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  • Seed coat

    Seed coat

    The outer coat of the seed, usually split into two layers: testa and tegmen. Outside coating of a seed.  

  • Seed

    The structure produced from a fertilised ovule by which all seed plants reproduce, consisting of an embryo and usually a seed-coat, with endosperm; reproductive part of a fruit; the integumented megasporangium. A stock of a fertilized ovule, consisting of an integument, an enclosed nucellus, the remains of the megagametophyte, the endosperm and the embryo. The…

  • Secund

    (Of, for example, leaves on a stem) all directed to the same side.    

  • Seculate

    Sickle-shaped, narrow and strongly curved with a sharp apex.  

  • Section

    Infrageneric taxonomic rank, used for major divisions of a genus. A part of something. The action of cutting tissue. A cut made in tissue. A slice of tissue cut for examination under a microscope. A part of a document such as an Act of Parliament. The act of cutting (the cut or division made is…

  • Sectile

    (In an orchid flower) the condition in which soft, granular pollinia are subdivided into small packets, these usually connected by elastic material (Dressler, 1993).  

  • Secretion

    Plant fluid (or substance therein) excreted by glands or glandular cells. The process of elaborating a specific product as a result of the activity of a gland; this activity may range from separating a specific substance of the blood to the elaboration of a new chemical substance. Any substance produced by secretion. The process by…

  • Secreting

    Producing or excreting by glands or glandular cells.  

  • Secondary peduncle

    Used by some to indicate the first-order branches of an inflorescence [not recommended].  

  • Secondary

    Not primary, subordinate; (Vegetation) type following disturbance or destruction of original (primary) vegetation. Occurring after the first stage. Less important than something else. Referring to a condition which develops from another condition. This term is used to describe a condition or ailment that stems from or develops after an initial disease (known as the primary…