Any arch‐shaped structure or vaultlike space created by that structure, such as the vestibular fornix.

Small arched scale.

A bundle of nerves connected to the hippocampus.

Part shaped like an arch, as the fornix cerebri in the hippocampus of the brain or the vaginal fornix.

A tract of myelinated nerves along the arched floor of the lateral ventricles, connecting the hippocampus in each temporal lobe to the thalamus and each amygdaloid body.

An arched or vault like structure, especially the fornix cerebri, a triangular structure of white matter in the brain, situated between the hippocampus and hypothalamus. The fornix of the vagina is any of three vaulted spaces at the top of the vagina, around the cervix of the womb.

A fibrous vaulted band connecting the cerebral lobes.

A structure resembling an arch or the area contained within this structure is what this term refers to. It is used to characterize the fornix cerebri, a triangle-shaped white matter formation in the brain, and also the indents around the cervix within the vagina.