Category: Q

  • Quantitative variable

    In epidemiology, variables that can be measured qualitative variable.  

  • Quantitative trait

    A trait, the characteristics of which can be measured, quantitative variable.  

  • Quantitative evaluation

    A categorization of measurable information according to some standard or quantity.  

  • Quality assessment

    The measurement of success or the degree of excellence as determined by a comparison with accepted standards. The former name for the activity later called quality assurance. The name of the activity was changed to reflect that the intent was to maintain and improve the quality of care rather than merely measure it (assess it).…

  • Qualitative variable

    In epidemiology, variety that can be named or classified but cannot be quantified. Nominal variable quantitative variable.  

  • Qualitative evaluation

    A grouping of information according to similar characteristics, using words, not numbers, to assess a project.  

  • Quadrivalent

    A group of four chromosomes of the same kind in a cell. Resulting from chromosome translocations. Having the ability to replace four atoms of hydrogen in a compound (i.e., a chemical valence of four).  

  • Quadriplegia

    Paralysis affecting both arms and both legs. Paralysis of the limbs due to damage to the spinal cord in the cervical region. Paralysis or weakness affecting all four limbs and the trunk, as in a person who has suffered a spinal-cord injury in the neck. Paralysis affecting all four limbs and the trunk of the…

  • Quadripartite structure

    A chromosomal ring having four corresponding parts.  

  • Quackery

    Any fraudulent misrepresentation in matters concerned with health. It may take the  form of health service, the use of unproven or useless products, or the manufacture and sale of fraudulent, worthless, or misrepresented products. Nutritional quackery includes the sale or promotion of questionable and sometimes harmful products purported to have positive health or performance effects…