A painless lesion formed during the primary stage of syphilis.

Firm, red, ulcerated sore. A chancre is the primary indication of syphilis; it occurs at the point of entry of the infection.

A type of skin lesion usually associated with primary syphilis.

A lesion, characteristic symptom of syphilis in its primary stage.

A sore on the lip, penis or eyelid which is the first symptom of syphilis.

Painless sore, especially that associated with syphilis, which has the appearance of a hard ulceration.

A skin ulcer associated with infection with syphilis.

A painless, ulcerated lesion that may be produced by an inflammatory reaction that occurs lo to 6o days after exposure to syphilis. Chancres are usually located on the genitals and tend to heal spontaneously, although the syphilis infection persists.

A painless ulcer that develops on the lips, penis, urethra, or eyelid as the primary symptom of such infections as sleeping sickness and syphilis.

A hard, syphilitic primary ulcer, the first sign of syphilis, appearing approx. 2 to 3 weeks after infection.

A small painless sore that appears at the site of infection within 1 to 12 weeks of infection with syphilis.

A predominantly painless open sore occurring in the early stages of syphilis.

A painless sore that appears at the site of exposure to syphilis.

An open wound characterized by a solid or firm foundation, serving as the initial skin ulcer in cases of primary syphilis.

The initial sore that appears during the onset of syphilis.