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  • Whitehead’s operation

    A surgical procedure to remove hemorrhoids. A surgical procedure for the removal of the tongue.  

  • Wheelhouse’s operation

    Surgical cutting of a narrowed area in the urethra.  

  • Wernicke’s sign

    An ocular symptom observed in cases where there is loss of vision in one half of the visual field. When light is directed at the blind half, there is no pupil response, but when it’s shone on the functioning half, the pupil contracts. This indicates that the underlying condition is located before the geniculate bodies…

  • Wernicke disease

    A type of rapid-onset inflammation of the brain’s grey matter, accompanied by bleeding.  

  • Wernicke-Mann type

    A type of hemiplegia characterized by muscle stiffness.  

  • Weiss’s sign

    A facial muscle spasm that occurs after lightly tapping over the facial muscles, typically observed in tetany.  

  • Weingarten’s syndrome

    A condition prevalent in India and Ceylon characterized by an elevated count of eosinophils in the blood, often linked with asthma and bronchitis. In certain cases, this is attributed to the infestation of the bronchi by parasitic mites. This condition is also known as Loffler’s syndrome.  

  • Weinberg’s test

    A blood test to detect a hydatid cyst or hydatid disease.  

  • Wegner’s disease

    Detachment of the end parts of long bones in cases of congenital syphilis.  

  • Weaver’s bottom

    A long-term inflammation of the bursa at the ischial tuberosity, often caused by extended periods of sitting on hard surfaces. This leads to irritation of the ischial tuberosities (two bones in the buttocks) and subsequent swelling and pain in the bursae over these bones, rendering sitting extremely painful. This condition used to be prevalent among…