Fixed oil

A non-volatile oil (plant constituent). An oil produced by hot or cold infusion (preparation).

These are lipids, esters of long-chain fatty acids and alcohols, or generally related oily stuff. If you drop some fixed oil on a blotter, it just stays there-forever. (Example: olive oil.)

The name given to a vegetable oil obtained from plants that, in contradistinction to essential oils, are fatty, dense, and non-volatile, such as olive or sweet almond oil.

An oil which is liquid at 20°C.

Liquid fats, especially those used as food.

Any of the oils in plants and animals that are glyceryl esters of fatty acids. These oils serve as food reserves in animals. They are nonvolatile and contain no acid.

Ordinary vegetable oil such as olive or corn which, unlike an essential oil, does not evaporate when left in the open air.

A natural vegetable or animal oil that is not volatile; a mixture of esters of fatty acids, usually triglycerides.