The thin, calcified tissue of ectomesenchymal origin covering the roots of teeth in which embedded collagen fibers attach the teeth to the alveolus.

Calcified tissue covering the root and neck of the tooth.

A layer of thick hard material which covers the roots of teeth.

Layer of specialized tissue (modified bone) in a tooth, covering the root and neck.

A thin, bone-hard layer of tissue covering the surface of the root of the tooth. When excessive cementum (bonelike tissue) has formed on the roots of the teeth, the condition is known as hypercementosis, which is sometimes associated with tooth infections located at the tip of a root.

The outer layer of the root of a tooth. It is similar in structure to compact bone and anchors the tooth to the periodontal membrane, which lines the socket.

The thin layer of calcified tissue formed by cementoblasts which covers the tooth root. In it are embedded the collagenous fibers of the periodontal ligament, which are also attached to the surrounding alveolar bone proper, thereby supporting the tooth.

The outer tissue of a tooth’s roots that covers the root dentin.