A pod arising from a single carpel, opening along the inner (adaxial) suture to which the seeds are attached.

A dry fruit, derived from a single carpel and dehiscing along one suture.

Dry fruit of one carpel that splits along one suture line (e.g., Columbine fruit).

Shafts through which hair grows.

A dry fruit formed from one carpel, containing more than single seed, and splitting open along the suture.

A simple pod, opening down the inner suture.

A dry, many-seeded fruit opening along one side only.

A seed pod formed from a single carpel that opens along an inner suture to which the seeds are attached.

A dry fruit formed from a single carpel, splitting open across the top and then a little down one side.

In anatomy, a small sac or vesicle.

A tiny hole or sac in the body.

Egg-producing structures in the ovaries, the one producing the “lead” egg being called the graafian follicle’, also a general name for the sites from which teeth or strands of hair emerge.

Pouch-like cavity, as that in the skin enclosing a hair.

A pouchlike depression or pore, such as the openings in the skin through which hair grows.

A small secretory cavity, sac, or gland, such as any of the cavities in the ‘ovary in which the ova are formed.

A very small sac or gland for example, small collections of adenoid tissue in the throat, and the small digestive glands on the mucous membrane of the intestine.

A tiny pit in the skin that holds the root of a hair.

Sac-like structure in the ovary in which the egg matures ready for ovulation.

The small sac situated at the base of a hair shaft is known as the follicle. It is located beneath the surface of the skin.

Structures within the skin housing oil glands and hair are referred to as follicles. These follicles serve as the source of pimples or acne.

A small cavity in the body is referred to as a follicle. For instance, in the skin, a hair follicle is a pit from which a single strand of hair emerges. Another example is the ovarian follicle, which is a fluid-filled cavity within the ovary where an ovum (egg) develops.

A tiny, secretory cavity or tubular gland located in the skin.

The small canal in the skin through which a hair grows and sebum is discharged.