental conditions marked by a heightened receptiveness to certain suggestions.  

  • Splanchnicectomy

    Surgical removal of a portion of a splanchnic nerve.  

  • Physiological salt solution

    A watery solution of sodium chloride containing a few additional components, with an isosmotic pressure equivalent to that of blood serum.  

  • Pigmentation of the skin

    The skin’s coloration due to inherent body pigments or the accumulation of external substances. A prevalent instance is the yellow hue in jaundiced skin caused by bile pigments. Other natural pigments that can tint the skin include melanin, hemosiderin, and carotene. Extrinsic pigments that can stain the skin are substances like Atabrine and silver salts.…

  • Progressive muscular sclerosis

    False hypertrophy of muscle leading to paralysis.  

  • Primary lateral sclerosis

    A type that impacts the pyramidal tracts in the spinal cord, marked by limb paralysis, rigidity, heightened tendon reflexes, and a lack of sensory issues. It results in a distinct jerky walking style.  

  • Presenile sclerosis

    Degeneration of brain cells resulting from disease in the brain’s arteries, leading to what’s termed “brain softening.” Symptoms include the patient being irritable, self-centered, moody, and easily fatigued. Conversations may slow, and they may exhibit depression or paranoia. Complaints can range from headaches, dizziness, ear noises, to fainting and sleeplessness. There might be speech and…

  • Posterolateral sclerosis

    A deterioration of the spinal cord impacting the posterior column and the pyramidal tract (pathway of motor nerves from the brain to the spinal cord). This condition is marked by tingling sensations in the limbs, muscle spasticity, and symptoms of pernicious anemia. It’s also known as subacute combined degeneration of the cord.  

  • Posterior spinal sclerosis

    A type of hardening observed in tabes dorsalis.