A series of appendages on the corolla or on the back of the stamens, or at the junction of the corolla tube and the corolla lobes; often united in a ring (e.g. in Passifloraceae);

A crown-shaped pappus (in some Compositae/Asteraceae).

A set of petal-like structures or appendages between the corolla and the androecium (male element of the flower).

An appendage or series of united appendages, on the inner side of the corolla in some flowers, such as the passionflower and milkweed.

Any outgrowth situated between the corolla and the androecium, as in milkweeds.

A crown-like appendage, or group of the same.

The cup or trumpet-shaped outgrowth in the center of the flower of narcissi and its relatives. It is formed from the bases of the stamens.

In anatomy, the ridge at the back of the glans penis.

A crown-like structure in the center of a flower, formed from fused stamens (as in Hoya) or their filament bases (as in Hymenocallis) or from fused appendages of the petals (as in Narcissus).

Coronae, crown or crownlike structure or part, as the enamel covering of a tooth (dental crown), coronal (as the coronal suture of the skull).

A Latin term utilized to depict any bodily structure that bears a resemblance to a crown.